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Major multinational corporations by and large are not primarily patriotic or nationalistic entities. They are for globalization (as they define the term but not as I do), so they may better grab market share for mammon wherever but always for the sole purpose of increasing private, special, privilege and advantage (private profit) often mindless of the negative consequences and regardless of the timeframe. The negatives (including symptoms of fleshly and spiritual diseases from environmental and psychic damage) can come decades and centuries later after the then current crop of laissez-faire capitalist are long since in their graves. Those negative consequences, claim the laissez-faire types, are unintended and unidentifiable. They call them "externalities" — external to the transactions at hand. To that, we say nonsense.


Their self-declared shortsightedness is theirs and not ours. They speak for themselves and not for us. Their neoliberal economics tells markets to open up and that eventually good will result. We say we are not though unconscious of the immediate negatives that are never ultimately put right even on balance by the predatory (competitive) spirit.


The libertarians, that's to say the laissez-faire or "let do" capitalists, call people to subscribe to aspects of Adam Smith's vision of the "Invisible Hand" or self-regulatory nature of consumer choices. If something is practicable over the long run, just as material Darwinism states for genetics, the fitter will succeed and the less fit or weaker will be weeded out naturally. They call this a law of economics. It's material Darwinism and social Darwinism and economic Darwinism.

I don't point this out by way of saying there is no evolutionary process, quite the contrary. Read on.


There is no calling to other than itself — on the level of animals without higher evolved brain matter. It's ironic except that abused and damaged human brain matter devolves unless consciously overcome by the opposites of abuse and damage that are love and healing. This is why the tortured become the torturers in ignorance. It is why they are willing to sacrifice others including the innocent (that they euphemize and rationalize in vain as "collateral damage") for their (the selfish ones') safety and security that is always fleeting in that case. There is no ultimate safety or security for those who do not inconsistently reject the killing of innocents. It is the problem with the Zionist Project now.

Certain of holocaust survivors even if only vicariously want to punish others as they were punished. They are itching to do it. It's why the bully at school mindlessly bullies. Overcome! Turn to the mercy that you need. Develop a working conscience again if you ever had one. Otherwise, develop one for the first time. Work on compassion. You need it. You need to have it for others and to receive it from others. Don't be as the bankers who are bailed out but turn around and demand payment.

Therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain king, which would take account of his servants. And when he had begun to reckon, one was brought unto him, which owed him ten thousand talents. But forasmuch as he had not to pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, and his wife, and children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. The servant therefore fell down, and worshipped him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. Then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion, and loosed him, and forgave him the debt. But the same servant went out, and found one of his fellowservants, which owed him an hundred pence: and he laid hands on him, and took him by the throat, saying, Pay me that thou owest. And his fellowservant fell down at his feet, and besought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will pay thee all. And he would not: but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay the debt. So when his fellowservants saw what was done, they were very sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done. Then his lord, after that he had called him, said unto him, O thou wicked servant, I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst me: Shouldest not thou also have had compassion on thy fellowservant, even as I had pity on thee? And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses. (Matthew 18:23-35 KJVR)

Now, who are the bankers? Who is Henry Paulson? Did he literally and publicly get down on bended knee begging for his kind to be bailed out? Yes, he did. He didn't even promise as much as the wicked one who was finally delivered to the torturers. Yet, have his kind turned around and forgiven all the supposed debts owed to them? No they have not.


Let us also address the issue or ruse that is anti-Semitism when the truth of greedy bankers is raised. Instantly, there are those who whine (and it is whining) "anti-Semitism," because in the past and even now, there were and remain people who are racists and ethnic bigots who equate banking with Jews alone. Of course that's wrong. There are non-Jew bankers. There are non-Jew billionaires. This though does not address the issue of Judaism as it is preached and practiced by Talmudists and others versus the message of Jesus (which is the true Jewish spirit that has been covered over by darkness but must and will shine forth).


