• House Dems waking up to cleaning Obama's economic house or no coattails. Either Obama flushes Bush Wall Streeters or there's a party shift. #
  • Get rid of Tim Geithner and Larry Summers. Get back the stolen tax dollars from Goldman Sachs. Do a New New Deal-Plus. Full-employment WPA #
  • NC Republican Attempts To Distort History #
  • Webster Tarpley Returns on Alex Jones Tv 1/3:Economic Hard Times Ahead for America #
  • Israel Destroys More Palestinian Homes To Expand Illegal Settlements #
  • Pete DeFazio Slams Tim Geithner & Larry Summers #
  • Rep. Alan Grayson Passes Bill to Audit the Fed #
  • Tunnels provide lifeline for Gazans - 20 Nov 09 #
  • Jeremy Irons talks about the death penalty #
  • Webster Tarpley Returns on Alex Jones Tv 2/3:Economic Hard Times Ahead for America #
  • "Tougher regulation is surely appropriate, but it will not stop the next inflationary run-up unless the system is fixed.": Tony & Rob Boeckh #
  • "Voters Continue to See Deficit Reduction as Top Priority" They are wrong. The top priority should be to end the system of usury. #
  • If we can break the evil debt-slave system, then the children will be freer. What's a deficit once we don't owe any interest to anyone? #
  • "...adding to the debt...people could lose confidence...lead to a double-dip recession." - Obama. If he believes it, he's really ignorant. #
  • The double-dip is going to happen because Obama gave the money to the wrong people: Banksters. Public jobs now is the mundane answer! #
  • First Obama copied Herbert Hoover. Now he's going to repeat the mistake of FDR: listening to the deficit hawks. #
  • FDR had the economy going. Deficit hawks got nervous. FDR slowed spending. Things went down. He went back to spending. Things went up again. #
  • More than 1/2 of Zionists say ethnically cleans Palestine of all Arabs. I stand against Zionism. Zionism is sheer evil. #
  • "...nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine...." — Balfour #
  • The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007) #
  • "Even Barack Obama would not think of entering a confrontation with the Jews of the United States." — Shlomo Aronson, Hebrew University. #
  • Many Jews realize many of their fellow Jews are about as racist as people come. Why are there racist Jews? There's no excuse for racism. #
  • DNA-nationalism is a disease. Spiritual righteousness as nationalism though is a real blessing for everyone if they will just wake up to it. #
  • Pat Robertson is wrong that Islam is "not a religion." He's right that it's a "political system." Unlike Pat, not all Muslims are fascists. #
  • Pat Robertson calls himself a Christian while he speaks against everything Jesus holds dear, such as turning the other cheek. #
  • Anti-Anthropogenic Climate Change (A-ACC) is only right if new non-carbon-build-up variables are introduced. Absent those, it fails. #
  • Pro-Cap and Trade is not synonymous with real environmentalism. Real environmentalists are not for taxing or trading solutions, so-called. #
  • December 21 or 23, 2012, will come and go without a huge natural catastrophe or global enlightenment. 2012 is a farce by con-artists. #
  • People who don't believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change don't believe Public Works Projects are good. Exxon's Banker's dupes! #
  • The Russian President is a libertarian. He wants Russia to make money from its oil reserves. Climate Change awareness is a problem for him. #
  • Russia is pumping out libertarian propaganda more and more. #
  • Stop trying to conflate the evil plutocrats with real environmentalists. Exxon and Monsanto are Machiavellian. I am not Malthusian either. #
  • That said, Malthus receives a bad rap from the libertarian capitalists. He really cared about the poor. He was too mundane for me though. #
  • Iraq War Crimes- Depleted Uranium 1 of 4 #
  • Top sticking point: allowing Americans a free choice of public option if their state allows: rabid Capitalists against freedom of choice #
  • Hamas slows rockets. Israel attacks. What's new? #
  • B'Tselem says Israel-Palestinian conflict has killed 8,900 in 20yrs — vast majority Palestinians. Zionist = lying propagandist, spinster. #
  • B'Tselem says in 20 yrs: Israelis killed 7,398 Palestinians, 1,537 minors. Palestinians killed 1,483 Israelis, including 139 minors. #
  • Coercion is coercion whether by socialists or capitalists. #
  • Tom According to my stats, about 50 people have dropped me since I started on Facebook. I wonder what I said? Was... . #
  • Tom A few of those who no longer show up on my Friends List could be attrition though because they left or were... . #
  • "Just 38% of voters now favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats." Many single-payers are opposed. #
  • . "Every government job dooms the possibility that one or two private-sector jobs will materialize.": Flat Capitalist BS. #
  • . TOS: "...we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete your comments...." Trust that? #
  • The last one was from "The New American Magazine." They could change a comment to mean the opposite of one's submission. #
  • China buys Hummer. What a bad buy that is. #
  • Shaiken: "living...the so 20th century...we could succeed...concentrating...on complex financial instruments." #
  • Predator drones simply mean "take no prisoners." #
  • In a Godless, lawless world, civil disobedience is going against one's conscience. I don't. My God is my conscience is the law I obey. #
  • . "Religious Leaders: Civil Disobedience OK to Protect Faith." Read my immediately prior mini-blog post. #
  • We all know Tony Blair lied over and over. His administration was planning war on Iraq long before he claimed it was. #
  • "A Jihadist would not try to get discharged from his terror target." Yes, but neocons don't care about that. They just use the Big Lie. #
  • I knew if I waited someone would write an article ripping the neocon propaganda to shreds. Here's one just to start. #
