Blatantly misleading statements in support of "American Medical Association announces support for U.S. ban on conversion therapy"

This awful article lumps all things that have ever been called "conversion therapy" together, as if licensed doctors still bleed patients.

It is important to keep in mind that there are therapies that require a patient's or client's completely noncoerced consent. In such practices, the individual wants the professional assistance. No "physical means" are used.

As with many psychological processes that have nothing to do with homosexuality, clients can experience mental discomfort when facing various issues, etc. There is no requirement for those other processes to be discomfort-free.

In addition, thousands and thousands of people have gone through the therapy and are glad they did.

To pass a law banning all such therapy would be telling people that they can't obtain professional assistance with their unwanted same-sex attraction, which attraction is often solely the result of homosexual molestation and subsequent confusion because of what's term sexual imprinting. Sexual stimulation against one's will is still exciting sexual nerves that are supposed to be pleasure only, not mixed with molestation. The confusion concerning attraction is perfectly understandable, and children and adults should not be told that the confusion is "normal" or "healthy" or anything of the sort.

Therefore, the American Medical Association is being extremely stupid on this matter. It is being politically driven, not science-based. I condemn their action.

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