Ukraine and Neo-Nazis

Published on Sep 10, 2014

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

On September 9, reported that “German TV shows Nazi symbols on helmets of Ukraine soldiers”. The German station showed pictures of a soldier wearing a combat helmet with the “SS runes” of Hitler’s infamous black-uniformed elite corps. (Runes are the letters of an alphabet used by ancient Germanic peoples.) A second soldier was shown with a swastika on his helmet.

On the 13th, the Washington Post showed a photo of the sleeping quarter of a member of the Azov Battalion, one of the Ukrainian paramilitary units fighting the pro-Russian separatists. On the wall above the bed is a large swastika. Not to worry, the Post quoted the platoon leader stating that the soldiers embrace symbols and espouse extremist notions as part of some kind of “romantic” idea.

Yet, it is Russian president Vladimir Putin who is compared to Adolf Hitler by everyone from Prince Charles to Princess Hillary because of the incorporation of Crimea as part of Russia. On this question Putin has stated:

“The Crimean authorities have relied on the well-known Kosovo precedent, a precedent our Western partners created themselves, with their own hands, so to speak. In a situation absolutely similar to the Crimean one, they deemed Kosovo’s secession from Serbia to be legitimate, arguing everywhere that no permission from the country’s central authorities was required for the unilateral declaration of independence. The UN’s international court, based on Paragraph 2 of Article 1 of the UN Charter, agreed with that, and in its decision of 22 July 2010 noted the following, and I quote verbatim: No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to unilateral declarations of independence.”

Ukraine and Neo-Nazis - Foreign Policy Journal.

Yes, Vladimir, but they have no shame. Hypocrisy is their forté. They are also refusing to repeat your words in their mass media. What they are doing is drumbeating falsehoods and half-truths into the average American's head, an easy thing to do.

Can you blame this father for not wanting his children to grow up under Nazi slogans?

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What's Really Behind the New US/EU Sanctions Against Russia?

Europe Russia Gas...draconian measures were imposed on the Russian energy industry, where the US and Europe are attempting to shut down important new exploration projects in Siberia and the Arctic by barring foreign oil companies from providing any equipment, technology or assistance to deepwater, offshore, or shale projects.

The bans will prevent previously active companies such as Exxon and Shell from dealing with five of the largest Russian oil producers and pipeline operators: Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, LukOil, Surgutneftegas, and Rosneft.

Source: Sweeping new US and EU sanctions target Russia's banks and oil companies | World news | The Guardian.

The Obama administration, with its neoconservative/imperialist base, has been attempting to get the naive, gullible minions and sycophants of America to falsely believe that Vladimir Putin has a plan to restore Stalinist Russia. The truth is that Vladimir Putin is not at all interested in restoring the Soviet Union. He simply wants Russia to be great and strong without lording it over any other nation-states.

The US/EU neocons, however, do want to lord it over other nation-states: all other nation-states. They don't want to make the world safe for democracy. They want to make the world safe for elitist multi-billionaires of their own persuasion.

To accomplish that, they want to make sure that Russia's energy sector is crippled internationally to cut off Russia's income to weaken it so the US/EU elitists, especially US, may swoop in and establish themselves as the new Russian plutocrats by controlling interests in the corporations that will own the state. After that, it will be on to China.

Their aim is global dictatorship of, by, and for the plutocrats. It is not democracy!

Further to accomplish that dictatorship, they use a nonstop barrage of lies about other nations. They lied endlessly about Iraq (WMD and 9/11). They lied about Libya (that there would be a moderate government controlling the whole of it). They lied about Iran (nuclear-weapons program; finally had to back off that, though not enough, and due to alternative-media pressure). They lied about Syria (chemical-weapons use and that moderates are plentiful enough and strong enough to come to control the nation after Assad). They lied about many other nations, but now they've decided to lie about Russia because Putin stood in the way concerning Syria and then Ukraine, just as Russia had stood in the way in Georgian oppression of ethnic Russians in South Ossetia, etc.

