1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-24 . #

  2. That does not sound like Osama bin Laden's voice in the video reactionaries claim says al Qaeda planned the so-called underwear bombing. #

  3. Also, the voice does not say al Qaeda planned the so-called underwear bombing. Perhaps the version I heard was truncated. I'm checking. #

  4. "The message I want to convey to you through the plane of the hero Umar Farouk...." That is not necessarily a claim of responsibility. #

  5. "No results found for 'full text of bin Laden'" "No results found for 'full text of Osama'" 24 hrs. Who's false propagandizing? Ans: MSM! #

  6. The only sites right now that even hint at it are auto-redirected to stupid, fake, hard-drive anti-virus scan sites. #

  7. Now one whole news cycle is full of a piece of dung, unsubstantiated talking point from wicked Zionists whose dupes carelessly spread it. #

  8. After the damage is done, cursory minds are on to watching entertainment. If, and, and buts are then given for the sake of MSM credibility. #

  9. @inksnatcher Bush: "The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." in reply to inksnatcher #

  10. "Iran is attempting to reach a deal to secretly import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan." Prove it. #

  11. Manufacturing consent for another illegal, immoral, anti-Christ war against an "Islamic" state for the sake of land-thieving Zionists.... #

  12. Manufacturing consent for another illegal, immoral, anti-Christ war against an "Islamic" state for the sake of greedy capitalists.... #

  13. Some, such as Sean Hannity, claim this truth is "blame America first," a phrase devoid of judgment. He also claims Christianity. #

  14. While Hannity claims Christianity, he calls for war. Does he claim Jesus calls for the kind of bloody wars Hannity wants? Heaven forbid. #

  15. Sean Hannity, should Haitians have killed every American imperialist who ever attempted to step foot on Haitian soil? #

  16. Certainly, the Haitians would have had to fend off the whole imperial military. Whose fault would that have been, Sean? #

  17. Open up your "free markets" to takeovers, corruption of leaders, & privatization & shutdown of your collective enterprises or die. Blame it! #

  18. Not every slave was righteous, but certainly not one of the slavers was while slaving and before repenting and atoning. #

  19. Pat Robertson blames victims. He claims Christianity but ignores his LORD saying the innocent & righteous suffer from the covetous violent. #

  20. The Heritage Foundation, a "free market," imperial, neocon, self-styled think tank, is rubbing its greedy hands together over Haiti. #

  21. Bring the former slaves more so back into the fold of the enslaved is the plan of the Zionist Heritage Foundation – a tool of the banksters. #

  22. There's no freedom in being taken over by violently coercive privatizers. #

  23. Jean Bertrand Aristide was ousted by bloody American imperialists because he wanted the poor Haitians to own their own country. #

  24. Manuel Zelaya was treated to a similar contrived fate. He wanted fairness for the Honduran poor — a sin against the imperial leisure class. #

  25. Mahatma Gandhi was an uppity nigger in the eyes of the unduly lauded, racist Winston Churchill. Gandhi was for the poor. That was his sin. #

  26. Brothers and sisters, Jesus was spiked to the murderous torture contraption called the cross for being for the poor and oppressed. #

  27. Voodoo is not the answer for Haiti, but American covetousness is a plague upon Haiti and the world. Blame it! I do. Repent of it. #

  28. While there is liberalism and then liberalism, Jon Voight doesn't know the right kind of liberalism. He denounces it all now. #

  29. Jon threw the baby out with the bath water. Jon Voight is opposed to coercion so long as it's against what he wants. #

  30. Jon Voight's knowledge of what really happened before the attack on Gaza is almost zero. #

  31. Voight bought the lies of the bloody, terrorist, land-thieving Zionists. Saying that doesn't mean Hamas is saintly either. #

  32. Racism stinks! #

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