General administration

The Hub

To clarify right from the outset, the Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC) and its communes will be top-down and bottom-up at the same time. In other words, it will be level. This is not illogical or self-contradictory. It is contextual, as is the entirety of the revelation of Jesus Christ. While at the same time, it is absolute. You may read the applicable sections of There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist to gain a fuller understanding of what is meant by this.

Just to give you some idea so you may continue reading the first and second level of this website without having too much difficulty with the language of the revelation, consider the following saying of Jesus:

And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all. — Mark 9:35

To grasp this truly is to get the whole thing. In the revelation though, in the language of Jesus, to grasp is to do. Who will be the leaders of the RLCC? Well, who will be the last of all, and servants of all? Jesus, the exemplar, certainly heads the Church. He is no anomaly or incongruity. He is the archetype of redeemable humanity. Those who model their behavior after him in earnest will be the leaders of the RLCC: The Christians, who will be the whole of humanity.

Therefore, with the last as first, the bottom is raised up to the top, making it a rising-leveling effect. That's the real heavenly mentality.

This means the members of the RLCC will follow the servants, the good shepherds, who will not lead their souls into iniquity. It is the true democracy. The most freeing of choices.

This is why the General Administration of the RLCC is a hub to facilitate the flow of the Holy Spirit of service. It is centralization in decentralization. This is the spirit of the Alpha and Omega (first and last) Jesus called himself. The head administrator will be the servant of those serving elsewhere. Those other servants will choose to follow that head, because that head will be exemplifying the spirit of being last (serving the fold in unselfishness).

We go into the concept of "democracy in the workplace" and how in it's purest form, it is Christianity. Full and equal employee ownership is another such concept. In such an environment, competition is not the point. Service in the spirit of cooperation and unity is the point. We call it unselfish love in action or the spirit of oneness in service and friendship. It is within this spirit that the board members of the RLCC will be selected.

The Board

The board will be the collective conscience at the center of that flow of information. It will be a representative body of the membership. Each of the main organizational thrusts of the Church will be represented. It will be a deliberative, decision-making, administrative body, an executive body.

At first, of course, the board will be a confidence-building body. Integrity, ethics, and morality sound redundant. They certainly overlap. Along with honesty, openness (qualified by the admonitions of the Gospels), directness, unselfishness, love, peace, and a Real Liberal Christian commitment (which requires the aforementioned), they will make up the traits of the board.

Committees and task forces

Of course, there will be committees and task forces (ad hoc committees) all up and down the line. Form will follow function. The grassroots will decide how to build what is needed from the ground up.

One of the worst errors of capitalism is the inability of those at the top to realize that those doing the actual work know more about the actual work than those at the top. The people actually doing the work know what is wrong with the flow of things. They know the bottlenecks. All they usually need is to be asked or listened to or both.

The General Administration will be there to facilitate that building, that Church and commune development, but asking, listening, and coordinating/conducting for the good of each and all.

To be sure, development here doesn't mean the same thing it means in the capitalistic sense. It will be ecologically oriented development with an eye to getting better and better. It will be not-for-profit (capitalistic profit) development. The profit will be in the Christian additive sense for the whole and each member of it.


The denominational big picture of the globe, cosmos, and Heaven within will be kept in mind by the board and committees when planning. The central objective in planning is facilitating bringing forth the fruits of Heaven on Earth. That's the objective. No matter what happens, even the total destruction of the home world, it is the right thing to do to bring forth in the here and now. All those denominations and nondenominational entities that say otherwise are just flat wrong. The RLCC must and will work to bring forth despite all the naysayers in the world.

Planning will be a dynamic, flexible process. There will be plenty of open discussion and give and take back and forth in the flow of ideas. Our general plans will be made available even on the Internet. More detailed plans will be disseminated member-wide. Operationally detailed plans will be disseminated through the entire path for the given project. This method should burden none while keeping all properly informed, aware, and involved.

Planning is tied in with management and administration in that delegation, facilitation, follow-up, adjustment, and further dissemination are critical. It's a constant loop. We must avoid the error of the capitalists who fear sharing information because they fear losing personal selfish power, control, credit, and extremely excessive (greedy) compensation.


Self-insure as much as possible is the way to go. Insurance companies make money by investing premiums and spreading risk across premium payers. If the RLCC has sufficient membership, the RLCC can effectively spread any loss across the whole membership (and the supporting community that may not necessarily be full-fledged members).

