A Marxian critique: hyper-trans-identity-political-correctness toxicity

I waved this red flag (no pun intended), years and years ago. I raised it over the "born that way" meme, which meme was based entirely on deliberately faked data. At the time, the pattern was obvious and that it would lead to exactly the situation described in the quote below and, more thoroughly, in the complete article.

We have yet to be openly confronted by the pedophiles (who are simply waiting for their "time" after the extreme-trans "community" gets its complete way). After that will come the bestial.

Naturally, each step was denied by the step's advocates before each full-on assault. "Give them and inch, and they'll take a mile" simply informed the advocates to insist they'd never ask for even another inch.

The whole edifice is built lie upon lie. It is confusion and deception, including self-deception on the advocates' part because they don't want to struggle against the temptations to further fracturing. They'd rather cave in and then die, falsely imagining that, that "death" is literally permanent unconsciousness, permanent reprieve from responsibility and accountability for their choices.

Society isn't doing itself or any member any favor going down that path. Rather, we should be reinforcing in each other the desire to withstand all temptations to such fracturing. We don't call it wholesome for nothing. Unjustified comfort now means greater suffering later: better to face and overcome inner demons (regardless of their sources) while they're relatively weaker than they otherwise will be.

Trans identified males are biological males who think of themselves as females. Trans identified females are biological females who think of themselves as males. No democratic-minded person questions the right of everyone, including transgender individuals, to their own beliefs, behaviors and lifestyle preferences, free from bigotry or discrimination.

But extreme transgender ideology goes a step further.

It demands not only support for the civil rights of trans people but insists that everyone must also embrace the beliefs of trans extremists.

Not only is the imposition of the belief of one group a violation of the democratic rights of others, this particular belief has negative implications for the rights of women, gays, lesbians and children ....
Marxism, the philosophical underpinning for the socialist left, relies heavily on historical materialism. That is, the idea that there are tangible, physical reasons for what we observe in the development and interaction of societies and classes of people within those societies.

This makes it all the more astonishing when some socialists so thoroughly reject biology and material reality in their analysis of transgender ideology and its effect on other oppressed groups.

The left’s abdication on this issue – especially the misdirection of the socialist left – is a gift to the right, as it allows those on the right to pose as the sane ones. The socialist left bears particular responsibility because it presents itself as a collection of thoughtful, considered leaders.

All the more tragic, then, is the fact that this new McCarthyism, which disingenuously wraps itself in the mantle of “woke” leftism, could never have taken hold if the real left had spoken out clearly and forcefully from the start.

At this point, it remains to be seen whether the left will correct its error or be bypassed by the multitudes who will surely punish those who tried to gaslight them into rejecting material reality.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Believer in Biological Sex? How the left shares the blame for neo-McCarthyism

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