Human resources

The Church Is the People

God-manifest is the people of God, even while God does not confine God to this manifestation. This is a huge point of contention in the world.
Spirit of Employment

The implication for having to choose only to do the right, loving, peaceful, truthful, unselfish things is a point of departure for many. Rejecting the real God is the acceptance of license to do iniquity.

The twisting of what constitutes arrogance and usurpation is another point of departure for many. Denying that God dwells within, denying the full power of the spirit of oneness with divine righteousness is another loophole to allow for the license to do iniquity.

When the real liberal Christian says that the spirit of God dwells within, we mean choosing always only to do the right, loving, peaceful, truthful, unselfish things. The more we do this, the greater the light. When we do it perfectly, the light will be total.

This is not usurpation when it is the spirit of service as being the last in the sense Jesus meant.

We raise these points here, concerning Human Resources, because humans of God are God's instruments on earth. They are the instruments of God's light.

To be the light means to do unto others consistent with what Jesus did unto his disciples. Jesus taught his disciples to do unto everyone this way. At the same time, Jesus made the distinction between those who would be saved and those who wouldn't. He did this without judging or condemning any. He brought no offense into the world, only light.

What this means in terms of the common understanding of Human Resources in the Church is as follows:

Filling Early Positions

The Church will endeavor to fill early positions with Church members first. Church members will be those who understand that service is first. They will understand and work best toward creating the new wineskin that will displace the old way of selfishness. As the Church grows, the Church will become better and better able to reach out to bring in more and more souls who are in need of salvation (as are we all) and who will join in earnest if they are given to receive the real word.

Documenting Policies and Procedures

The Church's Human Resources policies and procedures will be documented as the need arises. Such policies and procedures will be consistent with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and Canons of the Church that too must be consistent with that message.

Employee Handbook

The Church will have an Employee Handbook of sorts as part of the documented policies and procedures.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions will be developed on an as-needed basis.

Expectations of Privacy

One of the points will concern expectations of privacy. No employee or member of the Church should have any expectations of privacy that are inconsistent with the message of Jesus. Jesus did instruct his followers to do things in secret (private) to preclude exercising the ego vis-à-vis other people's misleading and tempting reaction toward one. We cannot violate this instruction.

At the same time, we must not forget that nothing is kept secret from God. We must also remember that the Church will be using progressive rebuking per the instructions of Jesus: Things must be established before anyone may be rightfully considered as a heathen or publican (tax collector backed by the coercive power of the worldly state).

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