Why do people who don't know God and Jesus attempt to speak authoritatively about them and have millions and millions of people agreeing and giving money?

Pat Robertson on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News (News?) said the Jesus was (is) not a fan of big government, per se. Wrong! Of course, Robertson is only speaking about the "Big Government" that promotes the welfare of the poorest of the poor. He isn't talking about the huge government that wages war around the globe. He's all for that war-waging big government. More to the point though is that Jesus is with God who is the leader of the government of everything, only with delusional rebel such as Robertson standing against them (God and Jesus). Anyway, it doesn't get any bigger than God's government.

Robertson is against the government that taxes him of a portion of the tithes and other taxes (offerings) Robertson puts on the hearts and souls of his deluded minions. He's all for the government that taxes the poor to go to war to protect Robertson's personal estate/empire.

Would Jesus be for bailing out General Motors to save union jobs? He'd ask you who put him in charge. If you put him in charge, where he ought to be, he'd put it on you to decide whether gas powered cars are the way to go (consistent with the Golden Rule or bad for people in general)? He also have in mind a whole world that works without them. Therefore, the so-called liberals who are for bailing out GM to bailout unions are actually being shortsighted and aiming way too low.

Robertson said, "I do believe that Jesus said, 'You don't prefer a poor person over a rich person, at all.'" Well, please, that's so contextual. There is a place where it's true, but there is also a place (higher priority place) where it isn't, far from it. The place where it is true is where the poor is a slave to evil just as much as is the rich one. The poor one wants to be rich, and will work evil to get his or hers. He or she is no better than the rich one who hoards in the face of want even on the part of the wholly innocent and pure.

Now look people. Pat Robertson has read the following: But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. (Luke 6:24 KJVR) He's ignoring it. He's cherry picking so that he can keep minions in the context he wants them to be stuck in for Pat's sake and the sake of Pat's family/empire he's built off those dupes and suckers, as P. T. Barnum called them.

Jesus said give it all for the sake of the poor. The rich one walked away headed for damnation because he couldn't bring himself to do it. Is Pat Robertson telling his FOX audience that? No, he's not telling them that because they'd start thinking, and Pat doesn't want them to think.

Tell Pat that he isn't fooling you anymore. Jesus is not, and never has been, a capitalist. He doesn't like money. He actually hates it and wants us to evolve beyond it. He called money deceitful and unrighteous and said we don't need taxes and shouldn't be taxed: no banks or bankers; no moneychangers anywhere; free of the greedy! Who are the greedy but those who accumulate and hoard for self apart from God's fold? How many Christians are denied by Pat's tens even hundreds of millions of dollars and huge mansion and fancy cars with drivers, etc.? Did Jesus have anything even remotely like Pat's setup?

Jesus is highest in Heaven because he is the lowest servant of the fold. Jesus is an all-ships-rise-with-the-tide person, not a trickledown liar.

Pat Robertson and Neil Cavuto are raging, crony capitalists. They are totally antichrist. Fox News is totally antichrist, not that any of the networks are Christian. They aren't, and that includes TBN and the other so-called Christian networks.

Wake up. Tell the liars you aren't going to follow them anymore.


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