US: Images Allegedly Prove Russia Attacking Ukraine

The Washington Post:

Washington released images that it said prove Russia is shooting across the border into Ukraine to support separatists.

As fighting continues in east Ukraine, U.S. releases images said to implicate Russia - The Washington Post.

Here's one of the images for your consideration as to whether it rises to the necessary evidentiary standard for the US government to be accusing Russia so that NATO can occupy Ukraine.


Here's another image for comparison sake. It's from the same outfit (Digital Globe) that supplied the one above. It's not higher resolution not because they don't have the capability but because there are laws against such entities publicly releasing their highest-res images.


Keep in mind that Russia has reserved the right to hit back, and it has said that Ukraine has hit inside Russia. That said, Russia has denied that it has done what the US interpretation of the images claim.

Ordinarily I'd post such images as thumbnails; but because this is a matter of war or peace on a potentially huge scale, I decided that, without doubt, the use of the images in this brief report's context constitutes legally protected "fair use" concerning any copyright claims. Anyway, let them sue Google. It's been tried and has failed. This site if not a second-class citizen to Google's site with fewer legal rights. In fact, this is a news story where Google "Images" is just a database of images with little to no news context beyond the images themselves.

See also: Evidence Michael Hayden, Former NSA & CIA Director, & US Gov. Are Stupid

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Evidence Michael Hayden, Former NSA & CIA Director, & US Gov. Are Stupid

Here's Hayden:

This was Michael Hayden when we was an Air Force general.

This was Michael Hayden when we was an Air Force general.

Intelligence rarely meets the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard required to convict in a U.S. court, said Michael Hayden, a former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency.

US faces intel hurdles in downing of airliner - U.S. - Stripes.

Do you see what's wrong with Michael Hayden's statement there? Well, if not, it might not be that you too are stupid. It might simply be that you lack education in the particular field. Hayden has no such excuse. Once I point it out, you may consider it clever on Hayden's part. It's not. It's blatantly wrong at his level and therefore stupid.

You've heard the old saying that honesty is the best policy. Well, it the smart policy. That's what "best" there means. It doesn't mean that you have to divulge everything you know.

Under certain circumstances, you may admit that you refuse to answer even though you know the answer or you may simply clam up right from the start, not answer and not admit that you know or don't know. What you shouldn't do under any circumstances is knowingly undermine righteousness or rationalize as to what constitutes righteousness.

Michael Hayden and the US government at the so-called top blatantly lie rather frequently; but even more often, they deliberately work to undermine righteousness. They tell plenty of half-truths to deceive.

So, on to the huge stupidity of Michael Hayden's statement above.

It's all wrapped up in "beyond a reasonable doubt" and the circumstances. When we try a person for stealing a loaf of bread, even if he was hungry and broke and was refused help at every turn, we (the state in this case; not I) apply the "beyond a shadow of a doubt" standard. Even the slightest doubt that he is guilty should see him set free. One's doubt that casts a shadow may seem an unreasonably high standard under other circumstances where the person's guilt or innocence won't see him punished by the state either way. We rise to the higher standard because getting it wrong and punishing an innocent person is vastly worse than letting a guilty one go free.

That's only partly why Hayden is obviously stupid (being stupid on purpose; for evil reasons). The worse aspect is that he's being stupid about it where we aren't talking about one man going to jail for a bit or just being put on probation for stealing (where the standard is so high). We're talking about a situation where many hundreds have already lost their lives and where WWIII could be triggered if recklessness is given its head.

NATO and Russia are nuclear-weapons superpowers. Russia has exceptionally sophisticated missile and other technologies, some of which no doubt is secret and not known by the US/NATO. Therefore, this situation not only calls for a standard much higher than beyond a reasonable doubt but higher than what would be applied in putting a bread thief in jail, not that any injustice toward the innocent is ever acceptable.

Naturally, the US government, the Obama administration, and the rest who hold with Hayden (finding it acceptable to declare Russia and Putin guilty on such a matter where so much hangs in the balance) are equally as stupid if not more so.

Let's continue with the article.