Usury was correctly identified as being an evil that should not be practiced against one's brother. Jesus came though and showed the world who is one's neighbor one is to love as oneself. The Talmudists have so far rejected Jesus to their peril.

Also, the Rothschilds are a Jewish family, as are many of the top banking-families. They must be confronted by the clear and plain message of their fellow, real Jew, Jesus, who brought the saving message, meaning he was and remains the Messiah, the Christ. He was and is that one prophesied in the Old Testament.


Here is what is required of Jew and Gentile alike. Declare worldwide, universal Jubilee. Write it all off. Start over but without usury or holding out for recompense. That's the New Earth and New Heaven.


This is the call to overcome across-the-board. See how it applies. If one applies Darwinism to other than money matters and goes ahead and accepts it on the fleshly level, then Darwinism applies such that brute force is not to be judged and rejected but rather allowed without opposing voices for the sheer reason (why bother with reason though) that as with T-Rex, if it is not, or does not remain, the fittest life form, natural processes will weed it out over time, whether suddenly or over millennia. Don't say that the devouring, theta-wave, spirit is not the right spirit for human kind. Just become T-Rex incarnate but in an outwardly human shape. We reject that though. Brute force does not equate with right.

Just because a father can spank his four-year-old son does not mean that the son deserves it. There are fathers who abuse their innocent sons. That's a fact. The Invisible Hand will eventually weed out such fathers, but that does not mean that we are to remain silent. We were given human brains and voices. Yes, Jesus said to be as harmless as doves, but he said we are better (should be) than birds that are also provisioned by the Invisible Hand. Even the foxes build their dens on this plane of existence, not to say that God cannot create homes instantly by will alone. Are we worthy yet?


Jesus and I (since I agree with him and follow his logic and reasoning, etc.) appeal to calling to other than human, mindless, natural selection. I don't dispute that left to its own devices, there is a natural process there that is the result of mind. What Christianity says though is that while we aren't to employ savage coercion to force enlightenment, as savage coercion and enlightenment are mutually exclusive, we certainly are not to remain silent but rather speak the truth that human beings are not mere mindless, autonomic, genetic, individual and collective, scientific experiments reacting solely to what is on retail-store shelves and other markets (as defined by capitalists, again with which definition I do not hold exclusively) as our sole means of selection or voting if you will. The marketplace of ideas includes the appeal to higher spirit whether those of the mediums-of-exchange like it or not.


What do I mean by "those of the mediums-of-exchange"? If you give something to someone without asking or expecting to be repaid, if you do it not even to receive back anything but rather solely to benefit the other person, even anonymously, then there is no medium of exchange involved such as getting money in exchange for goods or services. Will the gift do good? Will it plant a seed that will take root, grow, spread, and cast more such seeds finding fertile ground and right other elements (light, water, air)? According to Jesus's messianic (saving) teaching, it rests with the individual or group receiving the gift. Is the reaction beyond the level of life forms lacking the human-reasoning matter of the brain: The cerebral cortex and the unselfish regions such as undamaged and utilized frontal and temporal lobes?


Well, the cerebral cortex is not the only sensory-feedback matter. Animals return gentleness for gentleness, unless prior abuse has created illness that will take much more kindness to overcome. Humans though can transmit ideas and concepts that can make quantum leaps so that we can see the healing results of loving kindness years and even centuries in advance. We can then consciously choose the idea or concept from the market place of ideas without paying for it and then spread loving kindness without holding out our hands to be recompensed but all the while knowing eventually it will come back around. We can do that instantly — overcoming years and years of the opposite conditioning. We can simply turn on the light of truth. We can feel it, think it, say it, write it, and do it. It is a choice. It is the one and only right option.


This level of thinking is not always completely lost on all those calling themselves libertarians. Most often though, they step back doubting that sufficient people, including themselves, are capable of making the necessary radical leap to such greater truth. They find it impracticable by reason of their own inability to overcome the dis-enlightening conditioning of recompense.


