Walmart & Warren: The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) is heavily censored/blocked by the MSM, as is this blog. Here are a couple of WSWS articles you might be interested in.

As a Christian website making clear that Jesus advocates pacifism, we aren't Trotskyists. Trotskyists are violent revolutionaries. We believe violence is a dead end. If Trotskyists were Bible oriented, they'd be Old Testament only and really followers of Moses, who advocated total genocide. However, that doesn't mean everything Trotskyists say about the establishment is false. The vast majority of their complaints against capitalism are completely valid.

Here are some snippets of WSWS articles that make strong points:

17,000 Walmart workers strike in Chile

Walmart is the largest private employer and the largest company by revenue on the planet. Operating 11,368 stores in 27 countries, Walmart has 2.3 million employees—1.5 million in the US alone—and had a record revenue last year of US$500 billion. This figure compares to Chile’s annual GDP of US$298 billion and is nearly 10 times its tax revenue.

The Walton family, heirs of the multinational, have a net worth of $175 billion, according to a February report by Bloomberg that found that the company had made $14 billion dollars in profit since the beginning of the year. This is the result of an increasingly aggressive quest for cash by finance capital that seeks to extract profits by further destroying the living standards of workers everywhere.

Elizabeth Warren espouses economic nationalist policies aligned with Donald Trump

Bloomberg News published a report July 5 headlined, “Elizabeth Warren is winning grudging respect among some on Wall Street,” which quoted a number of bankers and hedge fund bosses, mainly supporters of other Democratic candidates, who “expressed sympathy for her calls to bolster regulation after the financial crisis, within reason, and for her concerns about income inequality.” The article continued: “There are worries among the Wall Streeters that if the wealth gaps keep growing it will trigger a more radical backlash—what they ominously called the pitchforks.”
She paints a picture of a world divided between “authoritarian” capitalism, exemplified by China and Russia, and “democratic” capitalism, in which she includes the United States, the countries of the European Union, and US allies like Japan, South Korea and Australia.
She criticizes the results of the “endless war” in which the US has been mired throughout the Middle East. Much of this seems to be wisdom after the fact. Warren has no political record of opposition to imperialist war. She went to work in Washington in 2008-2009, during one of the bloodiest periods in Iraq, without any known dissent. She boasts of working closely with Barack Obama during the period when he was escalating the war in Afghanistan, continuing the bloodbath in Iraq and initiating drone strikes on a massive scale.

In 2016, after remaining neutral in the race between Sanders and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, Warren campaigned aggressively for Clinton in the general election, despite Clinton’s identification with the US-NATO bombing of Libya and her demands for a more aggressive intervention in Syria. After Trump’s election victory, Warren sought appointment to the Senate Armed Services Committee—an effort to fill out the national-security side of her political resumé in preparation for a future presidential campaign—and she traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan with Republican war hawks John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
The contrast between “American” workers and not-so-American corporations is a staple of Trump and the trade unions, both of them engaged in a deeply reactionary effort to pit American workers against their class brothers and sisters in other countries. ...
... Her usefulness as a weapon against Sanders explains much of the media backing Warren has received in recent months.
In her New York Times feature story, Warren declares Teddy Roosevelt to be her favorite president. The choice is a politically calculated one. Roosevelt was a Republican who clashed with the giant corporations—gaining the nickname “trust-buster”—in order to better defend the capitalist system. He was above all a strong advocate of an aggressive foreign policy, first rising to prominence as a war hero in the Spanish-American War, then a fervent advocate of US entry into World War I.

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