Publications, library, certain site contents, and the like

It is important to state that by citing a book or a video or other material, offering a link to purchase a book, etc., or having a book in our library, the Church is not necessarily endorsing the material. The material we cite may be the creation of secularists, atheists, or other non-Christians. We cite them, offer them, or have them in our library within the full context of the meaning of our name: Real Liberal Christian Church.

We caution everyone to approach all such materials with a discerning mind to avoid all temptation. Read, listen, watch, etc., within context or be led astray.

Contents are copyrighted by their respective owners. The RLCC does not necessarily endorse all the coverage of contributors or outside sources quoted, cited, linked, or the like.

Also, we do not endorse, or campaign for, any candidate for secular office.

We agree with the egalitarian, anti-military, environmental, and humanitarian efforts of the mundane left. We do not agree with the near silence about libertinism by the said left in the name of tolerance or by the so-called Libertarians in the name of their selfish interests, which is simply caving into unwholesome aspects of lust, not leading in the proper direction toward perfection that is incorruptibility of the soul. At the same time, therefore, we agree with the call of the mundane right for a culture that does not promote or support sexual or other forms of depravity.

In our case, we call for no depravity of any kind, including militarism, greed, or stinginess, all of which takes the form of, among others things, capitalism. In any case, we are opposed to coercion. As Real Christians, we are not to restrain any but the children from being selfish, greedy, violent, or otherwise depraved. We are simply, clearly, and plainly to call for unselfishness, love, sharing, peace, and purity, all synonyms for God. Even with the children, we are to be gentle and understanding. Read our News and other content accordingly.

Thank you, and may God bless the world and humanity with the real peace.

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