It mentions the audio. What it doesn't tell you is that Russian experts have said the audio is spliced together and that it is from an event that happened before the downing of the airliner. As I wrote elsewhere, it would be an easy matter for truly independent (non-US intelligence experts; non-Zionists) in the US to corroborate or refute or at least cast doubt upon the Russians' expert opinions on the audio.

The article also cited anonymous sources. Well, given the gravity of the situation, that's not good enough. There's nothing in the article that the US government doesn't want out there. Therefore, show us your evidence beyond wild speculation and conjecture or, frankly, shut up, liars.

Don't forget James Clapper's whopping lie to the US Congress and American people. Also don't forget that Barack Obama didn't fire the liar.

They lie on purpose. It's a proven fact.

The US government claims it didn't know the pro-Russia, Ukrainian federalists had such missiles. Well, they still don't know it. They have simply attempted and failed miserably to paint a circumstantial picture that we are supposed to be dumb enough to just accept (because we trust the proven liars). Honestly, are we such the weak-minded American public?

Do we go to war with Russia or make financial and economic war on the Russians based upon so-called evidence that wouldn't even legitimately land a bread thief over night in the local police-station holding tank?

Heaven forbid.

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Why You Shouldn't do Zionism

Jon Snow recounts the scene in Gaza's al-Shifa hospital, where doctors struggle to treat adults and children wounded by Israeli attacks.

For ABC's Alexander Marquardt, there is no comparison. The current bloodshed in Gaza is the most difficult conflict he has ever covered.

ABC's Reporter In Gaza Talks About Covering 'Awful, Tragic, Heartbreaking' Story.

Israel’s assault on Gaza constitutes “state terrorism” and the state should be referred to the International Criminal Court, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Hanan Ashrawi charged in an interview Friday.

“When you target civilians, this is terrorism, but it is state terrorism, because it is taken as a result of political decisions giving orders to the army and the army executing these orders by killing civilians. Otherwise, how do you explain that the vast majority of victims are women and children?” Dr. Ashrawi told me over the phone. She is a member of the PLO’s executive committee–the body that represents Palestine internationally–and is a prominent spokeswoman for the Palestinian cause.
“It’s a unified position. We want to end the siege, we want to lift the siege and the blockade, we want to ensure that the people of Gaza have…a minimal level of a decent life,” said Ashrawi. “We cannot go back to the status quo ante. This is a unanimous position adopted by all Palestinians–that the conditions giving rise to this Israeli impunity and use of violence and recurrent pattern of closing down Gaza and then shelling and bombing it, that this has to stop.”
“Look, the problem of the American role is that they repeatedly support Israel blindly–that they have stood with the occupation, against the rights of the Palestinian people,” Ashrawi told me. “It’s very difficult to envision the Americans having a change of heart unless the American people really put pressure on their representatives. And it’s the American Congress unfortunately that is more Zionist than the Israeli government.”

PLO official Hanan Ashrawi: Israel's assault on Gaza is 'state terrorism'.

tumblr_inline_n96ztlSOGR1qalyv8I am aware that most of the Christians I know are westernized, and thus, like myself, have been raised with Zionistic, anti-Islamic viewpoints. But I hope that if nothing else, then through this blog post you would at least consider the other side: there are Christians who love Jesus as much as you do, they’re Palestinian, and they can’t support what Israel is doing.

To My Christian Friends Who Side With Israel - faith, hope, & love.

gabrielSpeaking outside Downing Street today, Hugh Lanning of the PSC said: “Our aim is to stop the Israeli government getting military aid and equipment from the British government. Our aid and arms help kill innocent Palestinian civilians. We need to isolate apartheid Israel now and impose sanctions now.”

Rock stars Peter Gabriel and Bobby Gillespie urge arms embargo on Israel | The Electronic Intifada.

Anna Baltzer: Israel USES PALESTINIAN HUMAN SHIELDS. Megyn Kelly vs Anna Baltzer. The Kelly File - YouTube.

unnamedWorld Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency request Jews worldwide to post photos of themselves with Israeli flag and ‘Together We Will Win’ sign.


BDS Movement Founder Omar Barghouti discusses growing solidarity with Palestinians and whether Fatah-Hamas unity deal motivated Israel's aggression

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