John Bolton to be banished to Outer Mongolia?

Trump Couldn’t Ignore the Contradictions of His Foreign Policy Any Longer is an article by Thomas Wright, a Senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

I agree with plenty of it; however, Wright is wrong concerning the Trump-Bolton relationship. As I said from the very beginning when Trump was rumored to be eyeing Bolton for the slot, Bolton is planned by Trump to be Trump's pit bull on a short leash. That's what Bolton has been. Trump thought that Bolton would be Trump's bad cop to Trump being the good cop and that, that system would fool the others sitting at the poker table. It hasn't worked. The media may forget, but Putin and the rest certainly haven't been tricked for a second.

What Trump needs to do is grow up. He isn't in the world of quick and dirty wheeling and dealing where he can hide the errors and change the people he's playing against. The other leaders of the world come and go by other forces, forces typically beyond Trump's control, typically now beyond US control.

The US doesn't control half of the world economy anymore. It's more like 20% and shrinking. If Trump doesn't play his cards correctly, he could be a huge loser with the US sinking more on account of it.

I don't like Trump's environmental position or his tax policies (so far). I don't like how he's handling the refugee crisis either. There's plenty else where that came from, but I'd rather any President stop, turn, repent, and start truly benefiting the poor (everywhere) and the Earth.

We shall see whether Trump is destined for Heaven or Hell. It's his choice.

Tom Usher

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