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After each individual post on our site, you'll find a comment section with a textbox for you to add your observations. We encourage you to do that. It makes the site interactive and stimulating for other visitors.

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Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Matthew 5:13

Be enthusiastic. Have flavor. Don't be dull. Isn't this a large part of what Jesus meant? Shine the light. Comment. Spread the word. Let us help one another to do the deeds.

When you are on other sites that offer commenting, mention us. Add a link to us. Encourage others to see for themselves and to also help.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16


If you blog, write posts about us. Be sure to link to our site.

Re-post our articles on your site. Add comments and links.

Contribute posts to our site. If you write valuable articles that are consistent with the Real Liberal Christian Church, we'd be glad to host them on our site. If you also post them elsewhere, that will be fine with us.

We are very keen to have a dedicated group of Real Liberal Christian bloggers fill our site with valuable information for visitors.

To blog on our site as a contributor, please read the following:



Hello Potential Registrant,

This contract is subject to change by the Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC) and without notice. Accepted registrations may be revoked and/or reinstated by the RLCC and at its sole discretion and also without notice.

By submitting your registration request and continuing your registration, you expressly and legally affirm that you have 1) either been expressly invited by the RLCC to become a contributor or 2) as an accepted and appreciated commentator of like mind with RLCC theological perspective and policies and practices, you have requested, and been accepted for, contributor status (allowed to post above the level of open comments to posts and pages).

You will register using your real name: First and Last (first name nicknames are acceptable provided they are how most people know you). You will use title case for your name (capitalize the first letter only in each part of your name). You will not use a penname or pseudonym on the RLCC website. You will not use an onion proxy server or other means to mask your identity or render you untraceable. We pick up our crosses and will not save our flesh lives to lose the life of our eternal souls. We will not avoid being martyred in the name of Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Spirit.

If another member has the same name, we will contact you.

Please note that post submissions may be subjected to moderation (pre-approval) before they will show up on the website to the general public. Please allow for the difference in time zones. Also, please be patient, since the site administrator cannot monitor and handle submissions 24 hours a day or even necessarily every single day of the week.

After developing a relationship with the RLCC, your site role (user privileges) may be elevated. Full membership in the RLCC entitles users full authorship status (no post pre-approval required but still subject to retroactive editing by the RLCC).

Commentator status is different from contributor status and up. Commentators post comments on posts and pages via the comment submission form. As of the date of this writing, commentators do not need to be registered to leave comments. They simply need to follow the comment rules for their comments to be approved. Contributors and those who take on greater responsibilities to serve the RLCC community may post actual posts on the weblog upon which posts commentators may leave comments.

Administrator - Access to all administration features

Editor - Publish and manage own posts as well as manage the posts of others

Author - Publish and manage own posts

Contributor - Write and manage own posts but not publish

Roles and Capabilities

By registering/applying to become a contributor or higher role (with higher user permissions, security clearance so to speak), you acknowledge that you have read the Christian Commons Project post and support (spiritually of course and financially where God gives you to do so) RLCC efforts to bring forth the said Commons. You will not disparage the effort. You are certainly free to discuss the particulars, but you agree that putting particulars of the plan into practice is a Church decision, meaning a membership, grassroots, consensus decision that must be based upon the fullest reading of the words, and about the deeds, of Jesus and his closest, immediate disciples with whom he lived in the flesh before ascending. Discussion is a necessary part of learning and arriving at such consensus.


We are to be Christlike. As such, contributors to the RLCC website are expected to promote the giving and sharing political-economic system (small-c communism - not militant Marxism) of the Christian Commons Project, peace, and sexual harmlessness at the least and sexual abstinence where one is given by God to do that. The RLCC is for those things and against their opposites: Greed, selfishness, violence (violent coercion), and sexual depravity. The issues of 1) giving and sharing all with all within the Church and giving alms to the poor and 2) non-violence and Christlike (non-coercive) civil disobedience are more clearly and easily understood by the general public where Christianity is concerned. The issue of sexual harm, however, in conjunction with those other positions is more muddled in the general mind of the public and amongst those calling themselves Christians. If one engages in behavior that one may readily avoid (choose not to do - is not prevented by the powers and the prevailing dark system not to do) and that one knows is harmful to other souls and which also therefore defiles the self, one is knowingly engaging in antichrist behavior.

Registration approval infers no final editorial rights. Registered users will endeavor to follow the Real Liberal Christian Church rules for commenting when posting on this website. Those rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Comments are Moderated:

Comment Policies (Some Protection against the Frivolous and Litigious: Last edited: Thursday, January 3, 2008, 01:34 PM Pacific Time):

Each comment must be approved before it appears. Please be patient.

Cite source(s) of copyrighted materials. (When in doubt, cite the source.)

Know your terms (definitions and connotations). Clarify your full context.

Do not incite violence.

Do your best to avoid committing libel.

"If the meaning conveyed cannot by its nature be proved false, it cannot support a libel claim." Concerning "public figures," do not publish (post commentary) "with either knowledge of falsity or in reckless disregard for the truth." [Tom Usher of this website, for example, is a public figure.] "Accusing a minister of unethical conduct" is libelous unless true. The burden of proof rests with the person leveling the charge.

