Joe Biden is dirty. Check it out.

It would be a huge error to choose Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for US President. Read this: Mahatir Opens A Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box.

Biden is a mess. He's not a progressive. All he does is check the polls. He'll say whatever it will take to get elected but will not keep campaign promises. He'll sell out.

It's beyond time for the American People to break the political cycle of electing liars and selfish compromisers, incrementalists at best, who move the needle so little that it's moved back even farther than before the compromisers started their call for incremental change.

It's time to go for broke. Stop compromising. Stop aiming for less than the whole things. Stop calling for less than the whole thing. Once in, fight for the whole thing or nothing.

Win, or die trying. If you take that approach, you'll win.

Tom Usher

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