"...the ratio of insider sellers to buyers...." That's what I'm talking about. The handwriting is on the wall and has been for years now.

All they are doing is buying time while the rest get weaker and weaker.

History is far from over though. They know it, but they think the wrath won't come for them. They actually think they control it.

Jacob cheated and was himself repeatedly cheated. Moses wasn't allowed into the Promised Land. Joshua refused to commit total war. David wasn't allowed to build the Temple. Solomon lost it to sex and perverted gods. They lost the Ark of the Covenant. They refused to listen to Jesus. The Romans crushed them. They were bounced around and persecuted themselves, as they had persecuted. Then the Rothschilds were raised up by Satan. The Nazis crushed the Jews though but were themselves crushed.

The Rothschild-funded Zionists imagined they'd get away with pulling a long series of fast ones. It isn't working. When will they ever learn?

I'm talking about the mammon worshipers — the usurers. They fall. It doesn't last. Capitalism dies.

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