Okay, this will be short. I'm just testing my Wordbook's


connection with Facebook. If everything is working properly, this should show up on Facebook nearly in real time. It should have a different icon from Facebook Notes too.

I'll tell you one thing. Everything seems to be running faster on my end.

I see that my blog is showing Greenwich time for some reason. I'll have to reset that. I wonder what else got stepped on. I've sure had loads of hi-tech problems today.

Here's what I informed the plugin developer about:

I'm having the same problem as John Cline.

Wordbook failed to communicate with Facebook for TESTING WORDPRESS WORDBOOK PLUGIN CONNECTION WITH FACEBOOK: method = facebook.stream.publish, error_code = 200 (Permissions error). Your blog is OK, but Facebook didn't get the update.

Wordbook: 0.15
Facebook PHP API: PHP5
JSON library: PHP
SimpleXML library: PHP
WordPress: 2.9
PHP: 5.2.5
[I use PHP 5 and 4 via .htaccess]
MySQL: 5.0.18 [4.1.22-max-log]

My post's URL: http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2009/12/30/testing-wordpress-wordbook-plugin-connection-with-facebook.html

By the way, the link in the notice to is not good.


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