I read an article earlier this week and then another today that address the same issue that is Jews and Communism {the Marxists (read false) variety}.

One is by Michael A. Hoffman, who terms himself a revisionist in referring to the holocaust of WWII in which a reported/estimated 11 million people died in German concentration/extermination camps. These were Gypsies, Communists, Slavs, the disabled, homosexuals, and dissenters. Notably, a reported/estimated 6 million of the 11 million were people classified under Nazi law as Jews. Michael is termed a holocaust denier by some and an anti-Semite by a number. I don't believe he denies there were concentration camps in which people were exterminated. I believe he wants to know how the 11 and 6 million figures were derived.

The "medical journal The Lancet, estimated that over 600,000 Iraqis had been killed as a result of the invasion as of July 2006." That study has been criticized to some degree by the neocons. So, if that study is subjected to criticism, why can't the figures concerning the German concentration camps of WWII be subjected to academic evaluation? Are there anti-Semites who dispute the figures? Yes. Is everyone who is open to evaluating the figures an anti-Semite? Well, is everyone who evaluates The Lancet study concerning Iraqi deaths a neocon? People ask about how numbers (estimates) have been derived. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. There is though something inherently wrong with denying such questions.

Michael can speak for himself on this however. His article is, "The Prop-Masters: Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christian Russia transform themselves into 'survivors' of "the Holocaust."

The other author is Stanislaw Krajewski. His article is, "Jews, Communists and Jewish Communists, in Poland, Europe and Beyond." It states, "Stanislaw Krajewski is a professor in the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw, the Jewish co-chair of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews (continuously since its inception after the changes of 1989), and the Polish consultant to the American Jewish Committee."

It is thought provoking to read these two articles back-to-back. Both have merit. They are not arguing against each other's positions. Hoffman is making the case that Germans and Europeans are being held to a higher standard than are the Jews. Stan or Stanislaw (I don't know which he prefers) is pointing out that it is improper to lump all Jews together whether by DNA or culture or religion when looking at the atrocities of the Communist Party(s), the Bolsheviks. Each has valid points.

Stanislaw points out that Communism has greater similarities with Christianity than with Judaism. I can see how he would come to that conclusion based upon a very limited knowledge of Christianity that is presented to the world in general. Of course, the Communist Party is actually further from the teachings of Jesus than from the teachings of Moses. The Communist Party was highly coercive. Jesus was not. Moses was though.

Here's a paragraph from Stanislaw's article:

To understand the phenomenon of communism we must see it as a quasi-religious movement. Abraham Kaplan noticed that the Communist Party became "in effect, a priesthood."[33] One can be even more specific. According to Kaplan, "the communist myth of human history begins with the Eden of what they call primitive communism; man is then cursed with class differences and the class struggle, moves through the trials of a feudal and bourgeois period, enters the purgatory of Socialism, and is redeemed at last in the heaven of communism. Production takes the place of Providence, ownership is sin, revolution is redemption."[34] What is apparent in this elegant parallel is not so much similarity with Judaism but rather a structural affinity to Christianity. The result of the analysis is completely different from the intent of those who maintain that the nature of communism is Jewish. There is no objective reason to stress its Jewish elements rather than the Christian ones. This reminds me of an elderly Jew from the Warsaw synagogue who said he was communist in the sense Jesus was a communist!

Actually, it's also Judaism for those who interpret scripture as Jesus did. Eden is in the Old Testament. There is a Messiah. There are ages. There is sin. There is salvation. That's what the Messiah brings the descendants of Israel and humanity in the end. Real Christians believe Jesus fits that. Non-Christians calling themselves Jews, don't. They're still waiting for the first. Christians are waiting for the return.

Anyway, Jesus is a communist.

Tom Usher

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