Glenn Beck, of Fox News, is against the following:

  • $1.2 billion to provide summer jobs for those under 24
  • Converting federal auto fleets to hybrids
  • $89 billion for Medicaid
  • $30 billion for COBRA extensions
  • $36 billion for expanded unemployment
  • $20 billion for more food stamps
  • $1.7 million for the national park system [jobs?]
  • $150 million for producers of livestock, farm-raised fish and honeybees [Honeybee colony collapse?]
  • $2 billion for renewable energy research
  • $6.2 billion for weatherization assistance
  • $3.5 billion for energy efficiency and conservation block grants
  • $3.4 billion for the state energy program
  • $200 million for state and local electric transport projects
  • $300 million for the energy-efficient appliance rebate program
  • $400 million for hybrid cars for state and local governments
  • $1 billion for the manufacturing of advanced batteries
  • $1.5 billion for green technology, loan guarantees
  • $8 billion for innovative loan guarantee program
  • $2.4 billion for carbon capture demonstration projects
  • $4.5 billion for the electricity grid

(Source: "Stimulus," by Paul Bartoswicz. A Journey in Life: Reflections Of A Common Man. February 8, 2009.)

Glenn Beck's list is much longer than that.

He did cite many things that are actually extremely dubious at best — things I would think that even the most mundane thinker would have vetoed for not being focused enough on creating good jobs as soon as possible while taking care of the Creation (God's gift to the whole of humanity that has collective responsibilities concerning the other creatures and life forms as well).

However, some of the areas above are simply about showing mercy. Where's Glenn Beck's heart? Where's his sense of mercy?

Unemployment and food stamps — what does he want to do, starve people? How soon would he put out his hand were he unemployed with no prospects?

He has his job solely because he sucks up to the plutocrats, such as Rupert Murdoch, who controls Fox News, and to other media moguls.

Look, many state and local governments are tapped out. Local charities are running out of food and in many instances, are actually turning hungry people away.

As for energy conservation and anti-pollution measures, what's his problem? Is he living under a rock? What's wrong with conservation and clean, alternative energy? Anyone with his exposure who is against those things is insane and frankly diabolically minded.

I'm not for coercion. I'm not for taxes. I'm not for the system of money at all. However, short of getting rid of the whole evil system, which I want to do, the people do need to eat in the interim. It is simply reprehensible of Glenn Beck to rail against food stamps, per se, and extending unemployment benefits. People have children. They had jobs that are evaporating. What does Glenn Beck want, Scrooge for President? Who is Beck, the incarnation of an evil character right out of a Charles Dickens novel? The hard-heartedness right on national TV is astoundingly evil. What is wrong with Rupert Murdoch that he supplies Beck with such a megaphone?

These people are antichrist through-and-through. They are as wise as serpents and even deadlier. What happened to Christians being harmless as doves? Rupert Murdoch actually professes Christianity. What hypocrisy! Woe hypocrites?

This is why I've devised the Christian Commons Project. We just can't depend upon coercive democracy to take care. We can't bring forth with people such as Glenn Beck retarding the movement of the Holy Spirit. The system of the United States is irreconcilable. It won't work. It hasn't. It's doomed to failure, because of the unrepentant and misguided and misleading, such as Beck and Murdoch, etc.

It is interesting timing. The last two days, my landlord and two of his workers have been going apartment to apartment replacing the old toilets with high-energy efficiency toilets that will use vastly less water per flush. Here I was thinking how that's the right move when I ran into Beck's list.

Now, I haven't asked, but if the landlord (who I happen to know cares deeply about providing affordable housing for the hardworking poor and others, who are just downtrodden) gets a tax credit, then the people through their elected representatives have said they want to reward water conservation. If he isn't getting a tax credit (unlikely), he's still going to be amortizing his investment via lowering the water bill that he pays. Anyway, he's saving water that even though we live in the somewhat rainy Seattle, Washington area in the U.S., is still a major issue. He's looking out into the future and sees reduced snow packs and even with more rainfall, still no rainwater-capture-infrastructure programs big enough in the works. That for instance is where the stimulus should head for one thing if ending global warming isn't going to be high enough on the list.

