Hey Trump, how many Venezuelan babies did you bump off today?

Donald Trump has ramped up sanctions against the democratic-socialist government and nation of Venezuela, which sanctions are responsible for growing deprivation in Venezuela and for the needless deaths of many Venezuelan children, including babies.

Donald Trump and his crew covet Venezuela. They don't give a rat's ass about the Venezuelan poor. They are baby killers who deserve what innocent-baby killers all deserve. They are engaged in economic-war crimes, which can be every bit as deadly as military-war crimes.

So, China and Russia must know this and must clearly realize that the target is not limited to Venezuela but the entire world.

The Trump/neocon fascist plan, aided and abetted by fake-liberal interventionists, is to destroy Iranian sovereignty followed by Russian sovereignty followed by Chinese sovereignty. The goal is not democracy but elitist ownership of the planet, including all of its inhabitants, who are to be the literal slaves of those elitists if human slaves are to be tolerated at all, which actually isn't likely.

If the rest of the world allows Venezuela to fall under US-neocon-fascist dominance, the remaining dominoes will be gone after with renewed and increased resolve.

Until Satan is eternally locked up, no nation on Earth is safe from his greed, violence, and depravity.

Trump administration threatens penalties on Russia, China for aiding Venezuela’s government

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