Concerning Russiagate, everyone's engaging in retroactive CYA

Look, I don't care what all these people are saying to try to cover their rear ends after the fact. Any law-enforcement person worth his or her salt starts at the beginning, as in whether the allegations have any merit.

A good public investigator absolutely does not start investigating others in a case like this one based upon allegations that have zero merit or concerning which he or she hasn't asked any of the correct, probing questions. Otherwise, law-enforcement can start nosing around based upon nothing but hearsay and do so about anything and endlessly, which ends up being nothing short of harassment at best.

Running to the FISA court with the Steele Dossier was completely wrong. Running to the FISA court with the CrowdStrike "hacking" report was completely wrong. The Dossier and the "hacking" report should have been put through the meat grinder before using either to obtain warrants or upon which to continue furthering any investigation.

Investigating the dossier and that report would have yielded up the fact that each was politically motivated, unsubstantiated garbage. All the investigators had to do was follow the money back to the who, what, where, when, and why of both the dossier and report, talk with the right, real, unbiased experts, and then summarily dismiss both.

The FISA court itself need to be put under the microscope as to why that court went along with the investigation(s).

There was, and remains, a soft-coup attempt to remove Trump from office. People are trying over and over and over to pin anything on him other than what would actually merit impeachment and removal. A soft coup is still illegal, unconstitutional, and, yes, treasonous.

I don't agree with Trump's decision not to put all of his holdings into a blind trust for the duration. I don't agree with him on the environment, tax cuts, Iran, Venezuela, war and political refugees, bombing Syria, supporting Saudi Arabia or Benjamin Netanyahu's ilk, or on plenty of other issues; however, none of that excuses me to go after him for stuff he hasn't done. He didn't collude even slightly with the Russian government or Putin. That's just a plain fact. Mueller turned over every stone and found absolutely zip. It was a complete political fishing expedition that numerous coupsters are still pushing.

Many of those coupsters may agree with me concerning the things I mentioned where I don't agree with Trump, but the fact that they are illegal coupsters makes them bigger enemies of mine than Trump is by far. They're no better than Trump is concerning Venezuela or the Palestinians.

Just imagine if all the Russiagate garbage had never even started. All this time, we could have been focused on real policies and practices that matter. Plus, the illegal "left" wouldn't have been giving the real left, the ethical ones, a bad name.

Tom Usher

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