Tulsi Gabbard, 1) Immediately endorse the Universal Living Income (ULI) called for by, among others, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2) Go after Biden for ...

It's obvious that Andrew Yang has a following for being the candidate calling for a universal basic income. Tulsi should up the ante by making the distinction between basic and living. She should also make clear that a universal income should not be a substitute for the welfare state but complimentary. A living income is not sufficient to meet the full needs of some.

Tulsi, get Stephanie Kelton to advise you on economics so you can answer the questions about how to pay for it (above that it would pay for itself via the multiplier). Also get the "Squad" to endorse you starting with AOC.

Of course, Bernie Sanders' Enhanced Medicare for All Plan would make meeting everyone's needs much easier. (Tulsi already endorses that.)

Tulsi needs to go up in the polls. She needs people who back Yang's support for UBI to realize that he isn't their only choice and Tulsi would even be a better choice because living is better than "basic." $1,000 a month isn't enough in many places that are gentrifying, etc., and for people who simply still wouldn't be able to pick up and move. There's an affordable-housing shortage too, and people still want to move to where there are jobs waiting and where starting businesses would more likely work.

She also needs to peel off support from Biden by going after him on foreign policy. She needs to get out in front of Warren, and even Sanders, on that. It can't wait for the next debate.

Ask the people of Iowa and New Hampshire whether they want the Nuclear Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads. It's still there, and the thread keeping it from falling is getting thinner and thinner due to misguided US foreign policy.

Pull out all the information concerning Biden and the New Cold War that could go hot even under a Biden Presidency.

Point to the problems the US is having now with China and Russia because of US history in places such as Columbia and its negative impact on Venezuela, where we do not need or want a new regime-change war.

Force Biden to declare himself on issues where he won't want to side with making peace.

Bring up Ukraine and the neo-Nazis there. Where was Biden?

Remind people that Russiagate has failed and that while domestic race and ethnic relations is a hugely important issue, there won't be any racial or ethnic groups left if we incinerate the planet with WWIII.

Remind people that while burning carbon-fuels is fueling global warming, and that's an existential issue right now as well (because we haven't yet implemented the fixes we could with the right political will), we'll only have a matter a seconds after US weapons are fired off at Russia or China or Russian or Chinese nuclear weapons are fired off at the US. Who's ready to gamble, other than the totally insane, that a nuclear exchange will be limited rather than total? Don't leave "No First-Strike" to Warren. Up the ante on her too.

Israel has nuclear weapons. What if Netanyahu were to start a conflict that were to ramp up into a regional one with Iran, etc. What if Israel were to start to lose and were to opt for their Samson policy of committing national suicide rather than losing and were to fire off nuclear weapons at Iran and its allies? What would Warren do if others were to hit back at Israel with nuclear weapons? Would she strike them in a vain attempt to save the people of Israel who voted for Netanyahu. They could have voted for full equality for Arabs and the right of return with full reparations for the land and houses taken against international law signed by the US?

Ask the people who's better equipped to make new nuclear-weapons reduction and elimination treaties with the various powers other than someone who's main first priority is ending senseless regime-change wars and preventing WWIII.

You can't win by holding back, Tulsi. You have to convince people the way Bernie convinced so many in 2015-16. Go for it. You have nothing to lose and the People everything to gain.

Reinflate and conflate the Anti-War Movement but cover all the other bases as well!

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