Many rail against coercion being applied against them; but when it comes time to advocate and do the right thing, they limit their giving-and-sharing even sometimes totally so that only their immediate family at best receives any benefit of their labors or craft. Well, of course and again, Christians are opposed to coercing the miserly, hardhearted, oppressors (the churls, as Isaiah termed them). We give to them without an eye to getting back or having it passed on in kind or in some other softhearted form. God, afterall, does give them rain and the other things for free. Are we to do less, or are we to do as our Father? The proverbial Satan though (that can and does manifest itself, as we seen in history and see now also), of course, justly and unjustly will take such things away. The same libertarian soul (not all) will employ others and take a cut from their labors, but won't see how he has entered into the labors of Christ, whose actions convinced the highest court (which was already convinced) that human beings, per se (Jesus and his followers being fully human), are not all beyond redemption — redemption meaning worthy of salvation and continued selection and improvement in both flesh and finally in pure spirit.


Over one half of the largest known economies in the world are capitalistic corporations, not nation-states. In the last 50 some years, the number of major media corporations in the U.S. has gone from over 50 down to 5 or 6. Consolidation is the name of their game: Monopoly. We see it now with the biggest banks and other corporations. It is even plain and clear to the nearly oblivious. The big banks are getting the tens of billions of dollars for free to use to swallow up the little fish and to buy themselves time while the rest of society is further weakened and divided making the whole of it ripe for devouring (divide and conquer). It's rotten, but Satan defiles himself into utter darkness, pain, and suffering.

Who owns of controls whom? Which corporate boards are interlocking? Which ones gain the favor of those who control the currency? The questions are rhetorical. The libertarians know this is all the result of cronyism, but the solution offered by those libertarians falls short of what is truly best for human kind.


Those who control the top banks control the currencies: An unnecessary and wholly undesirable, unholy, privately held money-monopoly. The corporations borrow from those bankers. They run all of their transactions through the banker's settlement houses where unethical and even completely evil and sinful transactions can be and are laundered beyond the view of the people's governments. They are made inauditable (untraceable) in the most mundane and immediate senses. The money is transferred and the trail is sometimes erased. That's done only on orders from the highest plutocrats and done only by the most "trusted" mammon worshippers and in total secret (save from God). Whistleblowers within the clearinghouses (counting houses of the moneychangers) have stepped forward before, but the corporate media sends the information down the memory hole. You can though know them by their results or fruits regardless.


Those top bankers are private families with members around the world without first allegiances to any nation-state other then their own families' houses. They are not about America first - never have been. They are first and foremost about themselves and then their immediate family members.


The Christian position is not favoring 1776 as a point at which the concept of nation-states should remain frozen, far from it. However, while we know that one world is coming, we know that the one-world envisioned by the top banking-families is not the New Earth envisioned by Jesus Christ.


Let's use the term "nation" correctly. Nation means family. It comes out from bloodline and spiritline. The materialists are bloodline oriented. Christ is spiritline oriented while cognizant of bloodlines. The spirit is either selfish or unselfish. Coercive, violent, punishing, harmful behavior is always selfish and is always ultimately wrong. This is why Marx was wrong versus Jesus.

Marx took the giving-and-sharing political economy of Jesus and dispensed with the spirit and added violence. That's why it didn't work and will never. Marx was an unenlightened, twisting, credit-grabbing, distracter who served the laissez-faire capitalist by wittingly and unwittingly providing a place where the capitalists could focus the people's attention for its errors (the inherent errors of Marxism). The focus obfuscated the Christian message from which the deeper thinkers of the laissez-faire capitalists recoil for their inability to defend their ideology in the face of the higher calling. That's why they love to rail against Marxism and that false-brand of socialism while they dread being confronted by the call from Jesus.

Many are called but few are chosen — meaning few can bring themselves to overcome their egos and selfishness, heal their sinful minds, and accept. They reject oneness with God.


