Wow, what a bad article: "Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat"

Exclusive: FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat

I could go on and on about why the article is bad. Let me point out a few glaring issues.

1. Pizzagate was not a monolithic concept.

It ranged from the issue that there is pedophilia in high places, which we all know to be true, to the fact that there were strange issues with some of the people pointed to by more ardent "Pizzagate" adherents (for one, Podesta's extremely disturbing statues in his house) to the extreme version of Pizzagate that did result in the insane belief that children were being sexually abused in the basement that didn't exist.

The point is that beliefs or questions concerning versions of things and "official" versions of things vary greatly and that people shouldn't be all lumped together to be denounced simply because some aspects of some people's versions of "theories" prove way off the mark.

2. The article points to Yahoo News as a source of proof concerning Seth Rich when the fact is, the Yahoo News article supposedly proving Russia was behind the Seth Rich story or that the Seth Rich story has no merit (isn't reasonable or rational) has been thoroughly debunked.

A good article would cite the articles that disagree on the merits with the Yahoo News' version.

3. The article leaves out the fact that the Russiagate (conspiracy) narrative that led to the Mueller investigation has completely and utterly collapsed.

That conspiracy didn't even rate being called a theory, as we know it was made up wholesale by the real deep-state, which directed John Brennan and his ilk to stop Trump with whatever lies it would take, not that Trump is, or ever was, a good guy.

If that conspiracy theory had succeeded, how much violence would have resulted in the world and possibly domestically?

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