Statement of Faith

  • Devices such as "Statements of Faith" may be positive or negative or both, depending upon intention, whether conscious or subconscious, and how the statements are received. They may be positive in intention when the applicable congregation is not attempting to lure anyone into concealed error. They are negative when the façade is flowery and welcoming but inside is temptation to iniquity. They may also be negative when they fail to take into account that those who would otherwise be receptive are turned away for lack of clarification; that is to say, forced and extreme concision is at the expense of revealing divine logic. Forced and extreme concision can stimulate argument rather than provide the necessary path and bridge to the straight and narrow.

  • Jesus was constrained to teach in parables for the sake of gathering out the tares, the weeds, from the wheat, for the sake of division, for the sake of the salvation, the freeing of the righteous from the world of gross immorality and injustice that is selfishness. Jesus though explained that the Holy Spirit would come into the hearts of believers and would tell them not in parables and riddles but with clear and plain words what they need to know. Those believers are to shine that light into the world by speaking the words and doing the deeds called for by those words.

  • Therefore, we urge all to receive the following confession and testimony with an open heart, mind, and soul, and to seek clarification when they have questions or take exception to anything within the pages of our site or within the scriptures and without fail by consulting God directly.

The Holy Spirit
  • The Real Liberal Christian Church has faith in what is given by the Holy Spirit to know and to trust. The Holy Spirit moves individuals. It works upon the conscience. It gives them signs and answers. It provides. The Holy Spirit is God.


All the Law and the Prophets
  • The New Commandment of Jesus Christ tells us to love each other as Jesus loved, and still loves, his disciples. We say "still," because he lives and dwells with God and within each one of us who truly believes he does and as a necessary consequence, acts accordingly.

  • The New Commandment is the summation of the law and the prophets, first Great Commandment, second Great Commandment, the Golden Rule, and all the lesser commandments. It is the call to consistency.

  • Jesus's exemplary life is living the real Golden Rule. We must do unto others as we ought to want them to do unto us.

    • We ought to want others not to lead us into temptation but rather to call us to get on, and to stay on, the narrow way, the path of righteousness for its sake.

    • We ought to want others to take care of our environment.

    • We ought to want others to forgive us and to show us mercy.

  • If we live the New Commandment, if we live out the kind and degree of love Jesus manifested in the world, if we want to, and actually do, do unto others as Jesus did unto his disciples, all things will finally be ordered correctly on the Earth and in Heaven.

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We Are What We Do
  • Bad fruit does not come from a good tree in fertile soil with the right water and light. The revelation of Jesus has been twisted to evil purposes by the enemy of Christ. The churches that are of the worldly empire have defected, are usurpers called Luciferian, rather than in a state of oneness with the Holy Spirit of truth bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Church and State
  • We believe that the separation of the Church and state (which false-hearted state is now temporarily the worldly, temporal, secular government known in The Bible as the Beast, for its ravenous, global appetite and savage, warring, conscienceless ways) has been only mundanely necessitated due to false Christianity. Under real Christianity, there is no separation of Church and state. The Church is the state. The people are the Church. The people who are in line with God are the true state, the government.

  • The New Commandment is the rightful constitution of humanity. It is not arm-twisting. The kingdom of God will come to cover the whole of the Earth when all the people have that commandment freely and lovingly written on their hearts.

  • Substitutionary atonement does not relieve one of the obligation to take up his or her cross to atone. Substitutionary atonement has afforded each of us the opportunity to also atone.

Spiritual Authority
  • We do not believe in the apostolic succession of any apostate church. Spiritual authority comes directly to the believer through the Holy Spirit.

  • We do not believe that water baptism is the only baptism. Jesus referred to more than water baptism.

  • Remission of sin is the gift of God to those who remain softhearted or return to softheartedness.

Christian Commons
  • The truly softhearted can not but help loving Jesus once they have been told the truth. Those who hate small-c communism do not love Jesus.

Figurative and Literal
  • Scripture contains both the figurative and the literal. Words are understood semantically according to context.

    • We are called to become real, which means true, honest, genuine and all of which are one and the same and ideal. Real is perfect. God is real.

    • We are called to bring forth real-liberal devices to overcome selfishness in the world.

    • We are called to correct the pejoration of the term "liberal." The real meaning does not include libertinism or hedonism.

Biblical Truth
  • We believe that the concept of biblical inerrancy must be viewed in the light of figurative language. For those who require prooftexting, Jesus said that if ye will receive it, this is Elias [Elijah], which was for to come. (Matthew 11:14 KJV) He was speaking about John the Baptist being the Elijah to come before the Messiah as prophesied. This is correct within the full context of the revelation of Jesus Christ and all the law and the prophets. John the Baptist was both figuratively and literally Elijah of the prophecy. This is not a paradox. It is fully reconcilable by the softhearted.

  • False paradoxes are a failure of the human mind to reconcile the reality of the nature of God's infinitude and divine logic.

One Path
  • Traditional ecumenism and syncretism are misdirecting from the narrow way. A divided house cannot stand. Religions that reject Jesus as Christ cannot unify with Christianity. Denominations that promote greed, violence, coercion, or condone sexual depravity cannot stand with the real Church of Jesus. What can, and will, happen is that others will conflate with the real Church by accepting the truth of the New Commandment in its fullest implications. This is the word real Christians spread.

