There are many who call themselves conservatives and Libertarians who fancy themselves super-patriots, flag-waving Americans. They condemn Christ.

Many of the non-Libertarians of them have been yelling at the peacemakers calling them "traitors." Traitors to what, we say.

We never agreed to the motto, "My country right or wrong." That motto means to those who subscribe to it that they will fight, maim, kill, torture, falsely imprison, and do all manner of other iniquities if asked to do so by the rich, powerful, controlling, and selfish interests heading up their country. We never agreed to fight, maim, kill, torture, imprison anyone, or do any other iniquitous act requested by those selfish interests. When we were children, we were required (not asked) to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

That pledge was originally written and pressed by socialists who were making money selling flags to public schools and other institutions. The words "under God" were a later addition. Children cannot be held responsible for what adults force or trick them to say and do.

Now, the word "traitor" is the loaded word here. That is, because as used by the so-called rightwing super patriots, the idea is that those they so label are fit for capital punishment. This is a legal issue. Everything is in the end. That's why scripture was referred to as the law. The commandments were and are the law.

The US Constitution is held out by many as the scripture of the US, the commandments of the US. There are many who believe that they can hold to the commandment of Christianity and those commandments of the US. This is where the Pledge of Allegiance is exposed as hypocritical hypnosis.

Christianity rightly holds that a house divided will not stand. A house divided never has and never will. Christianity rightly divides right from wrong. The US Constitution was put forth by the "founders." The New Commandment was not.

The New Commandment taken to its logical conclusion, its divine conclusion, does not allow what those founders wanted for themselves, what they took and gave themselves. The New Commandment does not allow a leader who is not last (the humble minister of all). The founders were not humble ministers at all. They were egotistical.

They conspired together to gain for self while designing law to deny others. They denied the King of England. At the same time, they denied the poor. They only wanted to get themselves into the elite position of the King. They moved the power of the King down to the power of the aristocracy of which they made themselves. They gave only enough rights to the common people to assure their allegiance to them (the aristocratic overlords).

Christians say Jesus is lord. What does that mean, since Jesus is the last? How can one's lord be one's servant? How can one's lord be last? How can one have such a lord and also pledge faithfulness to a system that runs diametrically opposed to that lord? This is where the house is divided. This is where the Pledge of Allegiance is exposed as hypocritical hypnosis.

The Pledge of Allegiance is designed to cause the common people not to question, to even fear questioning, to fear thinking. It is designed by antichrists. That's should be clear and plain to see for any honest observer.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag." That's idolatry of course. It is made an object of worship. It is a false god. It is the object of love and devotion elevated by the profane to a level of sacredness. Neither is it a symbol of God. That can't even be used as a mitigating factor in discerning the degree of misdirection away from God that is this pledge.

Now the notion of "Republic" is only as good as it is in practice. When have the people ever been given the freedom to elect their real choice as leader? The posterity of those founders has used the system designed by those founders to assure that the position of the aristocracy has remained, at best.

We say at best, because even the semblance of republican government (representational democracy headed by a non-sovereign) has been ended during the Bush-Cheney administration. George W. Bush has practice the "unitary executive" and declared fulltime, permanent, and absolute power under the guise of war powers for the sake of national security. His people and he have fabricated a constant state of nation emergency in the minds of many. However, this is being seen through, obviously, by many, which is part of the saving grace for Americans.

All the evil false-hearted so-called laws passed by the antichrists are hereby rejected and declared null and void. We don't recognize for instance the Military Commissions Act. It is even unconstitutional in the mundane sense of the law.

We herewith de-legitimize George W. Bush. He is not the legitimate leader of the people. He never was, and he never will be. The power that installed Bush was and is not God. The god of this world is Satan while too many of the people are fooled for it to be otherwise. That will change. It is foreordained. It is in the divine law that cannot be altered by any man.

" Nation under God, indivisible" is all redundant language on the real spiritual level. However, we see the fault lines in the foundation of the house.

"...with liberty and justice for all" are hollow words without Christ. Adherence to the New Commandment is the closest to real "liberty and justice for all" that humanity may come. It is the lightest yoke possible while being eternally sustainable.

So, when fascists yell "traitor," they condemn themselves. They prove their disbelief. They prove their hate for God and Jesus.

The New Commandment says that one cannot pledge allegiance to the system that is the most against freely giving and sharing all and to feeding all the lambs and sheep. Capitalism and private property cannot be coerced away by Christians, but they can be that from which Christians call others away.

Don't be hypocritical. Those who refused to pledge allegiance to the Nazi system were and are held out in the US as heroes. Within Germany at the time, they were called traitors. However, they never agreed to Hitlerism. We never agreed to a sort of Bushism.

The US is first and foremost about capitalism (mammon). It is about private, selfish gain. That's not Christian. That which is not Christian is of the other. The other is the prince of the dark side.

We do not pledge allegiance to George W. Bush. He is not our commander and chief. He was not chosen by the common people, fully informed or free. He even lost the mundane election. The aristocrats twisted the law and cheated the people. George W. Bush was never the legitimate president of even the mundane, worldly Empire. The majority on the US Supreme Court deliberately avoided reading the law.

When we pledge our allegiance to God, we pledge that we will do our best. We don't pledge to be instantly perfect as God. We pledge to head in that direction and to get up and continue when we stumble and are tripped up by the evil spirit that turns human beings against us and uses spiritual means in an attempt to thwart our progress toward God.

Understand here that the evil spirit does intercede constantly on the spiritual level that manifests in the tangible here and now. The evil spirit doesn't want any righteousness to gain momentum. It doesn't want anyone heading toward righteousness to experience joy at doing the good deeds. However, when real Christian brothers and sisters are conflated, then that evil spirit itself is overcome.

This doesn't mean that persecutions won't come and that thwarting attempts will cease. Perseverance and patience are required as we atone. Don't let the evil spirit stop the atoning deeds. We will be judged by our deeds as Jesus's words expressly state.

As we've written elsewhere:

I was born in the US, but it doesn't own me. I am not its slave. I don't owe my allegiance to the US just because I was born within its Empire. I say, "No," just as Jesus said, "No."

Jesus did not say render unto caesar what is not caesar's. Jesus was not mundanely loyal to the Roman Empire. He was not mundanely loyal to the Pharisees either. We are not mundanely loyal to the American Empire. We are not mundanely loyal to the so-called Christian Dominionists or Reconstructionists either.

America is a kind of Roman-Empire nation. The Romans were primarily Italians (Latin), but many who were not the genetic offspring of the founders of Rome became citizens of the Roman Empire. Paul was a Jew who was an official citizen of Rome for example. The US is much the same. The descendants of the original Anglo-Saxon founders of the US are fast becoming a minority in the US. People of many nations (genetic families other then Anglo-Saxon) are US citizens. Nevertheless, America will be judged as a nation-state according to its deeds.

Its deeds are being exposed as never before. They are being put into stark relief so that none may claim with any justification that he or she didn't know what it was he or she was being asked to choose between. Each is being asked to choose between Jesus and God versus the false-hearted spirit of the founders of the US.

Choose. You have no choice but to choose God or fall further. The fact that you may openly choose God is such a gift from God. God is offering real freedom here. Choose God and not the dark prince of the worldly, false Empire. Choose the real kingdom within.

Help to bring forth. Let us do the deeds together. Help the Real Liberal Christian Church grow the material and real spiritual food on the Christian commons to feed the lambs and sheep. Help break and eliminate the cycle of greed, violence, and depravity.

Tom Usher

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