If you are libeled on this website, ask for a retraction. Be specific.

The Church is not in a position to fact check all comments. It is not libel for any comments publish by others on this website which comments the Church does not know are libelous.

Religious expression is protected (albeit under indeterminable qualifications) under both freedom of speech and freedom of religious exercise. What constitutes false, damaging, malicious expression is fluid in secular interpretation. Freedom of religious exercise is not absolute under secular law. Branches of government shift the fulcrum for balancing supposed democratically derived rights. What is permissible one day often is retroactively and wrongfully punished the next.

Debate is welcomed on this site. Devolution into fruitless quarrelling is not.

The Church reserves the right to edit comments (spelling, punctuation, removing links, removing profanity, etc.), but is not responsible for statements of commentators.

Commentator comments are subject to the level of copyright protection set by the Church.

These rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the RLCC.

Thank you for contributing and for your patients and understanding.

The RLCC is not responsible for any illegal content you post. The RLCC does not fact check content by others. It does reserve the right to remove registered users and to delete, edit, amend, or the like, all content on the RLCC website and at its sole discretion. If something you post is objectionable, it may be taken down but saved pending discussion with you concerning the nature of the objection.

The views expressed by Authors, Contributors, Commentators, and the like, are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official consensus position of the Real Liberal Christian Church.

You will not upload any XXX, R, or even PG photos (nothing gratuitous please) to the RLCC website. Keep it clean for the sake of the children. We are not a marketplace for the promotion of lasciviousness. If your commentator avatar is offensive, you may be blocked from posting and any existing posts may be deleted.

If you upload a photo for your profile, it will be a reasonably normal photo of you. Some artistic license is acceptable, but make sure you remain recognizable so the majority of people who do not otherwise know you would recognize you from your photo without difficulty.


The Real Liberal Christian Church is a United States Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3) Nonprofit, Public Charity, Religious Organization (ministry), as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the principal purpose of which ministry is the advancement of religion, namely Christianity.

Donations are fully Tax Deductible on U.S. Federal Income Tax Returns.

Corporate donors may deduct all contributions to this 501(c)(3) up to an amount normally equal to 10% of taxable income.

{Note: We do not endorse or campaign for or oppose any candidate for secular public office. We do not prefer such candidates. We do not seek to influence secular legislation but rather to influence hearts and souls individually and corporately as the Church, wholly separate and distinct from the secular state. It is within this light alone that we study and openly discuss secular policies and practices, to advance Christian understanding of all issues (environmental, political, human-rights, economic, democratic, scientific, social-justice, and more).}

Office of the Washington Secretary of State: 1-800-332-4483

Where our open efforts to promote the Church happen to address secular issues, we do have the right under the secular law to encourage human policies and practices that lead in the direction of turning to becoming one with the Church. Such efforts are an inextricable part of the free exercise of our religion and the discussion of truth. This is always qualified by the immediate paragraph above.

We use the term "politics" in different contexts at different times depending upon the listener or reader. Jesus is political where politics is properly understood. There is no separation of Jesus from his people, and his people are a body politic. The people of Jesus are to be politically organized. Such is the state of the real Heaven that is to come to the Earth as the New Heaven to conflate with the Earth as the New Earth. This is when righteousness reigns and all greed, violence, and all other forms of depravity are removed from the heart of each truly living soul on Earth where there will be no other but true living souls conflated with the Holy Spirit in full. That is the prophecy and the promise for those who persevere to the end and rightly so. Righteousness is its own reward.

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For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this page.

Any of the above conditions may be waived if you obtain the permission of the RLCC.
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FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been expressly authorized by the copyright owner. The Real Liberal Christian Church has made such material available for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research all in our effort to advance understanding of religious issues (which necessarily cover environmental, political, human-rights, economic, democratic, scientific, and social-justice and other issues). Under §107 of the US Copyright Law, such use (with qualifications) constitutes legal use (termed "fair use") of such copyrighted material. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. §107, such copyrighted material on this site is distributed without profit {we are a 501(c)(3) religious organization; nonprofit} to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the information for research or educational purposes. For more information go to: Cornell University Law School, Legal Information Institute: US CODE: Title 17,107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use.

The Christian Commons Project®, RLC Church®, and RLCC® are registered trade names of the Real Liberal Christian Church® (full legal name). The Christian Commons ProjectTM SM is a trade/service mark of the Real Liberal Christian Church.


Until the RLCC can afford faster HTML-server service, please do not embed videos in posts. You may link to videos however.

Social Networking Submissions:

Once approved, please endeavor to submit your posts to the various social-networking sites. Also, please support the posts of others on the RLCC site by Digging, Stumbling, etc., their posts as well. Site administration is very time-consuming, and the Administrator has not had the time to submit his own posts.

Contributors will also be wise to cross network via the social-networking sites. This will help raise awareness, spread the word, and bring forth the deeds worthy of repentance, as John the Baptist says. Contributors can add information about their user names on other such sites and provide links to those as well.

Comment on the posts of each other. Answer visitor comments.

If you blog elsewhere, blog about the RLCC with links.

