Excerpts: small-c communism


I use the term "communism" with a lowercase "c" rather than opting for some other term, because in doing so, I aid in undoing the stream of consciousness that has usurped and abused the term and process of coming to fruition.

The fact is that the Democrats have been every bit as much confused by the true nature of mammon and capitalism as have the Republicans. Since Communism was directly associated with totalitarian resistance of capitalism, the Democrats easily fell prey to the propaganda of the wealthy that small-c communism leads to serfdom, which is a complete falsehood no matter how one slices it.

Now, people ask why then didn't the Soviet Union succeed. The Soviet Union was not democratic any more than is the United States. In a pure, direct, participatory democracy, communism (lowercase or small-c) will always be the inevitable outcome, because that's God's way. There is not pure, direct, participatory democracy in the United States, because wherever and whenever people try to introduce it into the mainstream, the powers that be who have their power by undemocratic means, put the squeeze on, just as Nixon and Kissinger put the squeeze on Chile and just as the United States has put the squeeze on every other nation in the world really. There is no nation that has escaped the power politics of the United States.

We know that real small-c communism is the right direction toward the destination of God's provisioning without toil. We simply point out that the takers of the inheritance are those who have set up the system in a rigged manner without asking the people.

Conservative blasphemy: Telling half-truths: Large-c Communism versus the small-c communism of Jesus and the Apostles

Those conservatives, who hold to violent, lusting, selfish interests, point to the failure of unmerciful dictators successfully to ward off those capitalists and failure successfully to lead communist organizations as proof of the unworkable and undesirable nature of holding all things in common. The fact that unmerciful dictators cannot succeed in creating or running the commons of the world proves nothing against the righteousness of all things in common. It proves nothing against the teachings of Jesus or the lives of the Apostles. At the same time the conservatives point to unmerciful dictators as their proof against the lifestyle of Jesus, they are simultaneously deliberately concealing the successes of communists around the world from the people whose minds the capitalists have captured and brainwashed. By their actions against all things held commonly, they put the Apostles in the same class with Stalinists and Maoists and Jesus on a par with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Trotsky. Their method must be rejected for the lie that it is. Such lies cannot stand the light of day. It is blasphemy against the Lord and shall not stand.

You see, in America if you are not for capitalism, you are considered unloyal to God. The rich and powerful capitalists have paid to have everyone brainwashed through every means in their control, which is nearly everything, into feeling and thinking that God is a capitalist, which God is most certainly not. You don't have to take just my word for it. Ask God directly as you ought to.

Of course, you asking God directly is exactly what the capitalist-rich fear the most. It is why they seek so hard to control real Christianity from being able to speak out. Once you start doubting mammon worship and begin having faith in God, it will be all over for the capitalists expropriating and privatizing to themselves the inheritance of all, including your fair share, which in heaven is equal ownership of everything, which is small-c communism.

This is why by co-opting and twisting Christianity, the capitalists have contributed to the counter-productive concept that antichrist is the giving and sharing spirit that is small-c communism. This is how the capitalists have made Christianity seem violent and greedy to many in the world when Jesus was purely pacific and generous and consistent (non-hypocritical) of spirit.

Jesus was a communist, not a Communist

That's the truth. If you don't like it, then you aren't a Christian. Real Christians love it. He was truly classless or casteless in that he was both first and last. All those who aspire to Christlikeness must be of that mindset and spirit also.

Now, that is why the subtitle of this work is that Jesus was a small-c communist. The proper noun that is the particular political party is capitalized as in the "Communist Party." The noun "communism" as used to cover the entirety of living in the spirit of the kingdom of heaven, where all things are shared as freely received and freely given, is not the name of that political party or its ideology.

The capitalists and the Marxists would prefer that there not be this distinction. Each side of their argument would prefer that Jesus and all the monasteries and convents and other religious communes in the world be viewed as something other than small-c communist. The capitalists have always wanted to pollute the term "communist." They become apoplectic at the thought that giving and sharing all freely in the same loving spirit Jesus showed his friends might become a clear and plain focus of the general population as opposed to the current spirit the conservatives have drummed into the population of loathing that message of Jesus Christ. They hate Jesus and his message. They hate anyone who speaks it or tries to live it. Watch them and listen to them rail against everything Jesus lived for, died for, and yet still lives for. Look at their fruits.

It is a fact that among other contextually dependent terms, Jesus is a small-c communist. He is for freely and compassionately and joyfully giving and sharing all. He is a historicist. He is duty bound to fulfill and unfold the continuing prophecy. He is a non-Marxist. He is a pacifist and one with God.

There is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist