Zionist terrorists caused the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and the Zionists have now sealed the documents that prove it

If you think it's anti-Semitic to speak and write negatively about the Zionist Project in Palestine, you're an idiot.

Read the article: Israeli Defense Ministry dep’t is dedicated to covering up evidence of the Nakba — ‘Haaretz’. It's published on Mondoweiss, a Jewish blog. It's also about an article on Haaretz, a Jewish/Israeli newspaper. Here's a snippet:

Horev and Israel know, precisely, that it was overwhelmingly an issue of forced expulsion, and the terror of such expulsion that spread through Palestinian communities. They seek to hide the very documents that confirm this in no uncertain terms. The logic of this denial is clear – it seeks to avert the problem of culpability for the expulsion, for the ethnic cleansing, so as to deny responsibility for the return of refugees. Because the expulsion of the Palestinians has been a completely central need for Zionism and Israel in terms of the “demographic balance” in a “Jewish and Democratic” state. Maintaining that “balance”, and denying the refugee return, is a central Zionist goal, and it has been so since Israel’s inception.

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