If Glenn Beck gets his way, the climate will become impossibly unstable. That's not the prophecy though. Glenn Beck loses. He's already lost, in fact. It's only a matter of time.


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    • Jay Olsen

      dont be so hard on mr. beck, more money for food stamps? most recipiants of food stamps barter them for alcohol or drugs. give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he has a skill that will feed him for a lifetime.

      • Hello Jay,

        Firstly, you don't have any evidence that "most [emphasis added] recipiants [sic] of food stamps barter them for alcohol or drugs."

        Secondly, even if that were true, which it is not, you ignore the plight of people who are caught right now without enough to eat through zero fault of their own and many of whom have children, some very young, who feel hunger pangs much more severely than do adults. Where's your compassion? Where's the mercy Jesus rightly instructs?

        Thirdly, if Glenn Beck and his ilk get their way, all the fish will be too polluted to eat. That includes your fish and the fish you may want to feed to your children if you have any.

        Fourthly, there is no skill anyone may learn that will save him or her from complete ruination at the hands of human oppressors (that humans are oppressors is biblical you realize) other than the skill to overcome the fallen fleshly state. That means overcoming the selfishness. Will you do it? Do you have the right stuff?

        There's much more that I could say, but unless you can comprehend what I've already written here, what's the point. Those who do comprehend will love it and will follow up in the right way.

        Bless All,


    • Robert Crowny

      Sites like this are why people think Christians are outrageously stupid. I say this as a Christian. Glenn Beck as the Anti-Christ? Come on... Get a life. I mean I personally don't like the guy at all, but thats retarded. Just because the guy is against a bunch of government spending does not mean he is evil.

      • Do I say "Hello Robert" to one who comes to tear down rather than to enlighten or become enlightened?

        Sites like this are why people think Christians are outrageously stupid.

        I love it when people who are completely ignorant about Jesus's message come here and leave comments as "Christians." I'm not being sarcastic. It gives me an opportunity deliberately provided by the Holy Spirit to further flesh out what real Christianity is as opposed to the distorted versions, one of which is yours.

        You call me "outrageously stupid." Let's see what you've said and discern whether or not your comment signifies in Heaven — the only place that really matters.

        "...people," which ones, Robert? Are you able to show anyone a site where everyone who claims to be a Christian uniformly believes that that site is brilliant? Your logic is broken. Are you brighter? Are you brilliant or stupid or somewhere in between?

        In addition, who cares whether or not the blind following the blind into the ditch think this site is outrageously stupid or that Christians are outrageously stupid? I don't, and neither do God and Jesus. So what's it to me if you think this site is stupid? The answer is nothing. That doesn't mean I don't want you to turn to real Christianity. If you do, you'll be a real brother rather than heading in a wrong direction and misleading others while you're at it.

        I say this as a Christian.

        You say it as one who pays lip service to being Christian. Your words show that you are not a Christian by definition.

        Glenn Beck as the Anti-Christ? Come on…

        Before you make so bold as to leave a comment such as you have, it would behoove you to ponder every word. Think before you speak. Where did I write that Beck is "the Anti-Christ"?

        Furthermore, do you know what it means to be anti-Christ? Have you considered the term?

        "He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad." (Matthew 12:30 KJVR)

        You don't like Glenn Beck at all, yet you don't hold that he is against Christ while you hold that you are with Christ. Do you become embarrassed? Does your conscience bother you?

        Get a life.

        Robert, you are not more intelligent. You are not working on matters as important. You are dead of the Holy Spirit.

        I mean I personally don't like the guy at all, but thats retarded.

        That's "that's" with an apostrophe, not that I don't make plenty of such mistakes myself; but if you are going to call someone else's revelation "retarded," you should pay more attention to both the details and the big picture — neither of which you yet grasp in the slightest where the Gospel is concerned.

        Just because the guy is against a bunch of government spending does not mean he is evil.

        Tell us something we don't already know. I didn't allege what you've assigned to me. You are reckless. Ask God. Such carelessness is why the world requires saving in the first place.