They even sometimes resort to blaspheming Jesus by calling him a flip-flopper and waffler, which he was neither. He spoke openly and consistently and faced and went to the cross with the courage of his convictions concerning God. Of course, those who respect God distance themselves from the others who call Jesus evil names, assigning error to Jesus's message. Just doing a little distancing though does not put one next to, and make one, one with, Christ.


The world is run by plutocrats. If you want to change that, you have to get rid of the bankers' control of the world's currencies. That won't be enough to bring in the New Heaven; but regardless, the New Heaven will not occur while the plutocrats are in control. Doing away with their control over the medium of exchange is required. Doing away with the medium of exchange is also required for the New Heaven to conflate with the New Earth, but that's greater softheartedness that is given to fewer souls right now to comprehend and to write on their hearts forever.


Of course, those bankers fund the world's armies too. Wars are very profitable to them in the twisted sense of Hell. In the final analysis, they actually own the Pentagon (Military Industrial Complex) and all the intelligence services and covert ops, special teams, etc. They own the CIA. They own the counterparts of those in other nation-states, such as China and Russia and Israel. They own everything actually, again in the twisted sense of Hell. They are the ones who are ultimately funding the troops who are training in U.S. cities to "control" the people when the people decide to rise up against those bankers.


The way to win though is definitely not via violence. It's via truth.


I've been reading Paul Craig Roberts for years now. He's almost done trying to call people back to American patriotism but with a strong, conscious, pragmatic streak versus some "purist" laissez-faire ideology.


He is absolutely correct that protectionism was the name of the game before the globalist movement. The idea that protectionism prolonged the Great Depression is extremely simplistic. There are many facets to it. It was not an either/or. There were plenty of subsidies and tariffs in place well after WWII. There are still plenty of subsidies in place now. Just ask the Third-World farming nations that complain about U.S. corporate mega-farm supports. Also, World Bank loans have come with huge trade-strings attached, not for the sake of the U.S., per se, but definitely for the sake of the bankers and the corporations they favored and still favor who favor them back.


Paul Krugman too likes to cut through the sound-bite economics of Fox News and other so-called conservative media.


Paul has recently and wisely reminded the people that during the New Deal and at the end of the 1930's (1937-1938 to be precise), the reason for the downturn in the economy was not because of New Deal (giving and sharing) policies but rather because FDR momentarily gave into fiscal-budget hawks. (See: "Fox News: 'Historians Pretty Much Agree' That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression," by David Sirota. Huffington Post. December 25, 2008.)


Also, Paul has recently pointed out that when crashes are left alone, recovery is not always either V-shaped or even very much U-shape but can be a rather extended L-shaped. The V, U, and L are referring to the shape of the lines resulting from statistical data plots. A V-shaped recession is the shortest in duration. It can be deep, but it reverses relatively immediately once the bottom is felt. The laissez-faire crowd talks as if V's are inherently thwarted by government efforts (Keynesianism). Paul says that's not true. He points to historical data to show that U- and L-shaped recessions have resulted where governments have not intervened, per se. He pointed recently to the Panic of 1873 as a case in point. (See: "Who'll Stop the Pain?" by Paul Krugman. The New York Times. February 19, 2009.)

To be sure, the Obama administration is taking action to help the economy, but it's trying to mitigate the slump, not end it. The stimulus bill, on the administration's own estimates, will limit the rise in unemployment but fall far short of restoring full employment. ...
The closest 19th-century parallel I can find to the current slump is the recession that followed the Panic of 1873. That recession did eventually end without any government intervention, but it lasted more than five years, and another prolonged recession followed just three years later.


Paul Krugman has it right on the mundane level. The current recession is L-shaped relatively speaking, and we're looking at years regardless of whether or not the government is hands off. It's a depression unless the people counter it.


During the Great Depression, the unemployment rate is estimated to have reached 25% in the U.S. The New Deal before WWII is estimated to have taken that down to 10% before the New Deal was pushed back somewhat leading to some economic losses for society in 37-38, as stated above. Then came the war, and unemployment went effectively to zero. The war was government. It was military Keynesianism.


