Islamic State: Megalomaniacal Racketeers

“We say to Christians everywhere, the Islamic State will expand, with Allah’s permission,” a spokesman identified as Sheik Abu Malik Anas An-Nashwan says. “And it will reach you even if you are in fortified strongholds. So whoever enters Islam will have security, and whoever accepts the Dhimmah contract will have security. But whoever refuses will see nothing from us but the edge of a spear. The men will be killed and the children will be enslaved, and their wealth will be taken as booty. This is the judgment of Allah and His Messenger.”

Source: Islamic State Warns Those Who Refuse Islam Will Die like Ethiopians in Libya Video

That doesn't just apply to Christians. Do you know what they have in store for Hindus (polytheists)? Just how do you think they'll be dealing with atheists and agnostics? Don't kid yourself that the Zionist Talmudic-Jews will be safe either.

Don't kid yourself either that there are answers within Islam. There are people calling themselves Muslims who swear that IS is not being Islamic. I disagree.

For those so-called "moderate" Muslims who think they can have an Islamic Reformation away from Mohammed's teachings or who claim they can win the theological argument with IS by citing chronological ambiguities in Mohammed's teachings, I ask them how they are going to compete against the prospect of gigantic egoism that is IS's allure anyway?

Frankly, the so-called moderates can't win the theological debate in the first place: Bad Article: "An Islamic Reformation is the world’s best chance for peace"

The only solution is the termination of Islam. It's a bad religion at its core.

Mohammed taught violence. He was misleading. The Caliphs who immediately followed him as the top leaders of Islam spread Islam further by the sword. There's no doubt about it. They didn't spread it by peace. They were called by Mohammed "the rightly guided." Guided by what?

The reason Mohammed taught that Jesus was other than as represented in the Gospels was solely because Mohammed couldn't live up to the teachings in those Gospels. He hated the teachings in the Gospels and was exceedingly jealous of Jesus's position in the eye's of so many people, so Mohammed made up a false story about who Jesus really was and is.

Why did so many people fall for Mohammed's teachings? Well, why are those in IS doing what they are doing? It's the exact same story, same reason.

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Turkey, Armenia: "100 Years: Remembrance, Rejection, and Steps of Reconciliation for Genocide of Christians"

While today [April 24, 2015] marks 100 years since the horrific killing of millions of Christians on the basis of their religious and ethnic identity, be that Armenian, Greek, or Assyrian, it should prompt the world to stop and consider a reality that is happening today.

Across Syria and Iraq, the very places where many of these deaths took place 100 years ago, Christians are once again being slaughtered because of their religious and ethnic identity.

This time it is not at the hands of the Ottoman Empire ruled over by the last Caliph of Islam, it is at the hands of a self-declared “Islamic State” and their supposed renewed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Islamic jihadists from ISIS are slaughtering Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities by the thousands, and it is happening in our time.

Source: 100 Years: Remembrance, Rejection, and Steps of Reconciliation for Genocide of Christians

See also: "Churches in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction."

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Tom's Take: "Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes [Kills] Fundamental Rights"

The following excerpts only begin to touch upon the darkness that has descended on Canada.

busAmericans need to understand that the endgame of the LGBT rights movement involves centralized state power—and the end of First Amendment freedoms.


In Canada, freedoms of speech, press, religion, and association have suffered greatly due to government pressure. The debate over same-sex marriage that is taking place in the United States could not legally exist in Canada today. Because of legal restrictions on speech, if you say or write anything considered “homophobic” (including, by definition, anything questioning same-sex marriage), you could face discipline, termination of employment, or prosecution by the government.


Recently, an American professor who was anonymously interviewed for the American Conservative questioned whether sexual autonomy is going to cost you your freedoms: “We are now at the point, he said, at which it is legitimate to ask if sexual autonomy is more important than the First Amendment?”

Source: A Warning from Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights | Public Discourse

Where's the academic freedom? Where's the freedom of inquiry? What is happening is fascism against intellectualism. If new inquiry would shed new light on negatives resulting from homosexuality, that new light would never be seen, never be allowed, so that darkness would continue unabated.

Is that really the society we want? It isn't the one I want. I oppose what Canada has done and is doing. I oppose such homosexual fascism.

Males sodomizing each other is a fundamental error whether the Canadian government says it isn't and whether the US government comes to say it isn't.

I wish I didn't have to stand up against this evil. I wish it didn't exist and never had. It's no better than the violence and greed I stand against. It's all intertwined.

See also: Tom's Take: "Bobby Jindal: I’m Holding Firm Against Gay Marriage - NYTimes"

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