75% of Americans have a Favorable Opinion of the U.S. Military

According to Rasmussen Reports:

As the nation prepares to celebrate Memorial Day honoring those who lost their lives in military service, 75% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the U.S. military.

Only 11% view the military unfavorably, and 14% are undecided in a new Rasmussen
Reports national telephone survey.

I don't know the questions that were asked. Wording matters. Also, I don't know how the results were interpreted. The point of the Rasmussen Report is to suggest that the U.S. military is "honored" by a large majority of Americans. More in-depth questions would expose greater understanding.

Were those same survey targets asked how they feel about U.S. military suicides? Were they asked how they feel about the U.S. military's policy of denying benefits to veterans? What about the lies that led up to the invasion of Iraq? How many of those who answered the survey realize the nature of the antithesis of capitalism and democracy?

I do not have a favorable view of the U.S. military. I know it is the tool of the global plutocrats who have duped the majority of Americans into fighting, killing, murdering, maiming, dying, and sacrificing for that plutocracy. Just look at the bailouts of bankers, especially Goldman Sachs, relative to the recent announcements by California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that California is shutting down aid to the many from the many: The taxpayers to the taxpayers.

Torture and Law

Why have international and domestic laws against torture and then have lawyers write executive-branch memos claiming torture isn't torture and then do nothing about illegal torture that took place and is still taking place by the U.S. executive branch? It is still taking place by the way, in case you didn't know. It will be revealed. You'll see.

Even now, the guards at Guantanamo still severely abuse prisoners all who, under real due-process of law, have never been proven guilty of anything. They have been labeled the worst of the worst, but no one has ever produced evidence to substantiate such. That sort of treatment is exactly what the U.S. supposedly fought against when it fought the "heels" "in Germany and Japan," to use terms and lines from the popular movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." Potter in the movie, of course, was the quintessential neocon of his day. Potter also, of course, alludes to Potter in the New Testament and Old.

Fourth Geneva Convention

Why have the Fourth Geneva Convention if Israel is going to violate it against the Palestinians and especially the Gazans?

If those at the so-called top in the U.S. and Israel can violate the mundane laws at will with impunity, why should anyone anywhere obey any of the same code of laws? Frankly, their code is far from good enough; but the hypocrisy of the U.S. Presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama and all the others before them, and the hypocrisy of the Israeli leadership and U.S. leadership (if one can call it that; I view them as lost) is without bounds.

Do as We Say, Not as We Do, Spain: Universal Jurisdiction

The U.S. and Israel employ universal jurisdiction on a regular basis, but now that Spain has some judges using that same principle against the U.S., many neocons in the U.S. are screaming foul and threatening Spain with boycotts. Bill O'Rielly recently took credit for getting Spain's parliament to move toward ending Spain's judges from employing the principle.

Chinese "Organic" Soy Using Hexane

If you want to be better assured that you are getting real organic food rather than garbage being passed off as organic by greedy capitalist liars, check out
(Source: May 21, 2009 "Corporations Undermine Organic Reputation: Chinese Soy Imports and Toxic Petrochemicals," by The Cornucopia Institute.
New Report: Many Organic Soy Food Brands Importing Beans from China
We no longer trust these imports to feed our pets. They have no place in organics)

Companies such as Dean Foods start out organic and then slowly shift to conventional. Watch out!

American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) Calls for Immediate Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods

GMO foods are so evil. It's amazing that people are so greedy that they produce the stuff. It's amazing that politicians are so greedy and stupid as to allow such stuff.

The GMO producers rush their products to market while covering up damning evidence. Just because there's money on the table right then and there, the politicians take the bribes (campaign contributions and other "freebies") and look the other way, even promote GMO's.

It's all symptomatic of greed. The very system of capitalism is a disease. It's based upon selfishness that is a disease.

...several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food consumption including infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, insulin regulation, cell signalling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system.

(Source: "A Moratorium on Genetically Manipulated (GMO) Foods," by F. William Engdahl. Global Research. May 22, 2009.)

