You see, I don't agree with Fred Phelps' methods. I don't agree with his Westboro Baptist Church. However, only fascists want to use the violent, threatening, punishing power of the state to prevent him from voicing his opinions (fascist; albeit he doesn't violate mundane protest laws, such as intruding onto private property, etc., that I know of) where others are also equally free to engage in the public debate on the issues.

I see many fascist groups on Facebook calling for banning everybody with whom they don't agree. That's not what that platform is supposed to be about. That's for sites that don't hold themselves out to be what Facebook is claiming to be.

Right now, Facebook leans to the civil-libertarian side. That's where the homosexuals received support, to begin with, for not being violently coerced to stop their homosexual behavior. The fascists, many of them being homosexuals and pro-homosexuals (homosexual fascists), want to change that.

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