• Wow, "Climategate" bad journalism sure is catching. People are running with sound bites from leaping to conclusions. #
  • Smoking doesn't cause lung cancer? Burning carbon does nothing to the climate? If it does, it has to be good? Anyone who says no is a pinko! #
  • Make that a billionaire pinko. #
  • The oil companies did not, I repeat, did not found the global-warming movement. They were dragged kicking and screaming to acknowledge it. #
  • Exxon definitely funded fringe think-tanks to start the "doubt" movement. #
  • Unless major burning cuts are made and all other things being equal, ... #
  • when the 11 yr. solar cycle shifts, when El Nino is in full stream, warming deniers will be begging for ice. #
  • Have you seen Jesse Ventura's latest? Wow, is it bad: believe everything any anti-AGW speaker... #
  • ...says, don't fact check, play sinister music, meet in warehouses, talk of death threats, mask identities, run... #
  • ...away as if agents are coming, read things in that don't necessarily follow, and on and on.... #
  • My "CAPITALISM DIES" post is getting more tweets than I usually get. Even capitalists know Jesus is pacifist/communist. #
  • Plugin upgrades and the WordPress 2.9 upgrade did not go well. I'm glad I'm an old hand at it. I hate to think what novices are feeling. #
  • I had to roll back the Most Commented plugin, deactivate JavaScript to manage widgets on the widget admin page, and delete .maintenance. #
  • Why they don't automatically kill .maintenance after the upgrade is done is really strange. They've known about it for several upgrades now. #
  • The JavaScript problem on the widget admin page is also a holdover from two dot versions ago (at least). #
  • WordPress users locked out with a "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance" message, delete the .maintenance file in /WordPress. #
  • An Israeli TV documentary claims Israeli politician/Knesset member Aryeh Eldad was the main culprit behind stealing Palestinian body parts. #
  • Press TV says: "Israel stripped body organs off Palestinians: MP" #
  • We need hard evidence out in public before saying Zionist soldiers stole body parts for sure. We can't go on hearsay. #
  • Concerning Christianity and homosexuality, the fact is that Jesus said God made man to cleave to woman, not another man. That's marriage. #
  • Preachers who say Jesus was only opposed to idolatrous pagan worship or violence in homosexuality are obfuscating. #
  • Regardless, homosexuality is error. Sex is for procreation. Males and females were designed to procreate together. Why twist it? Why lie? #
  • Why do so many so-called Christian preachers not believe in the transformational power of God to change homosexuals from that behavior? #
  • Do they believe that murderers, thieves, rapists, liars, cheats, and the rest are immutable and beyond salvation too? #
  • Can no prostitute turn and repent never to sell herself again? Can a sick newborn never heal? These false preachers diminish the faith. #
  • It's an evil congregation & generation that makes error & falsehood comfortable things — esteeming & flattering the wayward & faithless. #
  • The churches that affirm unrepentant homosexuals open their doors to selfish lust and will fail. They will fall. #
  • It is a sick, possessed, shameful soul that cannot refrain from clear error but calls Hell's broad way acceptable & something to celebrate. #
  • Obama knew what he was doing letting AGW-deniers have a field day. As with war and bailouts, he's intentionally weak about greenhouse gases. #
  • Obama is weak about everything that matters. #
  • If civil liberties matter, he's weak about them. The weaker he is about something, the more it needs a strong hand instead. #
  • Obama should have been in Copenhagen the first day. He should have shot down every "Climategate" allegation one-by-one. #
  • Obama should have offered cooperative research and development of clean, alternative energy rather than fight for competitive positioning. #
  • Obama didn't do those things because the Americans voted for the hand-picked choice of plutocrats, whose war machine runs mostly on oil. #
  • Face it, Obama is a not-so-closeted neoconservative/Zionist on the Middle East and neoliberal on foreign and domestic economics. #
  • Obama ran as a Populist in image only. All his talk contained exactly what he's been delivering. #
  • People looked at Obama's actors image and didn't listen to his plan. #
  • It's their own fault. It's why I'm out of secular politics. Coercive democracy is from Hell. #
  • RT @forcedgreen Daddy's Gone Green And He Don't Care | This shows real sharing of valuable ideas! #
  • It's frictionless because it's mag levitated. I bet it's quieter too on account of it. #
  • "Israel admits to organ thefts." "Blood libel" doesn't sound as far-fetched anymore, does it? #
  • Easter Sunday 1475, 2-yr-old Saint Simon (Simon of Trent) was found dead in the basement of a Jewish family in Trent, Italy. #
  • That was before any torture took place on those Jews. Of course, some sick "Christian" could have framed them. #
  • See: and #
  • No matter what, it is wrong to lump people together by race or ethnicity. It is wrong to discriminate on account of race or ethnicity. #
  • All Jews are not Zionists. All professing Zionists are not equally capable of war crimes, etc. Many Jews living in Israel are against war. #
  • Why though would any Jews move to Israel or live there knowing that it was founded even after the Nazi era and by terrorist land thieves? #
  • Israel attack PressTV #
  • It's around a year since the Zionists Cast Lead Operation. Obama has done nothing about it right along with the world. #
  • Michael Ruppert is absolutely right about the "illegal" drug industry and directly associated money laundering, etc. #