Now, as I written on this site before, had the same governmental effort and expenditures been made in peacetime pursuits rather than war-making, unemployment could have been taken down to zero. It could be done right now and very easily.


The government could give full and permanent employment at living wages doing productive work and with full benefits and skilled-jobs training.


The decisions as to what should be worked on could remain fully democratic decisions beginning at the smallest units of community. It would definitely not have to be central planning or from the top down. That's a lie repeated by the laissez-faire crowd that sets up that straw man easy to knock down.


There would be no reduction in innovation. In fact, the people could definitely state (with voices that would finally be heard) exactly what they'd like to pursue rather than being dictated to by the greediest of the greedy or any greedy at all for that matter. The oppressive overlords peacefully would be overturned. No harm would befall them. In fact, they too would benefit immensely.


Now, the real final solution is much farther ahead on the narrow way. It really entails no money at all — no conflicting democracy but rather total consensus about what is absolutely right (meaning truly harmless and more so beneficial), and even conflated totally with the spirit.


Getting from here to there is the task. To start with, do away with the Federal Reserve in your hearts. Do away with Federal Reserve Notes. Replace them with non-interest-bearing United States Notes. Use those immediately to pay off the National Debt; or better yet, just write it all off.

Furthermore, gold as money is a ruse too. Who do you think has the most gold?


The laissez-faire people don't want the government to attempt to counter the depression not because government (the people's) effort won't work. If done right and done enough it will work thereby proving the laissez-faire Invisible Hand notion not only unnecessary but evil. That proof will ruin their selfishness. It will be as water in the wicked witch's face melting her wickedness away, freeing the people from the oppression of evil.


The fact is that the government isn't doing enough by a factor of at least 3. The only thing that can improve upon doing much, much more is doing it all for the right reason — the right spirit. The libertarians must convert and so must the coercive socialists. All must repent and become voluntary followers of giving and sharing. Then all will have his proverbial fig tree as prophesied. The prophecy must be fulfilled.

This whole thing is about financial-elitist thieves versus everyone else. Even the Panic of 1873 would not have happened had we been following the political-economics of Jesus in even the most mundane sense.


You wonder why they don't listen to Roberts or Krugman. They don't listen to anyone. They pay people to say what they want the public to hear. It's the bankers paying the so-called intellectual sellouts. Those intellectuals just spew psyops. The people swallow it. The whole thing is one, giant, global scam.


They don't care about America in the sentimental sense. America is just another nation to manipulate while feeding megalomania.


The beast is growing but dying at the same time. It was doomed from the start. It's a fatally flawed system. It's going to thrash around in death throws.


The issue has never been between laissez-faire capitalism and Marxism. That's a false dichotomy — a psychological distraction. The real issue has always been between coercion versus non-coercion and competition versus cooperation and full-participation, consensus decision-making.


Non-coercive (that is voluntary) cooperation where everyone serves as the least is the only lasting path.

The libertarians are right to criticize crony capitalism, but they are wrong about the solution or philosophy or ideology to see humanity along the right road.


If we are going to do it right, we have to aim for the ideal system. Everyone cooperating to take the best care possible of each and all is the only right way. Everyone looking out for the wrong number-one (rather than for the whole of humanity as one) is the spirit of utter failure.


The Christian Commons is the right spirit.

Update 1 (March 17, 2009):

Dr. Bruce Baker has left comments on this post. I thought readers might like to see where on Bruce's site there is more back-and-forth on these issues.

A comment of mine left on, "The Real Cost Of The Bailout":

Hi Bruce and All,

Percentage of GDP? Per capita spending or borrowing? Even if those two aspects would make the bailout appear less onerous, the whole thing is still just a huge scam conjured up by the spiritual children of the liar from the beginning.

Their plan is exactly what they've nearly accomplished: A huge increase in the National Debt so that more of the income tax will be going to pay interest to the bankers/gamblers (rightfully called banksters during the Great Depression) who were bailed out but used the bailout money (again taxes) to pay bonuses and to buy up solvent smaller fish and the assets of bigger troubled fish but at extreme discounts.

