Labour has been weak in the face of hyped-up accusations of anti-Semitism almost ever since Corbyn, a lifelong supporter of Palestinian causes, took over in 2015


Are you listening, Jeremy? You're blowing it.

Jeremy Corbyn has only once, to my knowledge, turned the tables back on the false accusers: those who claim he's anti-Jew. Only once have I seen him change the subject back to the horrific war crimes of the Zionists of Israel and all the other sheer evils those Zionists have committed: ethnic cleansing, genocide, crimes against humanity, violation after violation of international law, land theft, and on and on and on. That one time I saw him do it, he immediately regained the upper hand in the "debate." He received wide coverage for it and praises from the youth who represent his true base of support and who will be Britain's future leaders.

Why he stopped doing it is anyone's guess. For me, I consider him downright stupid on the subject.

He should be confronting those who support the Zionists in all their evil more than twice as often as he's being accused of being anti-Jew or tolerating, or covering for, those who are.

Anti-Jewish sentiments in the Labour Party are less than anti-Arab sentiments in the Conservative (Tory) Party by far.

Is he a caving, weak politician or the leader the youth of Britain need to face down the Austerians and anti-Palestinian bigots?

Now he's gone and said he's for "remain." What a stupid, stupid move that is. The EU will never let him usher in democratic socialism in Britain! What's more, he knows it.

Someone else needs to rise to the occasion and assume the mantel. Corbyn is proving he doesn't have what it will take.

UPDATE: Well, maybe Jeremy will read this or one of his staffers will and tell him.

Corbyn should also read Jonathan Cook's excellent article:

... surveys show Labour voters are less likely to hold antisemitic views than the wider general public or Conservative voters, and the proportion of Labour supporters expressing such views has fallen dramatically under Corbyn.

With Panorama’s hatchet job on Labour antisemitism, BBC has become the Tory’s attack dog

UPDATE (July 13, 2019):

... once again, rather than standing up to the anti-Semitism smears and exposing those behind it and their political motives, the Corbyn leadership issued advice, leaked to the Huffington Post, to “socialist media activists.” The advice included (all capitals in original):

“DO NOT ADVANCE ANY GENERAL CRITICISMS of Panorama or the show. They are correct to raise Antisemitism. It’s a very very real & serious problem in Labour that Jeremy & Jennie are tackling.

“DO NOT CRITICISE THE LABOUR RIGHT or [Blairite Deputy Labour Leader Tom] WATSON over this next few days in relation to Antisemitism, as this will play into their hands.
What the “Panorama” witch-hunt does show is that Corbyn’s refusal to expel the Blairites is a political crime for which Labour members and the working class are paying the price. He and his leadership clique would rather see the mass expulsion of their own supporters and hand the party over to Watson and his ilk than do anything that could risk a rebellion against the Labour and trade union bureaucracy and ignite a broader movement of the working class.

BBC Panorama witch-hunts Corbyn and Labour Party on bogus anti-Semitism charges

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