I joined the Facebook group, "Solidarity campaign with the Swedish journalist threatened by zionists," and left the following Wall post there:

Mr. Donald Bostrom's report was highly professional and objective. If it had been any other group besides the Zionists, the Zionists would have given him an award.

Also, Matthew Cassel's article on The Electronic Intifada is garbage. He completely dismisses the testimony of those cited by Bostrom. He further completely mischaracterizes Bostrom's report. Bostrom did not accuse. He reported on the long-held suspicions of Palestinians.

What with what went on in New Jersey, is there any wonder why those Palestinians would think that they might just get a bit of a hearing in the press now?

Matthew Cassel needs to take some deep breaths from a paper bag.

The Zionist screaming fits "Me thinks thou protesteth too much." They are absolutely mortified at the prospect of anyone discovering any tangible evidence for the suspicions.

Bostrom did not practice tabloid journalism there. He simply reported what the people said (dozens of them; what they suspect) and not without reason.

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