Watch them yet turn around to say there isn't enough money to aid the poor or to have Social Security, etc. They want it all.

What an evil bunch of schemers are the top usurers! They prey upon everyone else. They create no bounty. They "create" money to lend to the "people's" government (of, by, and for the people supposedly) just by making an entry in their Federal Reserve checking account, which Federal Reserve is not Federal and no one has ever audited them to verify any so-called reserve.

The currency of the United States isn't publicly owned or controlled. The so-called legal tender of the U.S., the only currency accepted in payment of coerced taxes, is privatized for private profit.

There isn't one drop of sweat expended to "create" tens of trillions to lend at interest.

The interest payments go into private billionaire-family hands for no good reason. They do nothing that wasn't being done before but without owing them any interest (hundreds of billions per year for nothing). It can't be justified. All they do is try to hide these truths behind a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

In the 1950's, the rich made about 24-25 times more than the average earner. That changed to about 10 times that in recent years. There's only one reason for it: Greed. It's satanic.

The whole of society certainly isn't better off for it. The economy (the national household) certainly hasn't been strengthened by following the schemers.

On top of it, they want to rape the planet into a complete dystopia. They aren't really interested in Creation Care.

Why did Jesus clean the temple of the moneychangers?

We all know that the god of this worldly world is the spirit of Satan. We all know that kleptocrats/plutocrats/oligarchs are running things. They certainly aren't following Jesus who said the chiefest is the lowliest servant. The greedy top bankers live to be served and not to serve.

Well, return good for evil. Let's not fail to tell the truth though while we don't, repeat, don't cut off their heads. Just call them to turn: Soften their hearts.


Tom Usher

About Tom Usher

Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.


  1. Avatar Bruce Baker says:

    As usual, you have written some of the most thorough commentary available on the subject. Even when I disagree, I am impressed by the depth and insight of your article. Thanks.

    Finding our way through the current economic wilderness will be difficult for politicians of any stripe. Both sides care more about gaining political points than doing what is best for the country.

    Hopefully, our voices will bring enough pressure to make a small change.

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Thank you, Sir,

      I know that what you post on your site is done in the spirit of earnestness. By serious and sincere dialoguing, we will gather to enter the strait gate and proceed along the narrow way. Without communication, all are lost.

      I look forward to my next visit to your site.

      Your Brother,

  2. Avatar Bruce Baker says:

    While I don't always completely agree with your positions, your appeal to the ideal is noble and right. Why aim for something that is less than the best?

    However, the Bible does seem to tell us that the ideals of the coming New Kingdom will only be realized after the last advent of Christ and not in this earthly period. Banks and international companies are not going to give up seeking profit without a massive and universal submission to Christ. Since Jesus tells us that the world hate His followers just like the world hated Jesus, the Year of Jubilee seems a long way away.

    Christians have a different mandate though. The attitude that the "world is the way it is and there is nothing we can do to change it," is unacceptable and unbiblical. Believers must work to change the culture and the system. They must get involved in business, politics, media, education, etc.

    We need more salt and light and less conformity to the world.


    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Hi Bruce,

      What isn't apparent to many visitors is that some commentators come with ulterior motives while others are as genuine as can be while lost or just somewhat off the trail and really wanting to know where it is or whether they are off it at all. I know you work at sorting and are prepared to change daily, even moment to moment, depending upon whatever you see as being revealed to you by the Holy Spirit who (spirit; not merely human flesh) is truth.

      I know you are open to this by your words "does seem to tell us." "Seem" indicates to God the following: Please tell me where I may be missing something, and I want to be right (understand) no matter how much change I need to undergo.

      Many others, you, and I know that the Dispensationalists have opened up the debate, for lack of a better term, concerning all the issues surrounding the concept of "the last advent." I speak here of millennialism. That concept is further surrounded by and is part of the very issue of figurativeness versus literalness and even whether those two are "versus" each other as opposed to conflated in the divine. We are asking of ourselves to see from God's perspective.