  • Michael Ruppert ties the Wall Streeters, the Banksters, those who bailed out themselves with your money, right to the CIA. #
  • Michael Ruppert looks right into the dark heart of the Empire and shows it to the whole winking/complicit world. Stand up for the truth! #
  • #
  • "The truth is the perfect defense against libel." I like that. #
  • The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church says homosexuality is a sin but there should be no discrimination. How can that be? #
  • Is he letting them into his church without requiring them to repent? If not, he's discriminating. #
  • If he is not requiring them to repent, then he's a bad shepherd by allowing the pollution of the temple of the congregation. #
  • He said that, "We accept all the choices a person makes in terms of his sexuality." What does he mean by "accept"? #
  • Reject a person's choice of homosexuality. Don't punish though. That's the other spirit. Also, don't open Heaven's gate to the unrepentant. #
  • The gate opens to the truly repentant. With sufficient faith, God transforms and regenerates anyone. Don't diminish faith for "modernity." #
  • A 60-year-old woman was trampled to death in Peru as people crushed to get free Christmas fruitcake. End the spirit of greed! #
  • You can blame the pedophile-lover and homosexual Alfred Kinsey and his depraved-and-fellow-researcher liars for rising world decadence. #
  • Alfred Kinsey should have been rejected in every capital in the world. Instead, they followed him as he proselytize for utter depravity. #
  • Alfred Kinsey was sent by Satan to cast the seeds of tares amongst the seeds of healthy wheat cast by God. Kinsey came to ruin the crop. #
  • Now the homosexuals are all over lying by telling the youth that homosexuality is not a choice — that they can't reject the temptation. #
  • Homosexuals are lying about the Gospel message by claiming Jesus was silent on the definition of marriage being male-female: one flesh. #
  • You know, you may not like the Pope; but he's an 82-year-old man, and what's the point in dragging him down on top of you? It doesn't help! #
  • I don't agree with his theology/politics, but you won't convert anyone to anything good by knocking the old man down. Shame! #
  • Exxon report shows $76,106 to the "Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory": Drs. Willie Soon & Sallie Baliunas. Baliunas was a CFC-denier too. #
  • See that on Soon & Baliunas. #
  • Laissez-faire capitalism is evil. It always results in a net loss. #
  • A few appear to go up, but the whole is lessened, more than offsetting that mere appearance. #
  • It's a mere appearance because selling one's soul is also a net loss. #
  • Tom Usher is now following: #
  • Tom Usher just Fanned: #
  • Tom Usher just subscribed to: #
  • "Exxon has the right to fund any research or publications it wishes. However, the Congress and the public have the right to know why..." #
  • "...ExxonMobil is funding a scientist whose writing is outside his area of expertise to create the impression that expert scientists..." #
  • "...have conducted rigorous, peer-reviewed work that says the problems with polar bears are unproven or unserious." — Rep. Brad Miller (NC) #
  • Greenpeace is about more than climate change: deforestation, over fishing, toxics, nuclear waste and accidents, the dangers of GM foods, ... #
  • Greenpeace Group on Facebook: #
  • Creation Care is right! Greedy laissez-faire and other forms of anti-environmentalist capitalism are not! #
  • Chinese dissident & former Beijing Normal University professor, Liu Xiaobo, gets 11 years for inciting to subvert state power. #
  • Inciting to subvert state power means a new constitution, human rights, open elections, and freedom of religion and expression. #
  • #
  • Coming Soon - GM Rice #
  • I'm against coercive democracy, but China doesn't even have the democracy part. #
  • Canada is becoming a "51st state" due to North America's economic integration. Libertarians are faulted by liberal Americans for saying it. #
  • Canada's PM Stephen Harper said Canada would match the United States on climate change because of North America's economic integration. #
  • "NORAD tracks Santa's sleigh for a high-tech Ho Ho" They should track Jesus instead, and study war no more! #
  • Obamacare will leave 5 million without coverage. It will force 31 million to buy from the plutocrats' private sector because he's their man. #
  • "...we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel. ..." #
  • "... I offer an Al Het [apology] for any words or deeds of mine that may have done so." — Jimmy Carter #
  • You see, this is why I don't agree with Jimmy Carter 100%. The Zionist Project is reprehensible, and Carter is just caving in here. #
  • Zionism is racism at its very core. The Zionist founded Israel via terrorism and deception. They have engaged in war crimes and more. #
  • Zionism is not synonymous with Jewishness. Carter has done a disservice here to the cause of real truth and real peace by diluting. #
  • Zionists are having a field day twisting his twisting even more. Jimmy, your letter blew it. It was very poorly thought out and worded. #
  • They are focused on your "apology" as an admission that your whole worldview about their war crimes has been wrong. You better fix it ASAP. #
  • Of course, the Zionists are being so obvious with their spinning of Carter's wording. It's par for the course. They never look for real. #
  • "Real freedom is a hard-won spiritual condition, not the law of the jungle." — David Arzouman. Well, "pure" capitalism is dog-eat-dog now! #
  • There is survival of the fittest; however, who knows the end but God? #

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  • It's not freedom of religion if they tax it.

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