When your post is approved and posted on the website, the major search engines will be automatically notified. They will not be notified of subsequent edits to your post. When we generate a new sitemap and the search engines re-crawl our site, they will discover any edit changes.

Editing Conventions:

Please don't use ALL CAPS for post titles.

Please capitalize the first word in every sentence unless it is a quotation with an ellipse. Please capitalize proper nouns. British spellings will be accepted. Use your grammar and spell checker in your word processor for help. We all make such errors. Do not let anxiety over how others will judge and condemn you over grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the like, prevent you from contributing to the effort. Even the harshest critic makes such errors. I guarantee it. In addition, such things are a matter of art and not hard and fast laws. It is arbitrary, so do not fret or despair over it. We need to help each other and to help the cause to help yet others to help other still. That is the task. Spread the words and spread doing the deeds. We don't offer a spell checking plugin, because such checkers have not been keeping pace with WordPress version updates.

Foreign Languages:

Please be aware that not all users have Greek or Hebrew fonts installed. Get such fonts here.

Please also post Greek and Hebrew in English. Otherwise, this site is to be in English. We do have translation services available on our site. There are also a number of free alternatives available on line.

Please put the words of Jesus in red letters. We also usually italicize them. Here is some quick code to that end:

<span class="redletter">Jesus's words here</span>.

Saving Work and Revisions:

Auto saving and the WordPress revisions feature are disabled on the RLCC site. They slow editing to a crawl. Google Gears may change that in the future. We will keep an eye on such things and endeavor to update accordingly. Saving your work saves it as a draft. It saves all category selections and all tagging. Occasionally, there are server errors. If you are presented with a server error upon a save, try using your browsers back button and wait a bit (a minute at least) to see if your text fields, category selections, and tags submissions, etc, repopulate. Many capabilities depend upon your personal browser and computer settings such as caching and security settings. Remember, you will be working on a secure server. Most browsers are set by default not to cache secure pages (just like your online banking pages).


We do not give out email addresses to the general public. If you give out your email address to the public, that is your decision. As your role-responsibilities increase, you may be included within a circle of those who share your level of responsibilities who may then have access to your email address and may contact you via that address to discuss RLCC and other matters with you. You may also have access to posts and discussion areas within the website that remain invisible to those without roles or with fewer responsibilities.

Your choice of browser and browser plugins, etc., can be highly personalized. Please do not expect the RLCC to solve all your browser and browser plugin issues as pertains to editing and posting on the RLCC. Your WordPress-user choice concerning using the Visual Editor when writing is up to you. You might wish to try out each method to see what will be most comfortable. For more information, see Writing Posts toward the bottom of the page. We find HTML coding faster, but it does take more coding knowledge. One coding mistake can result in large formatting errors.

We have auto "curly quotes" disabled. We have not disabled all auto-formatting however. Line breaks in your word processor text that you simply copy and paste into the WordPress editor will be maintained. Line breaks with line spaces will also be maintained. You can experiment by saving and then viewing your editing changes before submitting for posting.

If you are not familiar with WordPress editing, you may find it helpful to visit the help.

Writing Posts

Getting Started with WordPress: Posting in WordPress
WordPress Codex Main Page.

Excerpts are handled automatically.

Incoming trackbacks and pingbacks have been disabled. Outgoing trackbacks are acceptable; however, do not trackback too any sites not specifically linked to in your post. When in doubt, leave out the trackbacks. Many sites that disagree with the RLCC position mark trackbacks as spam, which causes the RLCC problems with spam plugins in use on sites where the RLCC may comment. Use with care.

Please do not use Custom Fields without express prior permission.

Do not turn off comments for your posts.

Do not password-protect your posts without express prior permission.

This is a beginning. We will raise awareness and raise funds for the Land and Building Fund of the Christian Commons Project of the Real Liberal Christian Church. We will lay the funds at the feet of the Apostles who are we as a grassroots collective, consensual body of Christ on Earth in spirit dwelling alive within each of us. We will bring forth together by the Holy Spirit conflating us as the one of whom Jesus speaks and of whom Jesus is also one.

The more time you put into this effort, the sooner we will be in a position to bring forth.

The following are the words of Jesus:

And other fell on good ground, and did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, and some an hundred. Mark 4:8.

Which ground is each of us? Are we fertile? Where is the proof of our magnification of the light? Where is our collective enterprise bringing forth the feeding of the lambs and sheep (each other, the needy, all we are able whether friend or those who wrongfully call us foe)?

After receiving registration confirmation, return to the site, log in, and complete your user profile page.

Post a reasonable article for approval within 24 hours; otherwise, your registration may be deleted.

By proceeding with registration, you agree.

If the registration link is down, it's likely due to registration-spam attacks, in which case you'll have to have been a trusted commentator and use our contact form (down due to contact-spam and abuse) to request registration. It's a shame, but the Log in, registration, and contact systems (and more) can all be subjected to attacks from evil hackers and their bots. Therefore, begin by commenting via the Disqus commenting system on our site. Once you've shown a keen interest and we know who you really are, etc., we'll grant you privileges as merited.

God bless,

For the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project

Tom Usher

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