      These issues, and others, such as all those that separate Protestants from those who mundanely call themselves Catholics (Roman, Anglican) and from those calling themselves Orthodox, are legion.

      We are speaking here of worldly worldviews and spiritual worldviews. It's all encompassing. Hence, we seek for the elimination of hypocrisy or inconsistency. Where if anywhere does our system fail? Which thinking is wholly consistent and therefore never fails? What system is God's?

      Jubilee is as far off as we believe and act. Now, that raises many eyebrows amongst those who want to believe the times are indelibly chiseled in scripture. That's their reading and not mine. The times are chiseled, but they are chiseled by God alone, as Jesus said, "But of that day and hour knoweth no" man, "no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." (Matthew 24:36 KJVR)

      If you accept that, even reading it as literally as possible, you can't escape that even the seraphim of Paul didn't and don't know. When taken in conjunction with the earlier verse, "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled." (Matthew 24:34 KJVR), which human being walking the Earth today has been informed by God that those events did not take place and that those are not, as so much else in scripture, a foreshadowing of succeeding ages? I tell you none has.

      You know this is truth.

      As for "must get involved in," where are the lines drawn for consistency sake? My reading of Jesus is that he was only as involved with mammon as the unrighteous system forced itself upon him (imposed unrighteousness). It was an unwelcome imposition. It still is. It is for me. Is it for you too?

      Today, many who call themselves Christians, rather than viewing capitalism in that original light, rather pursue mammon with gusto. Bruce, my friend, you know that's a wicked approach. Rather its opposite is righteousness.

      The same may be said of politics and the other things you've mentioned (media, education) where those are of, by, and for the unrighteous system, which system is the enemy of the system of God in the New Heaven Jesus went ahead to prepare and to send here (prepare here too at the same time — too esoteric, inscrutable, and rare?) as the New Earth.

      Again, when is that advent? When is any advent?

      "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20 KJVR)

      Where are two real Christians? Where are two asking for the conflating here and now of the New Heaven and New Earth that it be done? Where is the faith, or is everyone just saying "not yet, not yet" forever and as a self-fulfilling prophecy? I speak otherwise, and the real prophecy must and will be fulfilled.

      "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48 KJVR)

      Will you preach it and do it too? Will you brave Satan and all his legions? Do I stand alone? I have and will, nevertheless with Jesus and those with us in Heaven. I can't do anything else. To become free of evil, I must be the willing slave of righteousness. I choose it freely. Satan attempts to punish me to prevent me. What about you?

      Blessings of Whole Truth to You Too, Sincerely,


      • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

        Hello All,

        Think plutocrats. Think bankers. They are members of, and the heads, of a few certain mundane, bloodline families. Think control of the currencies at the national and international levels. The bankers hold the money of the corporations. They lend to the corporations. They fund the wars and the other evils from the taxes they force from the extremely duped, even hypnotized, masses.

        The Federal Reserve System and the Bretton Woods System drain the life from the people giving much less back than the people could simply share without the deceitful, lazy, selfish, venomous serpents with their fangs dug in.

        Crush the head by killing the lie with the truth.

        The banks are corporations that in the end, are closely held (private) and ultimately dictated over by one central figure at any given time.

        Oligarchy and plutocracy is what has ruled the world since the proverbial fall. It is the very enemy of the Christ spirit and system.

        Money is inherently evil. It's why Jesus calls it unrighteous.

        We don't need a medium of exchange when we live according to the full message and implications of the New Commandment. It's why I've devised the Christian Commons Project.

        The worldly bankers pay people to shoot down Jesus over and over and over. It's time for people to stand up for Christ against the wicked liars whom we do not judge or condemn but rather call to repent and atone with us: To come home into the light and back to life if they were ever alive in the Holy Spirit.

        Blessings To All,

        Tom Usher

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