        "Just" as you've used it suggests that that's all there is to Beck. What you avoid is making the full-context connections. Beck is opposed to the Christian Commons. So are you against it. You're against the New Heaven and New Earth. If it were otherwise, you would have loved this site. You don't hear Jesus's voice. You don't follow Jesus. You don't believe in Jesus because you don't know what or who Jesus is.

        I'm not trying to be hard on you. I'm telling you the truth.

        If you plan on replying, be sure to read the comment rules and abide if you want to see your reply posted on this site for the readers and the general public to see. Elevate too. Comments that ignore the points and direct questions will be cutoff. That's Biblical. That's New Testament.

        Peace, Robert


    • Robert Crowny

      First of all, you can be hard on me all you want, thats fine. I'll be hard right back. I'm confident in my faith, and you can argue with me, but please try to do so intellectually. Do not accuse me of lack of faith, you do not know me.

      A. You can't tell me that I am not a Christian, I have been saved by Jesus.

      B. Your comments are outrageously stupid... I am not saying that YOU are stupid, but that your comments are seriously misguided. Glenn Beck is in no way, shape, or form (at least that you have knowledge of) against Christ, or not for him for that matter. Because Glenn Beck doesn't want his hard earned money to go be used on crap spending by the government, which clearly hasn't done anything for the economy in the past, does not mean he is anti-Christ or not merciful.

      C. Your site is mixing religion with politics, that is ignorant in itself.

      D. Are you really going to act like a fourth grader and comment on my grammar? I mean come on... It's not like I am writing a scholarly paper here, I could care less about typos and such.

      E. "However, some of the areas above are simply about showing mercy. Where's Glenn Beck's heart? Where's his sense of mercy?" You did allege that Beck was merciless because he didn't want the spending listed above. You also called him antichrist "These people are antichrist through-and-through"

      F. "So are you against it. You're against the New Heaven and New Earth." Talk about alleging something I definitely did not say?

      G. I definitely do not have to love this site to love God. I definitely do not think that someone as arrogant as you embodies God's love.

    • Robert Crowny

      Oh and one more thing...."In addition, who cares whether or not the blind following the blind into the ditch think this site is outrageously stupid or that Christians are outrageously stupid? I don't, and neither do God and Jesus."

      I thought the goal of Christianity was to spread the good news? Who is going to listen to stupid people? I think you are more than wrong on this one.

      • Robert,

        You are just another of the same ilk that comes through every so often and falls flat on his face. None of you supports his position with the words of Jesus.

        You think I was hard on you? Wait until Satan is hard on you. You'll remember when you had the opportunity to change to soft-heartedness, which real (consistent) soft-heartedness Glenn Beck never preaches and does (works to bring forth).

        In your book, people aren't what they do. My fruit is "outrageously stupid" according to you; but also according to you, you aren't saying the tree that has yielded that fruit is necessarily stupid. Did a stupid limb that was grafted on make the "outrageously stupid" comments against the root of my being? That's not the case. I made no "outrageously stupid" comments in the first place, regardless of your shallow view.

        Here you are spewing corrupt politics concerning religion while saying how I'm ignorant mixing politics and religion. Do you know the term "hypocrite?" Look in the mirror. Do you ever turn your words on yourself? You certainly should.

        Have you studied religion and politics? What is politics that it doesn't mix with religion? You are twisted in your talked. Heaven is a political entity. It's a state. It's government. Now go tell your friends where you learned it.

        Look, Glenn Beck and you are capitalists. Jesus is not. Do you understand that, or is it too far over your head? I don't write that with a sarcastic tone in mind.

        Now you say that pointing out your hypocrisy on my part is my acting as a "fourth grader." You came here throwing stones calling my post outrageously stupid and retarded while you have a beam in your eye. My telling you that is as a fourth grader. It's as the one who approaches God as a little child. You don't like it. That's your problem. It's not mine. There are plenty of fourth graders who know much more about Jesus than do you.

        You make appeals to intellectualism while you make repeated errors in logic, theology, politics, writing, and more.

        Why are you repeating what I've written as if doing so proves some point you want others to imagine is valid? Glenn Beck does not preach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. He does not say that government spending is the wrong way and then offer the right way. That's antichrist. That's my point. It's correct. There's nothing you can do to change that fact. Glenn Beck might be able to change. We shall see.

