Eric Holder Misreads Act: Gender Identity, Sex Not Same

Eric HolderEricHolder is trying to claim that gender identity and gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder are protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because he says that "sex" in the Act means "gender identity." However, if gender identity under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 means "sex," why has "gender identity" been added to so many laws that also already said "sex"? In addition, the Act defines "sex" thusly:

(k) The terms “because of sex” or “on the basis of sex” include, but are not limited to, because of or on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; and women affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions shall be treated the same for all employment-related purposes, including receipt of benefits under fringe benefit programs, as other persons not so affected but similar in their ability or inability to work, and nothing in section 2000e-2(h) of this title [section 703(h)] shall be interpreted to permit otherwise. This subsection shall not require an employer to pay for health insurance benefits for abortion, except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term, or except where medical complications have arisen from an abortion: Provided, That nothing herein shall preclude an employer from providing abortion benefits or otherwise affect bargaining agreements in regard to abortion.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Where does gender identity enter in there? It doesn't.

If the government of the US wants to make gender identity a nationally protected classification, then it needs to make a law that does that while keeping in mind that freedom of religion is already protected and some of the cultural so-called "liberal" things that are being pushed by people such as Eric Holder are unacceptable under many religions.

So, unless the US government wants things that constitute sexual anarchy to trump all religions and takes the necessary legislative steps to mandate that (meaning amend the US Constitution to strike out the free-exercise clause), it will face internal hypocrisy forever.

This post in no way should be taken as an indication that I lack compassion for those who are, or have been, troubled by personal, internal gender-identity issues.


Tom Usher

The issue I have is with normalizing it rather than keeping the understanding that there's something wrong, something went wrong, the way we treat other problems, whether mental or physical or both. We don't discriminate on account of certain "disabilities" (or whatever the politically correct term is now) and rightfully so. We do discriminate on account of others, such as criminal behaviors, which are also usually mental problems depending upon the particular law. Some laws are wrong.

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Put Blair & Straw on Trial for Torture, Says Diplomat Fired for Warning Labour Gov. of UK Collusion

Jack Straw and Tony Blair

Jack Straw and Tony Blair

In the summer of 2004, I warned Tony Blair’s Foreign Office that Britain was using intelligence material which had been obtained by the CIA under torture. Two months later I was sacked as the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan on the orders of Downing Street, bringing to an end my 20-year diplomatic career.

Source: Now put Blair and Straw on trial for torture, says diplomat who was fired when he warned Labour Government of UK collusion with US abuse | Daily Mail Online.

I remember Craig Murray. I remember that I liked him. He's the kind of man who needs to be in charge, not sacked by evil ones.

If the evil ones can't be brought to justice, then it's time for a global revolution.

I'm not speaking of violence. There are other ways, better ways.

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Far Short: "Ignorant Christians need to [shut up] about 'the poor you will always have with you' until..."

Rick Perry is biblically illiterate, sanctimonious, and … um … and I forget the third one.

But he’s not alone. The governor of Texas is just the most recent of many, many, far too many Christians who have disgraced themselves by misquoting Jesus to support the precise opposite of what he said. And this needs to stop.

“Biblically, the poor are always going to be with us in some form or fashion,” Rick Perry said in an interview published yesterday in The Washington Post.

I censored the profanity in the title: Ignorant Christians need to [shut up] about ‘the poor you will always have with you’ until they can be bothered to understand what Jesus actually said.


Tom Usher

The article makes valid points but stops far short. The poor will not always be. The promise is for no poverty. The truth is that Jesus was referring to only certain generations and not eternity.

This is why I openly discuss monetary reforms that eliminate such poverty. I do so knowing full well that I'm not going against Jesus's saying.

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