Monsanto, Dow Chemical, DuPont, and others are the culprits. George H. W. Bush was the monster who unleashed them. He didn't give a damn. It was money that allowed the Satanic "Substantial Equivalence Doctrine." Those companies didn't have to prove harmlessness before pumping their evil into the general environment.

Of course, it's much worse than just that. The whole system of GMO food is full of problems. It's an environmental and economic disaster. The pollution from the process is huge, and thousands of farmers around the world are being devastated. In India, many small farmers end up killing themselves due to the effects of getting trapped in the GMO-cycle that is the downward spiral into Hell.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and The Matthew Shepard Act: Hate Crimes

The problem here is with the slippery slope. Many homosexuals and their supporters are claiming the literal interpretation of the Act. They say that it will be limited to protecting people from assaults on account of, among other things, sexual orientation and gender identity. Well, I'm completely against violence against anyone for anything; however, the idea that this act isn't on the slippery slope is nonsense.

Regardless of what the American Psychological Association claims, homosexuality is harmful: "Homosexuals: What they ignore." The homosexual movement is an attempt to get the vast majority of people to conclude otherwise; and barring that, to at least allow the behavior, claiming it's genetic or that people should simply be allowed to decide such relationships. They will use terms such as "consenting adults." However, since homosexuality is harmful and since the laws against it were put there on account of that and since now homosexuality is being allowed in more and more places, it is proof that the gate is opening for others to follow: Pedophiles and those who want to practice bestiality and other perversions.

As I've said often on this site, I'm opposed to coercion; but at least tell the truth about the harmfulness and choice of homosexuality.

The homosexuals have a hard time with me since I'm not a "right-winger" they find easy to bash, to use their term.

Low Expectations: Abstinence

Just as with greed and violence, Americans and others generally have very low expectations concerning sexual behavior. This of course is self-fulfilling. It's a vicious circle. Raise the expectations in all three areas at the same time and express openly, across-the-board, and in a sustained and consistent way why it's a good idea and watch the world change radically for the better.

Dick Cheney

I listened to the whole of Cheney's recent speech to the AEI. Only a liar could like it. He makes it sound as if only three people were tortured by the U.S. Actually, thousands have been tortured and many have died. Abu Ghraib he claims was the work of a few low-level Army members. We know though that CIA and contractors were there often encouraging the grunts in softening up the detainees. It was Gitmoized on purpose. We know that. The people who authorized it and operated it have so far gone mundanely free. The whole thing was a cover-up, and Cheney knows full well: No excuses. There were dozens of CIA dark sites where people were tortured. How many died? There were unknown numbers of extraordinary renditions. All were likely tortured. We know of many. How many died? How many were completely innocent? Cheney has no excuses.

Russia Didn't Win WWII?

Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu has introduced legislation in Parliament that would make it a crime to deny the Soviet victory in World War II.

(Source: "Renewed fight over history in Russia," VOA. May 19, 2009.)

It isn't wise to make historical errors illegal. All that does is lead to censorship about academic issues. It ends up suppressing the real truth because the "official" version can always use updating when new information becomes available. That's far from the only reason not to make errors illegal though.

Let the people say what they will. Then counter it with the facts you know. That's the right approach.

Sovereign Immunity: Obama Claims Dictatorship: Blackmail

Sovereign Immunity is a claim put forth by Barack Obama that claims he (his Unified Executive) can legally spy all it wants to on anyone so long as the information isn't leaked. That is nonsense. The Constitution of the U.S. is expressly designed to prevent the government from spying without real, probable cause. The NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., don't bother with that. They spy on everyone whether or not one is a proper suspect. It's guilt until proven innocent. Why go backwards? It's dictatorship.

The reason it was made illegal was on account of the abuses perpetrated on the innocent. With private and often sensitive information, the government can blackmail people. Getting the goods on people to blackmail them is a long-standing method of the U.S. government/plutocrats.