Putin also aided Edward Snowden; and he hasn't caved into American political correctness of "social liberalism," which is just code for the slippery slope to total sexual anarchy despite the claims to the contrary by tens of millions of duped "liberals" who falsely imagine that those behind the "sexual liberation" have some moral lines across which they do not intend to drag the whole of society.

Remember that in Russia's war in Afghanistan, the US armed and trained and funded what became al Qaeda that has morphed into ISIS and the "Islamic State" that issues an ultimatum to all the other people of the entire world: convert to Takfiri Islam or pay the jizya tax or leave or be killed. Of course, it's un-Islamic, as failure to pay the jizya is not to subject the party to a death penalty but rather simply no protection by the Islamic state against legal acts against the party failing to pay. In the US, we call it a protection racket; but ISIS has taken that to a whole new level. They don't break your windows and then ask for the protection money again. They move directly to cutting off your head. Of course, they keep (steal) all your land and property and so forth.

Also remember, the US pledged to the Soviet Union that it would not expand NATO. The US lied about that. The Soviet Union opened up on trust and the Russian people were rewarded with outright betrayal and economic devastation and misery that Putin came in and reversed. He shut down the neoliberals.

Now the Obama administration is endlessly lying about Russian actions vis-a-vis Ukraine. Russia did not invade Ukraine. Also, the US has been backing admitted fascists in Ukraine.

No matter what Vladimir Putin does from now on, no matter how generous and peaceful, etc., and no matter how much secularly strategically wiser it would be for the sake of democracy for Obama to reverse course and to ally with Russia and to moderate Assad and Iran and others to also ally with the US against the Takfiris, the US political leadership has decided to ignore Putin while working to cripple Russia and eventually all those who ally themselves with Russia against US dictates and its larger goal of absolute global domination: dictatorship the absolute envy of the spirit of all historical absolute monarchs.

Here's what will happen. Russia will work to develop on its own all the technology it needs. Russian scientists and engineers are quite capable. Their rocketry proves that. The problem will be with money and trade, especially trade.

Europe is making a huge error siding with US neocons on this.

US neocons are warmongering again toward Russia. They are only in the preliminary phases of that. They have to be careful because Russia is nuclear and very able to keep secret their weapons developments.

What won't happen again is Russia falling down the way the Soviet Union collapsed. The Russian people have learned that lesson only too well.

In addition, China can surely see the writing on the wall that they are, in fact, the main target (have been for decades now).

No nation is safe that doesn't knuckle under to the US plutocracy.

The only way out is for the rest of the world simultaneously to stop agreeing to go along with whatever the US demands. Some nations try to refuse, but they are eventually picked off one by one. The US from the outside and even to some on the inside, looks impatient, but it is not. It has worked for decades to undermine other nations before removing the final supports. It will go in and pull back only to go in again and again and again until the job is done.

The aim of the US plutocracy is global Empire under them and only them. They will allow super-rich people of other nations but only if those super-rich agree with and fully cooperate with the US plutocrats.

It is wickedness. It is manifest evil: radical evil in the flesh. It is doomed to failure, but don't be a part of it. Don't facilitate it. Speak and act against it. Retain the moral high ground. Do not stoop to their level. Do not be duped.

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Hugely Important C-SPAN Interview: Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage

Richard Gage

Demand a thorough, open investigation and report on 9/11. We haven't had one. There's been a massive cover-up.

Video description:

Richard Gage talked about his group, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which claimed that the World Trade Center was brought down by explosive demolition on September 11, 2001. The group was founded in 2006 and said its mission was to “expose the official lies and cover-up surrounding the events of September 11, 2001 in a way that inspires the people to overcome denial and understand the truth.” Mr. Gage spoke via video link from San Francisco, California.

Source: Washington Journal Architects Engineers 911 Truth | Video |

We are waiting for the leaker. Bring forth the proof, the complete internal documentation, and do it now.

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