"DON'T BE A SUCKER!" (1947). HOW ABOUT 2009+?

Don't Be a Sucker! (1947)

"Don't Be a Sucker!" (1947). How about 2009+?

Tell it to the banksters who have arranged things so all those common people in the film will have to pay the banksters 23-trillion dollars in additional taxes to bail out those banksters who actually crashed the U.S. economy for just that reason.

I don't like what the film is speaking against, but I don't like how it's twisted minds either. Notice how the Freemasons are so prominently featured. What is that but syncretism to destroy the real message of Jesus Christ that is vastly superior to the whole message of the film. Notice that the Freemason in the film was a know-nothing. Do you think he knew what those 33-degree members knew about the long-term plan? Of course he didn't know. If he had known anything, he wouldn't sit there listening to a slick speech written by the Freemasons (want to bet?). Well, I don't gamble; but I'm right. That's a Freemason propaganda piece so that people won't feel that many secret societies have any agenda at the top. However, Freemasonry has a clear agenda and it is definitely anti-Christ by definition. Unity in diversity is a plan to keep the common people divided so those at the top can control. Pick your dictators or pick real Christianity.

Oh, Jesus isn't for coercion; but notice how the propaganda encourages fighting for the sake of something twisted into noble while the real people being fought for are the same old monarchs dressed up in hugely expensive business suits while children all over the globe die of starvation — children of all races, colors, and creeds.

Don't forget that those "churches" in the film more often than not, stand dead set against the common people having any say. Pick your poison or pick the real truth that isn't in that film, not even close.

Where is Freemasonry being front-and-center against the banksters? They aren't.

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