It is also true that real criminals hide behind the privacy rights of innocent people, but that's the price of privacy and being protected from tyrannical government. The only way out is up and that's for everyone to convert to being Jesus Christians.

Obama's: "Preventive Detention"

When coupled with Sovereign Immunity, Preventive Detention makes for totalitarian dictatorship powers. Obama is claiming that he can spy on anyone, take him or her anywhere in the world, detain him or her for life, use "enhanced interrogation techniques" (torture) on him or her, and never give him or her a real trial. Does it get any more un-American than that? No, it doesn't. You may believe that his talk about a new legal regime to cover all of this will make it okay, but I must tell you that it will be smoke and mirrors. The oversight will be through a hugely filtered lens and covered by national security/state's secrets provisions rendering oversight meaningless.

The whole system is fatally flawed. The U.S. Constitution has failed. It was dead on arrival, based upon low standards and wishful thinking by personal-empire builders.

Obama's Broken Promises

What are they? What are Obama's broken promises? Well, he didn't promise much in the way of specifics. What he promised was huge change from the bottom up — from the grassroots. What he's done though is settle in with the powers that be and told the grassroots to calm down: Dupes. The trouble with the youth is that it fell for style over substance. It didn't listen to the specifics or lack thereof. It heard someone saying, "Trust me." The young believed the image that they really couldn't see anyway. Young people have an under developed ability to judge faces and expressions, etc., and the meanings those impart. The youth were too busy being hyped up by their interpersonal networking and just plain buzzing to discern what many others were trying to tell them: Beware, this guys a fake, weak, bought and paid for by the greediest of the greedy — hand picked by the plutocrats.

Has he bailed out the people being foreclosed? Has he protected the mountains from the coal mining companies' total destruction? Has he ended the occupation of Iraq?

No, he hasn't done any of those things. He said he'd not bring in lobbyists but brought in more.

His administration is the Wall Street administration to Bush's Oil administration. He's the detention president. He's the spy president. He's the new-wars president. He's the baby-murdering president with his unmanned predator drone attacks on babies.

What change? Change for the worse. Yes, in many respects he's worse than was George W. Bush. He's worse because so-called liberals and Democrats are letting him get away with it all.

Don't blame me. I didn't vote for him.

Israeli Occupation/Colonization

The U.S. gives Israel $3-4 billion a year and more. It asks Israel to stop increasing the so-called settlements in Palestine. Benjamin Netanyahu says, "No." The U.S. keeps funding his government. Why is the U.S. incapable of shutting off the funding-facilitation of the occupation? It doesn't want a stop to the occupation is why. The U.S. is run by Zionists. Who doesn't know it? Barack Obama is a Zionist of convenience. He knows that in order for his family to become astronomically rich in the unrighteous, deceitful mammon, he has to be a functioning Zionist. Many of the plutocrats are Zionists. The highest ones are Zionist up to the point that Zionism might become a liability to their continued dominance of the plutocracy. Then they'll gladly sell out the Zionists in Israel. They give the orders. They are Satan's high priests.

Scandinavian Socialist Happiest

The "happiest" countries are Scandinavian more-socialist democracies. That's because they share more. Their governments are more the property of the general population. The worst countries are owned by the few. The U.S. is not high on the happiness-scale because it has a greater concentration of wealth at the top than do the Scandinavian social democracies.

I've written on this before. The Scandinavians have simply leaned in the right direction. Coercion is still an issue, and the libertarian dupes are working on behalf of the plutocrats to take down that leaning so those nations may suffer more while the plutocrats become richer in relative terms only. I say relative terms because all actually become poorer as the rich become what they only imagine is richer.

$ Billions for War: Waste

The U.S. has just committed to $91.3 billion in a supplemental funding bill so it can pay for US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That money should be going to help the poor in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Why have the Wall Street bankers who brought on the global economic depression living pretty, cushy, luxurious lives off taxpayer bailouts while the poorest taxpayers are suffering more and more and money is being wasted on fruitless wars? The answer is that Satan is the god of this world. Truth!

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