"Trudeau government gives dangerous new powers to Canada’s political cops" against Democratic Socialists and others

I am not a Marxist, obviously. I do agree with many things Marx wrote about the nature of capitalism but take strong exception to certain of his positions I won't go into here.

We hold that this society needs to be reorganized on the basis of production for human needs, not for private profit. We think that a socialist society, based on collective ownership of the productive apparatus, economic planning, and workers control, will be qualitatively more democratic than the capitalist “democracy” we know today. As our founding Statement of Principles declares: “Revolutionary Marxists actively defend all democratic rights of the masses, including freedom of movement, of assembly, of belief, of speech, and all trade-union rights. Moreover, they seek to qualitatively expand all these rights in a workers state by ending the economic and political limitations imposed on them by the capitalist order.”

We think that such a society will be achieved only through the struggle of the working class and its allies, organized independently of the capitalists and their political parties. That is why we support every move by the working people in the direction of independent labor political action.
The Revolutionary Workers League and its predecessor organizations have never engaged in terrorism in any form, and have circulated books and pamphlets to try to convince others that it is ineffective and counterproductive.

The RCMP has never produced any evidence to show that we advocate or engage in violent or illegal activity.

Trudeau government gives dangerous new powers to Canada’s political cops

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