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Your message will not be sent over a secure connection; and due to too much contact-form spam and abuse, a third-party computer program will evaluate the content for spaminess. Therefore and contrary to any other statements on this site, you are herewith warned that any message you send via this form will not be strictly confidential.

Non-spammy and non-abusive comments and questions are welcome. However, we prefer that comments and questions be placed in the comment section on the appropriate blog post and/or page. If no post or page fits your subject, then by all means, please use this form. Please do not use this form simply to make contact when your same message could be placed in the comment section of any applicable page or post. All such contact-form submissions will be ignored. Offenders may be marked as spammers, which would impact their submissions on sites using the same database filtering applied here.

Also, do not request money, as we 1) have a fiduciary responsibility to fund the Christian Commons Project and 2) we are asking for donations concerning which we openly state on this site that, until further notice, all such donations will go to funding the Christian Commons Land and Building Fund (until the Church has the land and necessary buildings and is up and running the Christian Commons and is, as designed, producing organic food for the members and the local needy). Please donate if you are able.

We wish we could help everyone with money needs right now, but in the past when we were giving, giving, giving, we made no progress saving for the Commons. We trust you understand. With limited resources, we were forced to make the choice.

Funding the Commons will be highly beneficial. If done correctly and sufficiently, it will ultimately eliminate money.

In addition, we cannot travel to your location at this time {also due to limited resources, rising costs (huge inflation, particularly in Internet costs; donations do not go to covering them) but also work requirements}.

Thank you.

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