  • "with no one interested in protecting Maj. Hasan's motives, and everyone interested in protecting the Army's behavior, the story...changed." #
  • Tom "Higher courts will enshrine into legal precedents the denial of the Constitutional right to a speedy trial,... . #
  • Tom "The twisted logic necessary to disentangle Mohammed's torture from his confession will also be upheld and will... . #
  • Tom "The outcome of Mohammed's [Khalid Shaikh] trial will complete the transformation of the US legal system from a... . #
  • A vampire romance sequel breaks opening day records? No wonder the world is going to the dogs. #
  • Iran's moral police arrested dozens for illicit sexual acts including wife swapping and groups sex (orgies). It's the Western influence. #
  • I don't believe they should be stoned but rather helped to understand what is wrong physically and spiritually with swapping and orgies. #
  • Zionism is right now the ultimate hate criminal. #
  • Zionism is right now the ultimate hate crime. #
  • "one Israeli Jew tells Shamir that she refuses to get upset by Israeli aggression against the Palestinians because 'we' faced worse." Evil #
  • Alex Jones is spinning CO2 as if environmentalists call it poison. It is a problem when excessive. Rain is good, but too much causes floods. #
  • Alex Jones is overstating the "proof" of hacked emails. Too much CO2 is co-opted by capitalists for evil Cap & Trade. Real greens hate it. #
  • Alex Jones talks about CO2, plants, & humans but doesn't mention the volume of burning oil, coal, gas, & wood, as if burning doesn't matter. #
  • Alex Jones is twisting and exaggerating based upon superficial knowledge of the subject. He's being an anti-environmentalist Libertarian. #
  • There is an evil-NWO group. Just stop conflating environmentalism with it. I'm anti-tax and anti evil-NWO. I'm pro good-NWO. Creation care! #
  • Many of the "scientists" Alex Jones sites work for laissez-faire think tanks paid for by CO2 industries like oil, gas, and coal. #
  • I've never seen or heard Alex Jones mention the Tobacco Institute's use of scientists to "debunk" tobacco causing lung cancer. #
  • "Alex Runs Down Man-made Climate Change Hoax Exposed in CRU Emails." This is premature! He'll be embarrassed. #
  • George Galloway on the Jewish lobby #
  • Press TV /Ridley and Rattansi/The invention of Jewish people/11/21/2009 #
  • The Jewish lobby #
  • The Arab street - Marrakesh - 23 Nov 09 - Pt 1 #
  • Conspiracy of the century? Hackers 'expose' climate change #
  • Must be a new jobs program or Dems will pay #
  • Israel's Netanyahu Slaps Peace & US Across The Face #
  • Obama says creating jobs is job # one. How is he handling it? He's sending 34K more troops to Afghanistan to waste more money and to murder. #
  • Dan De Vaul, convicted of building code violations at ranch for homeless, out of Jail; Why didn't they help instead? #
  • The Roman Catholic Church was insane about pedophiles. The Irish say avoiding scandals and keeping assets was most important to the church. #
  • Iran confiscated Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace medal. It's petty and counter-productive, even from the government's perspective. Think. #
  • Where's the CIA's hand in the recent violence in the Philippines where 22 journalists were included among the dead making Islam look bad? #
  • The hajj is blessed with torrential rains that killed at least 77 people. Something is wrong when hajj after hajj results in massive deaths. #
  • India marked the anniversary of Mumbai attacks by 10 [supposed] Islamic gunmen. It had all the hallmarks of a false-flag operation. #
  • Perhaps Saudi Arabia couldn't outbid the U.S. for controlling the weather over the hajj. #
  • Why does the stupid news call Hugo Chavez a "firebrand"? He hasn't invaded anyone. He's not stirring up trouble. He points out those who do. #
  • I don't support everything Hugo Chavez does, but calling him the main problem in Latin America is stupid. He could easily be worked with. #
  • The main problem in Latin America is greedy foreigners. What's new around the world now? #
  • The Honduran election is illegitimate. The coup should have been reversed. Obama is a puppet of the greedy, global plutocrats. He must go. #
  • The greedy, global plutocrats must repent. They are possessed. They are raping the people and the planet. They ruin everything they touch. #
  • Polanski will be placed under house arrest at his ski resort luxury chalet. If he were poor and black, where would he be? #
  • "China mine disaster toll hits 108" Welcome to greed. Whether socialist or capitalist, it's a disaster. #
  • I looked at the pictures of the "largest cruise ship ever," and determined that I wouldn't be able to wait to get off. #
  • Federal Reserve 0% rate provoking complaints: doing little, fueling asset bubbles. Duh! They should have put the money into Main Street. #
  • "Sarah Palin's memoir 'Going Rogue' shot to the top of the US bestseller list." That's a bad sign. She's a neocon, false-Christian-Zionist. #
  • Black Friday is aptly named. It's the spirit of darkness that consumes so & buys for those who love them rather than focusing on the poor. #
  • Back before Christmas was co-opted buy evil retailers, children were taught to give to the poor rather than wish for everything for self. #
  • "With arugula...from his [organic] garden...President Barack Obama took a fresh take on the state dinner." The rest get sick on Monsanto. #
  • Marijuana for childhood ADHD & autism is a question. Why is there ADHD & autism in the first place though? That's where the focus should be. #
  • 9/11 "8:50 am [pager] message says: 'BOMB DETINATED IN WORLD TRADE CTR.'" #
  • 9/11 "8:53 am, a police department message from 'NYPD Ops Div' calls for action: 'POSSIBLE EXPLOSION WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDING.'" #

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