Insurance is doubt. Loss is spiritual in origin. A giving world needs no capitalist insurance. It needs no one profiting off the lack of faith, the loss, and the fear of loss of others.

As for disabilities, our members will practice the best safety habits; however, God forbid, in the event of the disability of one of our commune member-workers, the Church will see to the needs of that member for life.

There are those who will say that the Church should maintain a reasonable fund invested in socially responsible, relatively liquid money-market accounts, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, and savings (interest-bearing) accounts. That's diversion. The Church could pour money into insurance or channel funds into commune development with health centers and an emphasis upon prevention. Which will profit the people the most?

This is no indictment of a universal healthcare program. In fact, universal healthcare is exactly right.


General Administration will coordinate the flow of information throughout the Church concerning mundane, secular laws and how they impact upon us. We will do our best to abide by the mundane law but will always strive to abide by the divine law. The real spirit of the law is divine, as Jesus showed. We can never break the law while keeping the new commandment.

Canons, etc.

Concerning the Church canons and policies and procedures and the like, the new commandment will be the supreme measuring rod by which we discern the correctness of all of our laws.

The emotion and thought behind our canon (law) is Good Samaritanism. It is also to be as free from evil and its temptations as possible. Good Samaritanism and real freedom that is freedom from evil and temptation go hand in hand.

Our laws are for us, not the heathen (those who are not real Christians). The heathen are spiritually dead. Their bodies are alive in the scientific sense. Their souls exist. However, real spiritual life leads to God and salvation from evil. Heathenism does not. It leads to death that is the fruit of evil, the consequences of apostasy upon the soul.

Our laws cannot be forced upon anyone. The only thing we may do is separate the heathen from our body, the Church.

Everyone is free to join, and everyone is free to leave. The Church (the whole) is also free to deny membership to anyone, and the Church is free to excommunicate anyone. This is right.

Our rule is, As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. — Jesus (Luke 6:31; King James Version). This is most commonly expressed as "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Knowing how we ought to want to be treated is central to this rule. That knowledge comes from the new commandment that is "… Love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. — Jesus (John 13:34).

If we each have this written on our heart, we will never violate the Church canon.

Understand here that we are not saying that in keeping each of the rules of the Church one is guaranteed never to violate John 13:34. We are saying that keeping John 13:34 is the spirit of all our canon and that anyone keeping John 13:34 will never be breaking the law even if a lesser rule is violated. In such cases, it is the lesser rule that must be brought into conformity with the new commandment. In other words, if a rule or regulation is inconsistent with John 13:34, it is unconstitutional and in need of amending or abolition.

The General Administration section will be responsible for maintaining and disseminating as needed, among other things, the following:

  • Articles of Association (or Incorporation)

  • Canons (our Church's laws)

  • Board minute books

  • Grants, Charters, and the like, conferred by any entity upon the RLCC and those conferred by our denominational headquarters upon any congregation, mission, commune, committee, or the like

  • Denominational property records

General Administration will also set Records Management and Retention Policy.

Operational guidelines (policies and procedures)

As the hub of the Church, General Administration will document and make available to all corners of the Church the highest and best policies and procedures from throughout the Church and the world, all consistent with the new commandment and our plan. This should greatly facilitate starting and growing RLCC communes and missions.

Administrative support

This category consist of such things as the following:

  • Office management

  • Administrative assistance

  • Reception

  • General clerking

  • Mailroom

  • Hard-file clerking

    • Shredding

  • Office supplies

  • Photocopying

  • Faxing

  • Recycling

General facilities management, security, and library
  • General facilities management will include, among other things, routine maintenance and cleaning.

  • There are trustworthy souls, and there are all the rest. Anything is possible with God; however, facilities containing sensitive information will be secured and alarmed or monitored where there is any doubt amongst the membership or initiates.

  • The Church will be referring on this website to many books which will be cited and to which we will link for affiliate purposes, among other reasons. Our reading, lending, and reference library will grow as a result of obtaining such books and others.

The duty to handle these will fall to the office manager under the supervision of the board.


Each congregation/commune will own its administrative offices networked with the denominational headquarters. Each commune will also have mini-offices about for the various main functions of the commune with those offices networked with the commune office.

We trust this has given you a sufficient overview of the central department of the various planned departments of the RLCC.

Please continue overviewing our site, and decide to support our service to the spiritual fold of God and our brother Jesus.