Kim Iversen says "Iran attack on oil tankers" is another US orchestrated false-flag attack

Does Kim Iversen's presentation convince you that Iran did not attack the oil tankers?

What's my view? I've studied every false-flag attack by the US. The US has never gone into a war "clean." What I mean by that is that the US has never gone into a war that was based upon what the US was claiming it was based upon. The US government has lied its way into every single war. That doesn't mean everyone the US has ever fought was clean at the time. Many were, however, vastly cleaner than was the US.

Iran has been being mischaracterized by the US since the early 1950s. Truman wouldn't go along with the British plans concerning Iran. Eisenhower jumped in with both feet. The region has been paying for it ever since.

Iran never had a nuclear-weapons program. I don't mean they had one and then stopped it around 2003. I mean they never had one. That's why Obama did the nuclear deal with Iran. He finally had to admit that the US had no proof. I remember railing against him when he would claim Iran had an ongoing nuclear-weapons program. I called him a liar in public more times than I can remember. I did the exact same thing concerning Syria and chemical-weapons attacks. He finally cut the deal with Assad after James Clapper admitted to Obama that the US did not have proof! Trump comes along and trashes the Iran deal and attacks Syria after a false-flag attack: Idiot!

Iran does not want war with the US. Iran does not want to incinerate Israel. Iran wants for the Palestinians what the Palestinians want. If the Jewish Zionists in Israel and the Arab Muslims of Palestine were to agree to one country together based on democracy and a constitution under which everyone would enjoy the exact same rights, Iran would be totally fine with that, even though Iran is an Islamic theocracy right now.

Did the Iranian military or government actors attack the tankers? I don't think they did. I know the US government has zero proof. Without proof, it would be a clear war crime for the US to attack Iran.

Tom Usher

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