        Do you ever ask Jesus for answers other than the ones you want to hear?

        F. "So are you against it. You're against the New Heaven and New Earth." Talk about alleging something I definitely did not say?

        I'm not alleging that you said it verbatim. I'm saying that based upon your position, I rightly conclude that you are against the New Heaven and New Earth.

        In what way am I arrogant that you are not? I'm arrogant in your book because I tell the truth. Jesus was arrogant by your standard.

        I definitely do not have to love this site to love God.

        Yes you do. If you hate what I've written on this site, you hate God. If you hate the Christian Commons, you hate Heaven. Jesus loves the Commons. Ask him. Maybe you'll hear him for once.

        Oh and one more thing…."In addition, who cares whether or not the blind following the blind into the ditch think this site is outrageously stupid or that Christians are outrageously stupid? I don't, and neither do God and Jesus."
        I thought the goal of Christianity was to spread the good news? Who is going to listen to stupid people? I think you are more than wrong on this one.

        Whom are you calling stupid? The blind leading and following into the ditch are the stupid ones in Jesus's book. Don't you see that? Are you blind to it?

        Glenn Beck is not following Christ and neither are you. Anyone who thinks Glenn Beck is a follower of Jesus doesn't know about which he or she is talking. If you don't like that, change. If you don't like it and think you're right even after reading my replies and other posts and comments on this site, go your way. I'll go mine. Mind your own business. Stay out of this site. Go get your own site, and preach your antichrist message.

        Before you go, take some advice. Check out a person's full context before attacking. You have a sound-bite mentality right now. Think before you speak and write.

        I want no ill to befall you. It isn't up to me though.

        Bless them who curse you.

        Bless You, Robert,


    • Robert Crowny

      "I definitely do not have to love this site to love God.

      Yes you do"

      haha alright man you proved my point. Have a great life, I think Jesus will decide who the real hypocrite is.

      I really hope I am not talking to someone with downs syndrome because you really come off as a psychopath.

      • Grow up.

        • Robert needs to grow up, not down.

          You will take note that Robert did not support his positions with the words of Jesus. The reason for that is obvious. He cannot. Jesus does not support Robert's positions. This is standard operating procedure for fake Christians: To come name calling then disappear back into the dark from whenst they came as soon as they are asked to support their positions with Jesus words and deeds in complete consistency.

          Nothing Jesus did or said supports Robert's positions, quite the contrary.

          Robert does not understand the language of the revelation of Jesus Christ, and he hasn't bothered to attempt to come to understand it.

          He disappeared after doing his trolling hit-job, making zero headway. He falsely imagines that by doing this sort of thing around the Internet, he will discourage true believers. He is emulating his clique.

          His actions serve only to cause true believers to know in all certainty that the true believer's words are having a real impact — casting fear and doubt into the hearts of those who place their faith in mammon, war, sexual depravity, and all manner of other unchecked lusts of the flesh. Robert and his ilk are worried that the grip of those they worship, who are the high priests of mammon, is slipping, which it is. In fact, their grip does not exist except in the hypnotized minds of people such as this Robert. Robert is the prey of the tempter who has taken Robert in and beguiled him with capitalism, which Jesus always has loathed.

          Robert has been abused and doesn't know how not to have it pass through him onto others. He doesn't understand the selfish harm he has caused and is still causing by spreading the twisted, out-of-context version he calls Christianity but that is Satanic.

          Pray in secret for Robert's soul. Pray for Robert before he receives his comeuppance. Pray that he turns away from the selfishness and lies that have their claws and fangs deeply embedded into his heart that he can't bring forth but has withered and hates God, Jesus, you, and me.

          Real Peace, Love, and Truth,

          Tom Usher

      • "Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice." (John 8:37 KJVR)

        "Feed my lambs." (John 21:15 KJVR)

        "He that is not with me is against me." (Matthew 12:30 KJVR)

        The Christian Commons Project™ is designed to carry out the mandate to the Church given by Jesus Christ in the Gospel According to Saint John the Evangelist, Chapter 21, Verses 14 through 17, to feed the people/flock. It is the indisputable, irrevocable duty of every Christian (Jesus’s whole Church) necessarily acting in unity and harmony. Let no one professing Christianity doubt for even a moment that disagreement with this obligation and divergence from this responsibility are decidedly unchristian. Join me in helping to bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.

