Pat Oliphant did the political cartoon above showing the spirit of the false-Zionists. The pro-Zionist faction (Simon Wiesenthal Center and Jewish Anti-Defamation League) whined about it, of course. What they did was see in it how the Nazis depicted the Jews. What they didn't do was openly reflect on how the shoe fits. All they did was think about themselves. To Hell with the Gazans is their attitude concerning the cartoon. They proved the cartoon's point about false-Zionists.

The cartoon says nothing about all Jews, many of whom God loves for standing resolutely against the false-Zionist Fascists. The cartoon is not anti-Semitic or anti-Jew. It's anti-Fascist. It's right on.


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    • Bless Up Tom,

      great commentary on a cartoon.

      the reality is that those folks who are bitchin are NOT the JEWS; They are the Israeli's.

      Israel is not the home of the Real JEWS.

      israel is a contrivance created by the new world order in 1939 in the so called united nations.

      look to the Land of Axum;

      where you will find my forefathers the Falasha's.

      WE Are Not Complaining as We Understand the Reality of the Situation.

      Those who stole our name and attempt to co-opt our heritage and religious tenants are just interlopers.

      we reconize them as the ones who brag about killing old women and children, in gaza today.

      their homes will be marked by their selfmade bloodstains, which today show's them as the infidels; not the peacemakers. even their own soldiers are coming forth and admitting to their murders, out of religious guilt.

      Tell the Truth Pastor, Tell The Truth !

      Peace and Love


      • Hello RE,

        This is a huge and interesting area for study: Who Is a Jew: Beta Israel.

        The following is connected to your comment but also to the 9-11 Series on your site. Please use it on your site as a short post or within one of your posts if you find it worthy.

        The most important question in the Bible is, "What is truth?" The answer is being Christ. Is Christ myth? Christ is not myth if we do the work. Christ is the story fulfilled. We are the body incarnate if we will bring forth.

        I do not deny the historical Jesus, who fulfilled the stories (ancient prophecies, Mosaic and earlier, Egyptian, etc.) in the flesh. I do not jump to false conclusions. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

        Many people build houses of cards against houses of cards. They build with missing cards — cards that where destroyed/refuted elsewhere but the continuity is lost to them. I speak here of people who deny Christian/Jesus's spirit. I speak here of the mind behind the Zeitgeist 9-11 Truth documentary. Again, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

        A little knowledge of astrology is a dangerous thing. Then, a lack of knowledge of the world prophecy is a dangerous thing. An arrogant attitude toward the question of from whenst reality arises is a dangerous thing.

        The mind(s) behind the Zeitgeist film decide the motivations of others concerning often the tiniest detail that can be explained elsewise. This harms the impact of credible questions.

        That 9-11 was an inside job can be discerned from big-picture aspects while leaving open the questions concerning the finer details.

        We know them (the neocons) by their fruit.

        Whether or not they were thinking particular thoughts when they devised and carried out their 9-11 scheme is something God knows. Whether or not every detail was handled by evil genius rather than much of it being cock-up (a blunder, a mess) should be left as questions for a new and proper criminal investigation.

        We do not defend ourselves from attacks made against fundamentalist televangelists. We are not Old Testament. We are New Testament. Neither do we believe in mammon but rather seek to translate it (mammon, which has been forced upon us all by the wicked) into it's opposite: The Christian Commons.

        Bless You,


    • Thomas James

      One of the biggest arguments against pacifism concerns Adolph Hitler in that he was so evil for killing so many Jews that since Hitler cannot be reasoned with the only thing that he understands is to use overwhelming military force against him.

      The most overwhelming military force I can think of is to use Cobalt atomic bombs. Cobalt atomic bombs are so dirty that they allow deadly amounts of radiation to linger for a period of 5 years which makes it impractical to hide out for very long in fall out shelters or bunkers. Of course cobalt bombs could destroy all life as we know it but I suppose if pacifism does not work then that means we have to employ the Samson option which means that if we are going to commit mass suicide we have to bring as many of those evil Nazi's down to hell with us so we can get our revenge.

      Of course I am saying all of this very sarcastically but I really think that the world has to find a better way to solve its problems and should be looking for Jesus to be the solution rather than the Samson or the Masada option.

      • Hi Thomas,

        It is so-called "politically incorrect" of me to say this. Hitler was the wrath. In more detail, he was a reflection. He held that because the Jews were so evil (for among other things, having been the European banking oligarchy and plutocracy — Rothschilds and others — who better funded the enemies of Germany during WWI) and could not be reasoned with, they required the Final Solution. That was very Zionist of him.

        Anyone who won't condone the Likudnik-Zionist spirit of a) lebensraum (living room in Canaan that was called Palestine by the Roman Empire) or b) genocide is the enemy of the Hitlerian spirit.

        For mine Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee in unto the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites: and I will cut them off. (Exodus 23:23 KJVR)

        But thou shalt utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee: (Deuteronomy 20:17 KJVR)

        We are not Old Testament though. We are New Testament:

        "Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!" (Matthew 18:7 KJVR)

        Yes, I'm equating Jabotinsky-Zionists and the hard-hearted followers of Moses with Nazis to a certain extent. I am not saying they are strictly identical, just as black and white horses are not identical but are horses of different shades. I am saying both come out from the dysfunctional, brought to the world by more of the same preceding.

        They don't know how (unwilling) to bring themselves to have the violence and selfishness and deception end within so that their opposites {1) peace 2) giving and sharing all with other than the immediate bloodline tribes and 3) truth} will be all that comes forth.

        Oh, in certain places in Europe, one isn't allowed even to touch upon such thoughts. They censor getting at truth.

        Thomas, you are too sane for the neocons. They need brinkmanship. They need the founder of the Hudson Institute, Hermann Kahn, who said global thermonuclear exchange is winnable, survivable, and worth it.

        Samson was Nazir only somewhat. The real Nazarite is unfit for death.

        Of course you are right that the world should be looking to Jesus. Jesus though came to sort. Everything in this world isn't fit. Be fit. Tell others what that entails. If they hate the truth, let them fall. You can't stop them. Jesus doesn't stop them. God doesn't stop them. Satan pushes and pulls them.

        You are also right to raise Masada. Those who fell there high up had rejected Christ. The self-styled somewhat revisionist historian Benny Morris has appealed to that spirit as likely the inevitable outcome for the current iteration of the twisted version of the Shining City of Peace on the Hill.

        It takes televangelists and false-Christian false-Zionists to facilitate Benny committing suicide in the flesh. He's already dead of the spirit.

        Bless All,

        Tom Usher