Do you think relaxing doesn't open the floodgates of Hell? That link is to a pedophilia group right on Facebook. No sooner than they gain so-called rights for little children then they start saying the little children's parents have no right to prevent the children from being molested by any adults. This is where the idea of exterminating pedophiles comes from.

Some diseased minds will take as much slack as they can gain even if it leads directly to the lowest parts of Hell. If you don't want the wrath to come, you need to stop "accepting and affirming" "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

I'm not for violent coercion, but I'm dead set against condoning, promoting, and proselytizing for decadence.

Speak loudly and always against these liars, these pedophiles, before it becomes too late for you. They are incrementally proselytizing for ruination. They will bait with seemingly limited requests wrapped in the jargon of "liberty." Once they've attained that level, they'll hammer for more decay. They've fallen and want the world down there with them. They've been abused and don't want to overcome the wickedness.

That Facebook group concerns an officially registered political pedophilia party in the Netherlands:

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