1. @nasrocket "there are normal people making allot of money buying foreclosures right now" Why did you say that to me? What's good in it? in reply to nasrocket #

  2. How can the decade ending in 2009 be the warmest of the "modern" record while Christopher Monckton pronounces otherwise? Answer: He's wrong. #

  3. "Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher" Wrong! He was not her science advisor. #

  4. "Recent global cool-down challenges validity of climate change models" What recent cool-down? Wait until things really heat up. #

  5. There is a cycle from warm to cool to warm.... The trend line is still up cycle-to-cycle. Not all of it is anthropogenic but too much is. #

  6. "Debunking climate change sceptics" #

  7. "Global warming is real, and we should be worried," Joel Connelly. #

  8. China and Russia are opposed to sanctions against Iran, but Hillary Clinton sees unity on Iran. She's blatantly lying — Zionist! #

  9. "Hillary Clinton said Thursday the international community is 'unified in its resolve' to put pressure on Iran." Who gave her a microphone? #

  10. Hillary Clinton nor any of the other lying, Zionist neocons have produced even a shred of evidence against Iran. War-mongers! Sick! #

  11. Prove it, Hillary. Show me one tiny bit of credible evidence that Iran wants a nuclear weapon. She's a liar. It's time for her to go. #

  12. . Israeli Jews defy Zionist, fascist police to protest illegal Jewish-only settlements in "Arab/Muslim" East Jerusalem. #

  13. Obama attacked the Supreme Court corporate-donations ruling saying it "strikes at democracy itself." Is he for a Constitutional amendment? #

  14. Iran will unveil 3 satellites amid Zionist lies that Tehran is using its nuclear & space industries to develop nuclear & ballistic weapons. #

  15. "U.S. spy agencies updating intelligence on Iran see growing evidence...Tehran has pushed forward with nuclear weapons research." Prove it! #

  16. Zionist liars are the unnamed "sources" for so-called U.S. intelligence reports against Iran. They think you're dumb enough to fall for it. #

  17. The mass, mainstream, corporate, for-profit media spews the Zionist's false-propaganda, psy-ops against the American people about Iran. #

  18. Angela Merkel, What is the matter with you? You have no proof against Iran. Show me the proof, or stop. The Germans need honest leaders. #

  19. Angela Merkel, stop sucking up to the lying Zionists who are hellbent on dragging Germany into fighting the Zionists' illegal wars for them. #

  20. Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie of the Council of Senior Ulema is spinning Mohammed's marriage and sexual consummation with then 9-year-old Aisha. #

  21. It won't work Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie, Council of Senior Ulema. It's wrong now, and it was just as wrong then. Mohammed did an evil thing. #

  22. "Child marriages not justified" #

  23. Why do Muslims make excuses for pedophilia? Pedophilia is wrong and always has been. Forgiveness is one thing. Continued lying is another. #

  24. "UK brothers, aged 11 and 12, sentenced for torture" Where did they learn it, the CIA, Rupert Murdoch? They may as well have. #

  25. "For two decades, Chile was the "teacher's pet" of Latin America, the student who always brought home straight A's" with the devil grading. #

  26. FOX New's "Judge" Andrew Napolitano's knowledge of the history of the New Deal and the Great Depression is completely wrong. #

  27. When FDR listened to the Andrew Napolitanos of his day, things got worse. When he stopped and went back to the plan, things got better. #

  28. FDR did not bailout the banksters. Andrew Napolitano is spinning when he says Obama is doing what FDR did. Napolitano is ignorant or lying. #

  29. Unemployment went up, not down, when FDR started back in with the more laissez-faire crap. #

  30. De-regulation under Senator Phil Gramm, et al., caused the current crash. If he hadn't been listened to, the crash wouldn't have happened. #

  31. Laissez-faire is insane. Humans have brains & don't have to wait for "the markets." The market is just a retro-indicator of souls duped. #

  32. The U.S. military deployment to Haiti is a military occupation when it turns back Doctors Without Borders flights, which it did repeatedly. #

  33. Have any real investigative journalists eliminated CIA provocateurs' involvement in Nigerian clashes between Muslims & so-called Christians? #

  34. The Anglo-American-Israeli Empire controls Nigerian oil, not the Nigerian people who should. The CIA are global terrorists for plutocrats. #

  35. Let me mention Paul Volcker before Democrats start chanting his name. Volcker wouldn't blink balancing the budget on the backs of the poor. #

  36. Paul Volcker is not a Populist. Barack Obama must go outside the retreads. Volcker reined in inflation squeezing the poor for the rich. #

  37. Paul Volcker would be the perfect choice to break entitlements rather than doing the right thing: busting the Banksters. #

  38. The banksters still call the shots in the Obama administration. It's all just spin. Obama is playing the dupes again. He's playacting. #

  39. It's calculated. They'll want him to sound as if he's anti-bankster; but behind the scenes, the banksters are to keep control. End the Fed. #

  40. "Google is the supplier of...core search technology...'Intellipedia...highly-secured...37,000 U.S. spies...related personnel share info...." #

  41. Google & the CIA makes one wonder about Google and China and the recent stock sale plan by Google's two founders, Larry Page & Sergey Brin. #

  42. Google claims it's interested in the Chinese people's freedom of inquiry. #

  43. Google is also complaining about China possibly spying on dissidents who are using Google from China. #

  44. & Google & intelligence #

  45. How can one "Do no Evil" but supply for profit the CIA that murders innocents & mere "suspects" via Hellfire missiles from predator drones? #

  46. Google speaks about it as if there is no difference between supplying the CIA versus any other organization. There's a huge difference. #

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