Education and training

What we learn, teach, and practice

Education and training (E&T) within the Church will fall into natural categories of the whole. For instance, the knowledge of farming is different from the knowledge of the message of Jesus. Nevertheless, proper farming is done in a way that is consistent with the message. It is part of that message. In other words, our farming will necessarily gravitate to the most unselfish methods. As with farming, all our E&T will be focused upon the single vision of which Jesus spoke and meant in his Sermon on the Mount.
Distributive education

What we will want is to enable our members to learn by doing many different things. There is a place for classroom instruction, but on-the-job training is excellent. They need to be mixed together. This is called distributive education and is part of our policy.


People need to stay at things long enough to become skilled; however, to benefit the community in general and to avoid personal stagnation and the development of class structures and the spirit of selfish, special interest, the Church will employ the advantages of what is called cross-training. Every skill, trade, craft, etc., helpful to the cause will be learned, taught, and practiced by as wide a cross-section of our membership as possible.

We won't go into organizational theory and design here, but suffice it to say that the whole community, the commune, and each member will benefit from an environment that is refreshing. People feel better when there is a balance between routine and change. It's stimulating. So long as the priorities remain unselfish, it is a good thing.

Program development

E&T programs will need to be developed. They will evolve over time as functions develop within the Church and communes. The range of programs will be as wide as the needs of the people.

E&T opportunities must be limitless and open to each person as he or she moves further into the Church. Each person will be free to excel in his or her studies and deeds, etc. None will be held back. It must be life long.

  • Youth Education

  • Our house churches, cell churches, and communes will have children. Children thrive in a structured, guided, yet flexible environment. We ought to bring forth that kind of environment. Children need to be facilitated to love learning everything about the whole movement. We will want to raise them up so they will understand that leaders are servants and, most importantly, why. Selfishness and all competitive greed and ego boosting at the expense of others or in ways that facilitate doing nothing to alleviate pain and suffering of the poor and downtrodden must be shown for all the inevitable failure it has brought, and will continue to bring, until overcome. To do this is why we were born.

    The tricks of those who usurp God must be carefully exposed. The compromises with error must be spiritually resisted. We must educate one another and support one another in this effort. No longer can greed and violence and depravity be held up as solutions to anything. They are not solutions. They are the problem. Those who hold to them are hypocrites at best. They must turn away from their errors. This is what we must say. This is what our youth must be told as often as necessary and in ways they will comprehend.

    Love, peace, and truth are all one thing. Hating greed, violence, and depravity is consistent with that love, peace, and truth. This is what we must spread.

    We can teach and learn without coercion. We can reach our children if we do it in the spirit of oneness. Children need to be protected, but they will love the truth if that is all they are being given from their elders. It is the coercive hypocrisy and selfishness on the part of the elders of the greater society that sends the children into confusion. We must combine to overcome this misdirection.

    There is no just war! Our children must shun violence as the answer. War sows the seeds of further war. This is plain to see for the people who will open their eyes and soften their hearts.

    These things and more are covered in some detail in the work, There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist.

    We must teach and learn what John the Baptist meant when he said, "Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance." — Luke 3:8. Jesus, of course, preached this same spirit in words and deeds beyond everything John was blessed to bring forth. We must teach and do Good Samaritanism.

    Our Real Liberal Christian Communes will become places of high learning. Over time, we will consider offering internships, summer camps for urban youth, daycare and day schooling for local communities, and boarding arrangements, all on a non-profit bases. The possibilities are limitless.

    For additional information, visit our Youth Ministry page.

  • Communes

  • As for the communes, E&T will cover everything about the theology and history of the Church and also about living the communal life. Whatever is necessary to learn for the success and unselfish improvement of the communes will be learned and taught and offered in training. It will grow right along with the movement.

    Farm training will mean hands on experience just as will communal life and growth. Many things on the farm communes will be trades and crafts work. It would be difficult to envision such a commune where anyone capable wouldn't work manually to one degree or another.

    Also, we will learn and teach not only how to organize our communes but how to start new (mission) communes.

  • Other Categories

  • The categories of this site serve as a mini outline of the areas of our E&T efforts. Of course, actual farming and Real Christian commune living and commune spreading will add a great deal to the depth and breadth of our published program.

  • Our Name

  • Just looking at the site categories though, we may see that our people ought to know about the origin of our name "Real Liberal Christian Church." The Church name will be the first thing that will raise questions in people's minds. After all, bloodline (versus spiritline) so-called conservative, Republican Christians have been dictating to people that Christianity stands for things other than it really does and much of the general public and media have bought into it.

  • The Plan

  • Of course, we will all need to be knowledgeable about The Plan. Our name and The Plan go hand-in-hand. When we proselytize, we will want to use the softhearted sell. Oh yes, "sell" and "buy" are in the lexicon of Jesus Christ.

    This brings to mind that we will learn and teach semantics Jesus used in his preaching and parables. It's critical to understanding everything we need to know. The following is a mini-lesson (example) in the semantics of the term "pitch." What does it signify? (We go into this type of thinking in detail in There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist.)

    Everything's a pitch. It's all pitching to you. Everyone is promoting at the very least some position to you, even if it is seemingly utter disarray or claiming indifference or positionlessness (such as neutral point of view).

    The Real Christian is called to promote, to help establish. Christians are selling movement to truth, to consistency. It is not high-pressure, with threats of bringing down coercive forces. That way lies the opposite of wholeness in God. No, it is not an assault or attack. It is the power to overcome by not violently resisting evil but rather overcoming the temptation to violent actions and reactions. It is entreaty to know reality. Let truth cull. Peace and love will bring themselves.

