"Innocent until proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt" is a proper legal principle to protect against false imprisonment and other forms of punishment. Open speculation about guilt is often proper too provided we don't mete out punishment based upon it and provided we qualify our language where there is doubt of guilt.

Some guilt is prima facie. Tzipi Livni is guilty of war crimes. I don't want to have to fall back on mundane and secular courts before speaking such an obvious truth.

Khalid Amayreh believes the war criminals must be punished to reestablish the precedent and to deter further or future such crimes.

Gilad Atzmon goes straight at the Zionist Project as a racist and Nazi-like system. and

The Ma'an News Agency reports on The Women's Coalition for Peace group's letter to Israel's former Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, calling on her to turn herself in to be tried for war crimes.

If that link is down (blocked by Mossad, etc.?), try the following:

Samira Shackle briefly touches on the international legal principle known as "universal jurisdiction" in matters of war crimes and the like.

David Sapsted reports that Universal Jurisdiction was established under the 1957 Geneva Conventions Act. He further reports the following:

Additionally, under the 1980 Magistrates' Courts Act, anyone in England and Wales can apply to a court for an arrest warrant for someone they wish to prosecute privately for a serious crime.
Daniel Machover, a London solicitor who cofounded Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, said: "I feel honest revulsion at the idea of a case where a judge has granted an arrest warrant and a politician gets on the phone and apologises.

"They have got to stay out of individual cases and legal decisions. It's outrageous and the only reason the Foreign Office wants to do it is to avoid embarrassment - there is no good legal reason.

"If there was an arrest warrant against Livni, it's because there was a case to answer according to a judge who found that there was reasonable suspicion."

That's what Miliband and Brown wish to overturn. Will the British people cave into such fascism?

David Miliband and Gordon Brown and others are complicit, aiding, and abetting war-crimes fugitives. Miliband and Brown claim that arresting Livni and other Zionists for war crimes hampers the "peace process." The best way to bring peace is to stop supporting war crimes and war criminals. Miliband and Brown support war crimes and war criminals.

Of course, there are tons of war criminals all over the planet, and Tony Blair is rightly in the spotlight as one of them.

Miliband and Brown could be right in there with him. What did they know, and when did they know it?

Zionists are far from alone in being war criminals. However, their case sticks out more on account of the fact that it has happened after WWII and what happened to Jews. It has continued happening despite what the world did to break Apartheid South Africa's regime. It has continued to happen with the United States giving more military weapons and money to Israel per capita by far than to any other nation or people of the world.

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