1. @nasrocket "there are normal people making allot of money buying foreclosures right now" Why did you say that to me? What's good in it? in reply to nasrocket #

  2. How can the decade ending in 2009 be the warmest of the "modern" record while Christopher Monckton pronounces otherwise? Answer: He's wrong. #

  3. "Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher" Wrong! He was not her science advisor. #

  4. "Recent global cool-down challenges validity of climate change models" What recent cool-down? Wait until things really heat up. #

  5. There is a cycle from warm to cool to warm.... The trend line is still up cycle-to-cycle. Not all of it is anthropogenic but too much is. #

  6. "Debunking climate change sceptics" #

  7. "Global warming is real, and we should be worried," Joel Connelly. #

  8. China and Russia are opposed to sanctions against Iran, but Hillary Clinton sees unity on Iran. She's blatantly lying — Zionist! #

  9. "Hillary Clinton said Thursday the international community is 'unified in its resolve' to put pressure on Iran." Who gave her a microphone? #

  10. Hillary Clinton nor any of the other lying, Zionist neocons have produced even a shred of evidence against Iran. War-mongers! Sick! #

  11. Prove it, Hillary. Show me one tiny bit of credible evidence that Iran wants a nuclear weapon. She's a liar. It's time for her to go. #

  12. . Israeli Jews defy Zionist, fascist police to protest illegal Jewish-only settlements in "Arab/Muslim" East Jerusalem. #

  13. Obama attacked the Supreme Court corporate-donations ruling saying it "strikes at democracy itself." Is he for a Constitutional amendment? #

  14. Iran will unveil 3 satellites amid Zionist lies that Tehran is using its nuclear & space industries to develop nuclear & ballistic weapons. #

  15. "U.S. spy agencies updating intelligence on Iran see growing evidence...Tehran has pushed forward with nuclear weapons research." Prove it! #

  16. Zionist liars are the unnamed "sources" for so-called U.S. intelligence reports against Iran. They think you're dumb enough to fall for it. #

  17. The mass, mainstream, corporate, for-profit media spews the Zionist's false-propaganda, psy-ops against the American people about Iran. #

  18. Angela Merkel, What is the matter with you? You have no proof against Iran. Show me the proof, or stop. The Germans need honest leaders. #

  19. Angela Merkel, stop sucking up to the lying Zionists who are hellbent on dragging Germany into fighting the Zionists' illegal wars for them. #

  20. Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie of the Council of Senior Ulema is spinning Mohammed's marriage and sexual consummation with then 9-year-old Aisha. #

  21. It won't work Sheikh Abdullah al-Manie, Council of Senior Ulema. It's wrong now, and it was just as wrong then. Mohammed did an evil thing. #

  22. "Child marriages not justified" #

  23. Why do Muslims make excuses for pedophilia? Pedophilia is wrong and always has been. Forgiveness is one thing. Continued lying is another. #

  24. "UK brothers, aged 11 and 12, sentenced for torture" Where did they learn it, the CIA, Rupert Murdoch? They may as well have. #

  25. "For two decades, Chile was the "teacher's pet" of Latin America, the student who always brought home straight A's" with the devil grading. #

  26. FOX New's "Judge" Andrew Napolitano's knowledge of the history of the New Deal and the Great Depression is completely wrong. #

  27. When FDR listened to the Andrew Napolitanos of his day, things got worse. When he stopped and went back to the plan, things got better. #

  28. FDR did not bailout the banksters. Andrew Napolitano is spinning when he says Obama is doing what FDR did. Napolitano is ignorant or lying. #

  29. Unemployment went up, not down, when FDR started back in with the more laissez-faire crap. #

  30. De-regulation under Senator Phil Gramm, et al., caused the current crash. If he hadn't been listened to, the crash wouldn't have happened. #

  31. Laissez-faire is insane. Humans have brains & don't have to wait for "the markets." The market is just a retro-indicator of souls duped. #

  32. The U.S. military deployment to Haiti is a military occupation when it turns back Doctors Without Borders flights, which it did repeatedly. #

  33. Have any real investigative journalists eliminated CIA provocateurs' involvement in Nigerian clashes between Muslims & so-called Christians? #

  34. The Anglo-American-Israeli Empire controls Nigerian oil, not the Nigerian people who should. The CIA are global terrorists for plutocrats. #

  35. Let me mention Paul Volcker before Democrats start chanting his name. Volcker wouldn't blink balancing the budget on the backs of the poor. #

  36. Paul Volcker is not a Populist. Barack Obama must go outside the retreads. Volcker reined in inflation squeezing the poor for the rich. #

  37. Paul Volcker would be the perfect choice to break entitlements rather than doing the right thing: busting the Banksters. #

  38. The banksters still call the shots in the Obama administration. It's all just spin. Obama is playing the dupes again. He's playacting. #

  39. It's calculated. They'll want him to sound as if he's anti-bankster; but behind the scenes, the banksters are to keep control. End the Fed. #

  40. "Google is the supplier of...core search technology...'Intellipedia...highly-secured...37,000 U.S. spies...related personnel share info...." #

  41. Google & the CIA makes one wonder about Google and China and the recent stock sale plan by Google's two founders, Larry Page & Sergey Brin. #

  42. Google claims it's interested in the Chinese people's freedom of inquiry. #

  43. Google is also complaining about China possibly spying on dissidents who are using Google from China. #

  44. & Google & intelligence #

  45. How can one "Do no Evil" but supply for profit the CIA that murders innocents & mere "suspects" via Hellfire missiles from predator drones? #

  46. Google speaks about it as if there is no difference between supplying the CIA versus any other organization. There's a huge difference. #

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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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