2. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-25 . #

  3. The issue is whether banksters should have been bailed out or allowed to fall of their own dead weight. They give no real value, only scam. #

  4. The toxic securities are still toxic even though Bernanke refused to mark to market. #

  5. His ploy has been to mask the fact that the American people are absorbing sludge that was set up on purpose to that end. #

  6. He wants the current bubble he is blowing up to become disconnected in the minds of the people with the pre-2008 bankster-caused condition. #

  7. Tea Party members are falling for it. MSM talking heads say what the superrich want & the Tea Party is co-opted by neocon/Zionist/bankers. #

  8. The "value" in the toxic securities come at the top of a huge bubble that will burst after the dupes have had their confidence restored. #

  9. "Bernanke Seeks to Defuse Criticism Through GAO Audit" He's been forced. #

  10. Solid results from speaking out. Break the myth that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. #

  11. Haiti is in debt to the superrich banksters because those banksters were behind violent overthrows of Haitian governments. #

  12. 13 million American children in families live below the poverty level. #

  13. The poor in Haiti & America suffer under the greediest of the greedy while banksters get corporate personhood & Fed bailouts via your taxes. #

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