Full Children of God
  • The concept of the triune God has also been twisted to preclude people from realizing that the spirit of oneness makes them full and real children of God, not merely adopted, but returned.

    • We also believe that those who put their closest genetic relatives first are in error. The family of spirit is the real family of God. The bloodline family and spiritline family may be one and the same. However, the spirit family is where one's heart needs to be.

  • Jesus is duality: God and man. We each have the choice of believing that we too are one with God. Jesus said his disciples are to be one with God and with Jesus. He said his brothers and sisters are those at one with him in spirit. He did not mean adopted siblings. If you will receive it that you are one with God, you are. If you will not receive it, you are not. We are spirit incarnate. This is not usurpation. We can do nothing alone. We can do nothing without God.

Who and Where God Is
  • Truth is God. Love is God. Peace is God. Anyone of these is all of these. Wherever there is real love and peace, there is God and justice and mercy and the rest of the good.

    • This has been denied to the people to keep the people down in a fallen condition and separated from God, who is the Holy Spirit. God the Father is spirit.

Where Right and Wrong Lie
  • If something is evil, it is selfish. All things truly good come of unselfishness. They lead to wholeness. We are to set priorities accordingly.

  • We balance individual and collective needs. What is best for each is best for all and vice versa. Love is each serving all.

  • Wrong and excessive appetites devour the soul. Greed, violence, and sexual depravity are all forms of lust unbridled.

    • The Earth and universe are the shared inheritance of us all if we will but believe it. Capitalism is selfish competition. Giving and sharing all freely is unselfish cooperation. It is the small-c communism of Jesus Christ. It is holding all things common and the real democracy. It is everyone being everyone's servant. Everyone is both first and last thereby.

    • Violence is evil. It must come though to separate out those who will be selfish till the end of time, but woe to those who cave into the temptation to wrath to bring violence, war, destruction, and desolation. There is no such thing as a just war of human being against human being. Jesus was, and is, a pacifist.

    • Sexual depravity is to be avoided. If it has been fallen into, it must be overcome.

  • We believe in what are called miracles of faith.

    • God answers the earnest.

    • Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, and did the other miracles recorded in the Gospels, not alone but by the Holy Spirit, our Father. He was resurrected and did ascend.

    • We believe that the only things preventing humanity from such healing are hypocrisy and doubt. The world is full of both, and they stymie the benefits of the Holy Spirit. Those who doubt are unworthy. They will not receive what the truly unselfish have coming to them.

  • Prophecy is unfolding. No hardhearted souls, dead in spirit, may read it correctly.

    • The Dark Day of the LORD will be the result of the selfishness of human beings.

Works and Faith
  • Even though the Day of the LORD will come, it is right that we aid the downtrodden, poor, and others. It is right that we love those who think of themselves as our enemies. This is to love our neighbor, anyone, anywhere, which is the solution to all that ails humanity and the planet and the whole of creation and existence.

  • We must work to bring forth. Faith and deeds go hand-in-hand. To pay only lip-service is to be dead of the spirit. We are to feed the lambs and sheep of God. We are to be good stewards and good shepherds. Those of faith must do the deeds. Those who refuse to do the deeds do not have the faith. There are those also who simply go through the motions of doing some deeds. They cannot bring forth the real abundance. It is not in their hearts.

  • We do not believe that the days of creation were twenty-four-hour days — days in the mundane sense. A day to God can be a thousand years or billions. God also stands outside of time, as time is commonly understood on this plane of existence.

  • We believe, however, that science is blind beyond a point where the spirit still sees.

    • We believe that God designed evolution; however, with God, transformation can also be instant. This is spirit over matter. Christianity is to prepare us.

    • We know that God will not be fully shown in an atmosphere of selfishness or doubt. Scientific experimentation stems from uncertainty. God is revealed to those whom have no doubt. The signs are given to them. They know that to test God is to be cut off. It is to be turned into that which is unenlightened by true righteousness that is ultimate unselfishness. Science has also largely become the instrument of greed and militarization. Hence, it renders misguided, and misguiding, results. The real science is completely unselfish. Love is the prime mover.

  • Human technology only appears necessary because of sin and doubt in the world. Once sin and doubt are gone out of the world, technology, as we know it, will be unnecessary.

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  1. Dawit Tesfazghi Gheb says:


    Blessed be the name of the L-rd our G-d Hashem and blessing unto you there out the riches and the greatness of our G-d the most high amen!

    Grace and peace be unto you all from the G-d and father of our lord Christ Jesus amen.

    Numbers 6:24-26,Hbr 6:10.

    My at most for His highst amen!

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Dawit wrote above:


    Blessed be the name of the L-rd our G-d Hashem and blessing unto you there out the riches and the greatness of our G-d the most high amen!

    Grace and peace be unto you all from the G-d and father of our lord Christ Jesus amen.

    Numbers 6:24-26,Hbr 6:10.

    My at most for His highst amen!

    Peace to you also, Dawit.

    The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

    The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

    The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

    Numbers 6:24-26

    For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.

    Hebrews 6:10

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