        If you don't love Jesus's commandment to feed the people, you don't love Jesus or God. If you don't put that commandment before your selfish desires (finally to have no selfish desires at all), you are not being faithful. You are not being Christian.

        "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil." (John 7:7 KJVR)

        "If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me." (John 8:42 KJVR)

        "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love." (John 15:10 KJVR)

        • ...Glenn Beck doesn't want his hard earned money to go be used on crap spending by the government, which clearly hasn't done anything for the economy in the past....

          New Deal Spending:

          Christina Romer, head of the Council of Economic Advisers, Knows

          "Devaluation followed by rapid monetary expansion broke the deflationary spiral"

          [T]he US economy grew by 11% in 1934, 9% in 1935 and 13% in 1936 in real terms. This lulled the authorities into thinking that all was well with the system again. Hence, in 1937, the deficit was reduced by approximately two and half percent of GDP. Monetary policy was also tightened, as Romer notes "The Federal Reserve doubled the reserve requirement in three steps in 1936 and 1937". She concludes "taking the wrong turn in 1937 effectively added two years to the Depression".
          [T]he growth between 1933 and 1937 was the highest we have ever experienced outside of wartime. Had the U.S. not had the terrible policy-induced setback in 1937, we, like most other countries... would probably have been fully recovered before the outbreak of World War II" This is a reminder that the current obsession with no scenario being too pessimistic is probably ill advised.

          ("Roadmap To Inflation And Sources Of Cheap Insurance," by James Montier, Cross Asset Research, Societe Generale, London. March 2009.)

          You did allege that Beck was merciless because he didn't want the spending listed above.

          I wrote:

          ...some of the areas above are simply about showing mercy. Where's Glenn Beck's heart? Where's his sense of mercy?

          Unemployment and food stamps....

          Concerning those things, since he has never offered any alternative to laissez-faire capitalism, Glenn Beck shows no mercy.

          "I definitely do not have to love this site to love God.

          Yes you do"

          haha alright man you proved my point.

          I explained why:

          If you hate what I've written on this site, you hate God. If you hate the Christian Commons, you hate Heaven. Jesus loves the Commons. Ask him. Maybe you'll hear him for once.

          You, Robert, avoid the logic.

          Turn, repent, and atone before your time runs out.


    • Robert Crowny

      I can't believe you even continued this conversation, Tom.

      Let me preface this by saying, I know exactly what you are doing. After seeing that you commented again I did a little research on your "church".

      Apparently, I am not the only person who thinks you are a flat out wacko, and some would say worse.

      Your "church" claims to align with "small c communism". Interesting that the same term was used, and made fairly recent news, by Bill Ayers... A terrorist.

      If you would like to educate yourself, I encourage you to read some books, Animal Farm might be a good one to start out on.

      Let me explain something to you, Tom. If you and I had a class together, e.g. a college or high school philosophy class for the sake of argument, and I studied very hard for my test, while you slacked off. In most classes, I would get an A, and you would probably fail. Now, if the teacher decided to average our grades, so we both got a C, you would be really happy. Yet the next time, if I knew that my hard work was going to be averaged with your slacker grade, I would not study: thus, the entire class average is brought down. That is why communism (and socialist economies in general) does not work: no motivation.

      So apparently, by your definition of merciless, you Tom are merciless. You do not give an appropriate solution to people needing aid, but rather your solution is to make us all poorer?

      Capitalism may not be the perfect solution, and you did say one thing reasonably intelligent: money is evil. Of course, all Christians should know this. But what are we supposed to do? There is no better system. I encourage you to try to live without any money for even a year, let alone your lifetime. Capitalism is the best system for an economy, it has been proven time and time again. There will always be a balance of socialist-leftist ideas and conservative ideas in capitalism, but communism is different.

      You reference the "New Deal" as an example. This is a completely erroneous and off topic situation. We are talking about right now, and what has worked and not worked RECENTLY. The economy is much different then in the 20's and 30's, and the situation is completely different. Please research before you talk.
      I encourage you to also read this, explained in simpler terms for the simpler minded.

