Policies and Procedures

Guidelines and Steps to Carry Out the Plan

Policies and procedures develop over time based upon actual experience and in anticipation of potential pitfalls. As of the time of writing this for inclusion on our website, the Church doesn't have extensive policies and procedures documented because the Church hasn't reached that phase in its development. First we need the very basics.

We don't need complete policies and procedures at this point for a large membership. We just need to plan ahead for policy-making and operational-procedures development and the rest.

None of this is to say that the Church doesn't have a number of policies already. We do. They just haven't been categorized and reduced to a standard policy-statement format. It would be premature to be working on that. It's a sizable undertaking and would be very time consuming, which would preclude getting our initial plan exposed on the Internet, etc., in a timely manner.

The Church won't attempt to produce a complete Church policies and procedures manual here during initial startup. We will though say that this site itself provides a broad outline of the sections and topics that will be covered in Church manuals and handbooks. From this site and the work, There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist, you may readily see our organizational direction.

Our rudimentary Canons and especially our plan are more important at this early stage.

We do though want you to know that the Church will be documenting (for dissemination) best practices as we go along. It will make Church growth and mission building not exactly a cookie-cutter approach but a combination of documented steps and flexibility. That's a Church policy.

We will place an outline here.

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