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Many times, people will hear or see something they remember but cannot recall the source-location, the name, or other specifics required for customary citation. We appreciate that. We too experience it.

We ask people to make a good-faith effort to give credit where credit is due. Cite anything you knowingly source from the Church. That will serve God best.

Please cite at least the following when possible:

  1. Author or authors if given; otherwise, please use the Real Liberal Christian Church
  2. Article name or the page title if no article name is given
  3. Publisher as Real Liberal Christian Church (the Real Liberal Christian Church need only show once in the whole citation)
  4. Date of the article if given
  5. URL (full webpage address)
  6. Full date you last accessed the webpage (optional)

God wants people to give credit where credit is due. That's what God wants us to do vis-à-vis Jesus.

There are many scientists, so-called libertarian capitalists, and others who do not credit God with anything. Without belief, the extra good God would otherwise do for humanity is withheld. Withholding credit where due is inconsistent with living the good and real life. This is how the atheists and apostates have caused the rest to suffer on this plane because of the aggregate insufficiency of belief.

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