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  1. If WikiLeaks is a Neocon/Zionist disinfo op, roll out more like it: "GORDON DUFF: WIKILEAKS, A TOUCH OF ASSANGE AND THE STENCH OF AIPAC : Veterans Today"

  2. Julian Assange: Proven Zionist, Israeli, Mossad Agent? Prove It.

  3. Open Interrogatories and Requests for Documentation to Daniel Domscheit-Berg of OpenLeaks Concerning Accusations of Zionist-Bribery Against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

  4. December 14, 2010 Steps: Daniel Domscheit-Berg (OpenLeaks) Bribery Allegations Against Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)

  5. I expect to be vindicated: "Bloggers claim WikiLeaks struck deal with Israel over diplomatic cables leaks"

  6. Flip Side of Gordon Duff's Attacks on Julian Assange: "Assange's Extremist ["Holocaust Denying"] Employees" - Reason Magazine

  7. Capt. Hanley's "911 Inside job - No Muslims" Does Not Show WikiLeaks is Psyop

  8. Refutation of Jonathan Azaziah's Article: "WIKILEAKS IS POISON II: DECONSTRUCTION OF THE MYTH" as Posted by Gordon Duff on Veterans Today

  9. Vindicated: Reports: "Daniel Domscheit-Berg Denies Rumor of Assange-Israeli Deals"

  10. Syria Truth Stands by Article, Calls Daniel Domscheit-Berg Liar?, and Will Release Emails

  11. Julian Assange Is Not Mossad, Promises to Release 3,700 Cables Dealing With Israel

  12. Answering the Charge, Among Others, that Al Jazeera's Julian Assange Interview Should Be Termed "Excusive"

  13. On Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Keeps Prematurely Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

  14. Part 2: Refutation of Jonathan Azaziah's Article: "WIKILEAKS IS POISON II: DECONSTRUCTION OF THE MYTH"

  15. Amnesty International About Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning

  16. WikiLeaks Leak: Mossad Sells US on Iranian Regime-Change Plan, by Richard Silverstein

  17. Spinner/Ducker: LILA RAJIVA: ZIONIST MINDCONTROL – The Case Against Wikileaks, Part I : Veterans Today

  18. It Matters: WikiLeaks Exposes Israeli Mafia’s Growing Influence by Justin Raimondo --

  19. New York Times Editorial: "Banks and WikiLeaks"

  20. Bradley Manning May Not Have Confessed? "...journalistic disgrace at Wired" - Glenn Greenwald -

  21. WikiLeaks Cablegate Leak: Obama Administration Lied to World: Refused to Help Dubai Investigate Mabhouh Murder

  22. Daniel Domscheit-Berg Took Time for Book Waited to Clear Julian Assange Half-Heartedly

  23. Who is Wayne Madsen's Unnamed "Republican Party consultant" Source/Propagandist?: "Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks cables"

  24. Hogwash: "American Thinker: Obama under the Glare of WikiLeaks"

  25. Jerusalem Post Missing Huge Aspects: "Arab theorists claim WikiLeaks is an Israeli conspiracy"

  26. Israeli Officials Allegedly Bribed US Corporations | Gaza | WikiLeaks | Julian Assange

  27. U.S. Department of Justice Subpoenas Private Twitter Data & Messages of WikiLeaks & High-Level Volunteers

  28. Support The Twitter Seven: YouTube - WARNING All 637,000 @WikiLeaks Followers Are Targets of U.S. Government Subpoena Against Twitter

  29. I Hate When Webster Tarpley Does This: "Nihilists of The World Unite: Wikileaks Is The “Cognitive Infiltration” Operation Demanded by Cass Sunstein «"

  30. My Take On: YouTube - Webster Tarpley's "Egypt protests organized by the US?"

  31. Gordon Duff, pro- or anti-WikiLeaks regarding Israel? "False Flag Anti-Semite Spammers Tied to Spy/Terror Groups"

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