    This is no paradox. It is reconciliation. It is self-mortification, self-denial, unhidden shame, leading to unselfish atonement and on to true life. It is death of death. It is death of egomaniacal megalomania. It is the restoration of name and face, prideless, without arrogance, haughtiness, or conceit. It is redemption, deliverance, into a new, whole body, purified, perfected. The old hypocritical way is left behind. The new way is health, incorruptible, eternal — no misery, just mercy and joy in righteousness.

  • Covering news and events means we'll have to employ journalism and event planning and execution. We'll gain hands-on experience, but it will be good when those with experience in all the fields mentioned will join this cause, Jesus's cause.

  • Ways to Support the Real Church means learning all the different ways people can help.

  • Church Growth is about everything that will keep the Church from reaching a plateau before all the wickedness in the world has been displaced.

  • This is not contrary to the teaching of Jesus that there will be tribulation. Will we be worthy to escape damnation is the question. Will we find ourselves in with those who did iniquity or those who fed the lambs and sheep? Is this selfish? Not if the motivation is mercy and compassion rather than looking out for self. More importantly, it's about realizing that self is the whole Church, the people with God within.

  • Finance means handling, well, finances. "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much." — Luke 16:10. We must be good stewards over the funds entrusted to us to raise up farms to feed and house Real Christians who will in turn use the surplus not as profit for themselves to fatten themselves and store up for themselves but to bring forth more farms for more Christians and converts everywhere possible. While the funds are accumulating, they must be placed where they will least facilitate the greedy economic machine. They must be placed where they can only be used responsibly—-in furtherance of real Christianity. We will need highly knowledgeable people to aid in this effort. There will be no perfect place for such funds until they are sunk into the farms and help the people to help yet others help yet others still. We must do the best we can with what there is to work with. Surely there will be people of good hearts who will have excellent ideas.

  • Fundraising has been given a dirtier name by those who raise huge sums for their selfish causes. We must not shy away from building the common treasury though to convert it into land-our new Christian commons. Really, simply getting the word out that this movement exists and fully explaining the good news of it will open doors and hearts. Nevertheless, there will be things we will want to teach each other about how to raise funds. The most important thing will be ethics of course. What is raised for the Church, in the Church's name, must go to the Church and must be used in furtherance of The Plan. Yes, some funds will be used to pay for a roof over our heads and food and clothes and the basic necessities of life, but the goal is functioning, self-sustaining, real-bounty-bringing communes filled with Real Christians.

  • General Administration sounds boring to many. In reality, it is the hub of everything. It's the level on which the greatest influence may be had. Important in our training is the fact that in the Real Church decisions are a process that will flow back and forth through the hub for the benefit of all the members and communes. If you read the work, There Is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist, you will find that the Real Church must be a real democracy. We won't go into detail here. We just point you to the applicable portions of the work.

  • Human Resources means employing non-members where necessary and organizing certain aspects of the membership living and working on the communes and in offices as well. Until they are in communes, the people who work for the Church for wages or salaries will be under the mundane laws. Therefore, we will need people educated and trained in processing and recordkeeping in ways that will satisfy the mundane authorities.

  • Information Technology is at the same time a curse and a means. The entire technological system has been built in selfishness. It truly is the dark side in that sense. However, Jesus left heaven to come to the fallen state of the world to call the lost. This doesn't justify the fallen world or the inherent evil of selfish technology. It does say though that if one won't go where the sinners are, none of them will hear. It's a matter of keeping the priorities straight-no easy matter without having the single vision. Computers can suck people in. They can also place the message in front of billions. They can facilitate the displacement of evil as well.

  • We really won't be pushing computer E&T in any way that won't help the Church. Each adult must practice self-censorship in terms of where on the Internet we should or shouldn't go. However, the young really are not better off with an uncensored Internet. The satanic spirit is the spirit of temptation away from righteousness. Many children are swept up in confusion before they've even heard of resisting temptation. Even raising the subject heightens curiosity. Without vigilance and a controlled and protected environment, the next thing you know, the children are lured away. Given the proper environment and training, however, the children can at least be prepared to resist and get some years under their belts before facing the worst dangers of the world. Honesty is best, but things must be prefaced and qualified and the pitfalls must be pointed out and those who have fallen into them must also be pointed out as bad examples not to follow after.

    We've elaborated here a bit, because computers, the Internet, and other technologies are entering life at a frenetic rate. It is very dangerous and facilitating both the coming tribulation and preparation for the recovery thereafter. It's a duality.

    Our science and technology must be restrained in unselfishness.

    There are software programs that will help us in organizing and running things. We will utilize them, but we'll want to run our computers from independent sustainable energy sources.

    It will be helpful when someone develops a green computer, meaning a computer manufactured without being harmful to the environment and that is otherwise environmentally friendly.

  • Membership is the Church. The Church is its people. Membership education will entail teaching people how to become, and be, members and how to bring others into membership. We will tell people who inquire what it means to be a member and how all members are ordained. We will teach our people to be missionaries, to proselytize, to convert many to this cause of Christ.

  • Ministers

  • The E&T of Ministers will be about bringing someone to the point where the body of the Church holds that one to be a servant-leader (no contradiction). This is where the real democracy comes in. The members will choose whom to follow. They will naturally choose those with the gift to lead and with an earnest, serving heart and with the single vision.

  • Statement of Faith

  • Our Statement of Faith will evolve over time. We haven't boiled it down. It's there mostly because so many people look for one.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, start spreading the news. Don't wait for us. Be a self-starter so to speak. Be moved by the Holy Spirit within. Support the Church.

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