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Tom Usher
Hillary Clinton can stand there saying that, while US predator drones are firing Hellfire Missiles at the rate of some one per week, murdering hundreds and hundreds of innocents perchance to hit the occasional truly dangerous warlord types. Who's making those life and death decisions? The CIA is. On what are they basing their decisions? Look at the people they kidnapped, imprisoned in dark sites and in foreign-controlled prisons of supposed enemies of the US (such as Syria), waterboarded, etc., who ended up proving innocent who told the CIA whatever it wanted to hear. Look at the people who gave up their fellow Afghanis for bounties. Mere children ended up in Guantanamo for years because of some greedy creeps paid off by the CIA and DoD and DIA, etc. What is she talking about? Where are her priorities? Why the Hell is she in charge? Why is Barack Obama in charge? Who chose these people? What were they thinking? Were they thinking? Do you think Rachel Maddow has a clue? Does she use the word "alleged," or does she buy it? The New York Times has been a CIA instrument over and over and over. Nothing they ever write can be taken without a block of salt.

CIA Funding Afghanistan's Number One Drug Lord!
October 28, 2009 MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show 11 hours ago

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