Matt Taibbi nails it on Julian Assange's possible extradition, but I'm not at all worried the way Matt is.

Julian Assange Must Never Be Extradited

... the Assange indictment targets a foreigner whose “crimes” were committed on foreign soil, and the British government now bears a very heavy responsibility. If it turns Assange over to the United States and he is successfully prosecuted, we’ll now reserve the right to snatch up anyone, anywhere on the planet, who dares to even try to learn about our secret activities. Think of all the ways that precedent could be misused.

Britain is in a box. On the one hand, thanks to Brexit, it’s isolated itself and needs the United States more than ever. On the other hand, it needs to grow some stones and stand up to America for once, if it doesn’t want to see the CIA as the World’s Editor-in-Chief for a generation. This case is bigger than Assange now, and let’s hope British leaders realize it.

Trump is quickly approaching the point where he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

If Julian is extradited to the US and faces trial, it will be as no other before it. It will cause more disruption than the "powers that be" can imagine. The force to free him will grow and grow and grow and bring down anything in its way. The youth of America, youth that is quickly growing up of necessity, will rally behind freeing Assange for all the right reasons. The entire process will permanently and fundamentally alter US politics for the better.

Press freedom will become a huge US Presidential election issue. The press, including the MSM, will back the loudest Democratic Party voice for freedom of the press, for freedom for the publisher Julian Assange.

If Julian is not extradited, it will mean the end of US hegemony over not only Britain but the world. Nations will forever see little Britain's stand as proof the US can not bully its way through everything.

The timing of all of this couldn't be more metaphysical.

Tom Usher

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