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Most people over a certain age have an income. The youngest ones don't have many nondiscretionary expenses if any. Nearly all the rest of the population has at least basic-living expenses. This is obvious. What isn't so obvious (without giving it adequate consideration) is the system.

We know that in nearly all the world the system is capitalism. In the US, and in most other places now, the vast majority of people are taught that capitalism is the best system possible. At the same time, we are told not to be selfish. These two teachings are irreconcilable.

The system is basically hypocritical. It rips sympathetic, empathetic, compassionate, altruistic people (souls) in half and into more and more pieces if they are excessively sensitive or not able to control their tempers. It promotes hedonistic, self-centered, and mean-spirited people even while it teaches against these traits.

Most people are disturbed, and rightly so, by world, national and more local events, especially wars and other major catastrophes. However, people are swept up in the system of selfishness and also don't want to feel pain or to suffer, which includes dwelling on the pain, suffering, and oppression that other souls are being put through on account of the system.

By avoiding these feelings and thoughts, they also avoid the solution: The new commandment. Avoidance causes most people to make the best of things within the current system. That leads to stagnation. There may be a sense of pleasure, but the changes necessary to implement the ultimate solutions are ignored along with the pain and suffering that rightly needs to be solved.

Now, by giving to the Real Liberal Christian cause, you will be helping to bring forth the needed change.

Even if, especially at first, it doesn't seem to be making any difference, don't be fooled. Look at the changes taking place now in the US concerning George W. Bush. The US was much more rabid neoconservative in 2003 than in 2006. In just three years, due to soul-searching and open communications and, yes, prayers, exposure of the hardheartedness, selfishness, and corruption of the neocons and so-called laissez-faire capitalists (who ironically refuse to stop interfering in giving and sharing societies) has continually increased. A few core people refused to be silent and swelled their ranks through courage and a higher degree of truth-telling. This demonstrates that from the grassroots, changes are brought; however, it has historically remained within a fatally flawed, divided system.

Our point here is that you have a choice of what you financially support. There are countless entities literally competing for support.

This may appear to be an ironic position for the RLCC, since we are calling for cooperation rather than competition. Nevertheless, the anti-cooperative forces or those who facilitate the capitalist system do compete for your soul. The Church must voice its plan, the light, to obtain support. There is no other way. It isn't hypocritical or paradoxical. Calling for cooperation and offering the means by which to cooperate in bringing forth the real heaven is not motivated by selfishness and the spirit of egotistical competition.

Therefore, we ask that you open and soften your heart and support that which will spread the new language, the language of the revelation of Jesus, which is the saving language. Your sustained giving and enthusiasm is what will bring forth even if the world turns bleaker and bleaker during the death throws of the system. The system will thrash about and wreak havoc, but you will have planted righteous seeds and been the good soil. That's the very thing that causes the death of the beastly system.

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