      Matthew 15:8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me
      Tom, your heart is no where near God. You are using God as a political platform. God knows this. I can quote Bible verses too, Tom. Except when I say them they aren't an immediate cover for your obvious lies.

      Your site does not spread love, nor is it fruitful. I am sorry to inform you but if you think it is you are sadly mistaken. I have seen that I am not the first person you argued, called evil, and told them they are going to hell.
      "Therefore do not go on passing judgment before the time, but wait until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and disclose the motives of men's hearts; and then each mans praise will come to him from God." (1 Corinthians 4: 5) Tom, you are judging. You believe you are correct, and that any one else is going to hell. You are sadly, sadly mistaken. Do not judge lest you be judged.

      Your "church", your "website", and you remind me of other "churches" like the Westboro Baptist Church. You are literally mentally compromised individuals proclaiming to be speaking in Jesus's name. You are not spreading God's word to anyone, Tom. What kind of "church" is that? You spread hate, and your political ignorance than you try to weave in to the message of the Lord is disgusting. Please do not disgrace MY Lord with your hatred and false preaching.
      Matthew 7:15
      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." You are not a sheep Tom, and I see it, and obviously many others who visit this site see it.

      "We must not look to government to solve our problems. Government is the problem." -Ronald Reagan Why do you think that these men, should have more of a say in what I do for work, how much I get paid, etc. then I do?

      Now, as an educated individual, I refuse to argue with you any more because I know that you will never change your mind. You are wrong, and you know it. Deep down you know that, while you may be a Christian, Jesus would not be happy with your actions. I am not saying I am perfect, for I am no where near perfect, but you know your teaching needs to be mended.

      And I tell you again, I can perfectly well dislike this site, this "church", its creator, and the idea of the "Christian Commons" (which I actually did not read as I assume it is loaded with liberal crap), and still love Jesus. The funny thing is, as a grad student at a highly respected institution, I will make a lot of money off the system you hate so much, and actually be able to help the poor so much more than you can with your liberal ideas. Liberal ideas that would make us all poor, rather than most of us well off, and being able to give a helping hand to those who are not.
      You twist the words of the Bible, and you know this. Have a great life, and enjoy this scam of a website while it lasts!



    • Paul Williams

      I'm so thankful someone is standing up to these wolves in lamb's clothes. If you listen to Glenn Beck for more than 5 minutes you can tell he is a hate mongering person. He seems cold, unchanging and unwilling to see the reality of the truth. This country has people that are dying in it. And we won't help because we can't bother to give a pittance compared to what many of us make. People like Glenn Beck make me sick. And look what he's done - created an army of vengeful political Christians who have seriously lost their way. No matter what anybody says, you have to check the truth with what you know inside. Christ saves and God is love. Apart from God you cannot have love. What did Jesus do to the prostitute? Did he condemn her? No, he said if you have not committed sin, throw the first stone. Jesus was the only one who could do so. People! please read your Bibles and stop for the Love of God listening to these politicians and the like. We are split even as Christians because the propaganda of the Devil has created a schism. If you truly believe that Christ saves, follow the great Commandment - Love thy neighbor as thyself and Love the Father with all your hear, soul and mind. God Bless everyone.

      • Hello Paul Williams,

        How refreshing to hear someone tie many things together. I don't know that we'd see eye to eye on all three pillars 1) total pacifism 2) the voluntary giving and sharing all economy, and 3) sexual harmlessness and what is meant by "sexual harmlessness."

        I do though agree with your commentary with only one tweak, as it were. I would say that Jesus too could not throw a stone not because he was a sinner but because throwing the stone would have been a sin regardless, as in breaking the Second Great Commandment you mentioned that is to love our neighbors, as we ought to want to be loved (which includes being rebuked for righteousness sake).

        Thank you, Paul, for your obviously heartfelt and sincere comment. I don't always get such, as you can see from this other comment I just received today.

        Peace to you.


        P.S. Additional clarification: I believe she was an adulteress rather than a prostitute, per se; but she may have been taking money or goods or services besides just sex for sex if you follow me.