I am making this comment-reply a post for reasons that should be apparent to the reader upon reading the following (original comment thread):

Hello Alan,

Changing to initial caps means changing from "alan hamer" to "Alan Hamer." Capitalize the first letter in each name, please. Thank you.

Yes I agree Earth is not billions of years old.

No, Alan, that's not what I wrote. I do not take the Eden story in Genesis paradoxically. I take it poetically but no less true in meaning (moral of the story). I take it as allegory: A parable; symbolic. That is not to say that there was not someone fitting Adam as the first to become aware of his falling and then handing that knowledge or awareness down which became the story and its meaning. This is not inconsistent with believing in the miracles of Jesus. It is also not to say that God doesn't have or did not have the power to do exactly what you've suggested, namely creating everything "old."

You do take the parables of Jesus as parables, correct? You don't take them as if he was performing "modern" journalism, right? Nevertheless, his parables are true; meaning that the morals of the stories are correct. Could he have been relating actual events? Whether or not he was, the morals remain the same and true or correct: Right to follow.

Most Fundamentalists fear that viewing the Eden story as anything other than an audio-video capture of a news event in the current sense necessarily leads one to doubt what are considered miracles that will forever defy scientific explanation. Obviously, I don't subscribe to that Fundamentalist fear. I hold with that portion of the Pentecostal view that the Holy Spirit still reveals and that it is a matter of general and specific faith as to whether or not intersession occurs on the level of miracles forever unexplainable by so-called science, which "science" in the end is therefore ignorant of, locked away from, ultimate truth.

Let me give you some more to chew on while you keep reading this site and keep up with the newest postings if possible. We have the New Testament. It is thusly named for a reason. Here's why (among many examples). There is truth and prophecy in error. Now, before you recoil, understand that what I just said is contextual. It is to be taken and understood semantically. The connotations of the terms matter and are set by what I have in mind and heart and not what everyone automatically might conclude from his or her perspective. Therefore, it takes some delving in to get at the root. That by the way is exactly what the High Priest, Caiaphas, wanted to avoid at all cost concerning Jesus; because to engage Jesus in earnest means finally accepting Jesus on Jesus's terms.

Now, Moses said there is the Promised Land and that it must be taken by an absolutely unified, violent, slaughtering, totally genocidal army. Jesus came along and said there is the Promised Land and it cannot be taken by force of arms but rather love that is truth and that is the real peace. There was truth in Moses' error. It was partial truth. It was prophetic. Even Moses knew in his heart for reasons not fully understood by him that what he was telling the people was not completely right. He hedged by telling them that they would fail. They did. He suggested that someone better than he, Moses, would come to correct his errors. Jesus did that. Jesus too said the Holy Spirit would come continuing to make things plainer and clearer. It is happening even while many, even most, souls rebel all the more.

As for the Illuminati just being a spirit, you are reading too much into my statement that it is spirit and amorphous. It is those things even while there are people who do follow it. God is spirit, and Jesus was and is flesh. So am I. The movement of the spirit of evil is not any more strictly followed by demons then is the movement of the Holy Spirit followed perfectly by all those imagining themselves Christian.

Back to the "Jews," per se, and who is or isn't a Jew. Jesus was a real Jew in the sense I use the term real Christian on this site. He was a flesh descendant of Jews of the ethnic variety but also a cleaner of the religion. He came to set straight Judaism. Just as there are many people calling themselves Christians who refuse to adhere to total pacifism, to giving and sharing all together as the one fold, and to sexual harmlessness, so too were there many people calling themselves Jews in the religious sense, who also happened largely to be Jews ethnically speaking, who refused the clean-up. Taking their understanding to the next level in Heaven is something they were not prepared to do because it would mean exactly what they thought it would mean that is the undoing of the hierarchical structure upon which most of the members of the Sanhedrin basked in relative and false glory. They failed to listen to Jesus, and their nation was broken. They are trying to pull it back together but on even less righteous terms than before. It will fall to be replaced by the truth, which is the real spirit of Judah repented for having abused his younger brother, Joseph. It is also the real spirit of Jesus who knew the emotional and spiritual mistakes of his fleshly ancestors.

Are you a real Jew? You see, it depends upon the context and your personal relationship or relative position(s) concerning it all. I say I am a real Jew and real Christian, as I say real Christians are the spirit of repentance for having abused the younger.

This is all very simple yet very complicated. There is nothing wrong with that.

So, when anyone says, "God gave the land to the Jews," what does that mean in light of the continuing revelation of the Holy Spirit? It ends up meaning that everything is the inheritance of all and that we are all to treat one another as our closest and most beloved kith and kin. Of course, this is actually going back to how it was in the beginning. It's full circle: Falling away and returning home.

Will they crucify me for writing it and working to bring it forth via the Christian Commons Project?

They fear word even getting out for the same reasons they feared Jesus and murdered him thereby making him all the more well-known. Their spirit is damned if they do and damned if they don't. They need to turn, repent, and atone.

People fear to stand up and to speak out and be challenged in their statements and positions. They will often stand up and speak out but then run away when their hypocrisy is being exposed. It is unrighteous. They need to change.


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