No room for not being a gender-identity-authoritarian dictatorship by those loosely throwing around the label Nazi

Ms Harrison, who has lived as a transgender woman for two decades, said she shares Ms Forstater’s ‘gender critical’ beliefs and has been labelled a "Nazi facilitator" and "scum" for expressing them.

“The process of having surgery or hormone treatment cannot ultimately transform your sex,” Ms Harrison told the tribinal. “Every cell in my body has male chromosomes. I have a prostate. These things cannot be completely deconstructed. It is not possible to be biologically female. But that does not mean I can’t live a fulfilling life being treated as a woman.”

Why is this person not allowed to have that belief? Why is the person called a Nazi for apparently simply believing the obvious that one can't currently completely transform one's gender and that there is more to gender than what one simply thinks about oneself at any given moment in terms of "identity"?

Source: "Transgender people who agree with using terms 'men' and 'women' too afraid to speak out, tribunal hears"

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