1. TWITTER DAILY UPDATE FOR 2010-01-28 . #

  2. Thanks to Ali Abunimah @avinunu for this: Palestinian Authority: Pray our way or else #

  3. @livewithlove9 Thanks for the link: in reply to livewithlove9 #

  4. Is your stinking gold investment from environmentally toxic heap-leaching, gold cyanidation, cyanide process, MacArthur-Forrest process? #

  5. #

  6. "...bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded...." Obama helped do that. #

  7. "...if we had allowed the meltdown of the financial system, unemployment might be double what it is today." That's exactly backwards. #

  8. "More businesses would certainly have closed. More homes would have surely been lost." That's wrong, and Obama knows it. #

  9. Barack Obama heard and read the alternative ideas. He was told of the proven and easy ways to create full employment. #

  10. He was told of the ways insolvent banks have been handled for decades without causing all the problems we now have. #

  11. He knows United States Notes are sitting there as an interest-free alternative to extremely evil Federal Reserve Notes. #

  12. He also knows that the financial system is not stable. The underlying fundamentals are no better now than they were. In fact, they're worse. #

  13. The banksters are dishing out record bonuses because they've gouged the people. They've raised interest rates and fees across-the-board. #

  14. The banksters are making money on the carry trade, which is borrowing cheaply here and buying currencies in markets paying higher interest. #

  15. All the money that went into the insolvent banking system could have gone into Main Street. The banksters didn't lend but consolidated. #

  16. The banksters are the cause of the problems but have received huge profits. Obama's measures are tiny, weak, and patently unfair. #

  17. The people's money is far more than the TARP amount. All the lost value of the economy but the toxic derivatives is owed back too. #

  18. The Recovery Act (stimulus bill) was better than nothing, but every unemployed person could have had a job in less than a month. #

  19. It was a huge error not to do a New New Deal-plus. It was a huge error to support financial capitalism rather than real productivity. #

  20. Right now, all they are doing is blowing up another bubble that will burst. They have not ended the phony business cycle. #

  21. They've just used smoke and mirrors to hide the movement of toxic securities the people are paying for with taxes they can't afford. #

  22. All of Obama's measures are centered around rewarding personal selfishness and not cooperation. His economic plan is evil. #

  23. Business shouldn't have to "access credit" from banksters. Human enterprise doesn't have to be based upon usury. Usury is parasitic. #

  24. The people's government can issue United States Notes based exactly on real productivity, interest free, and without inflation or deflation. #

  25. Pumping money into nuclear power plants is a terrible idea — wicked. Every dime should go into solar and other non-toxic energy methods. #

  26. More offshore oil & gas development is likewise insane. Obama is rewarding environmental polluters. Clean-alternatives-only is the only way. #

  27. Biofuels have been largely a disaster, and there is no such thing as clean coal. By the time coal could be "clean," we wouldn't need it. #

  28. The money Obama is wasting on the military could fund college and advanced degrees for anyone capable of doing the academic work. #

  29. He talks about competition, coal, and college but not the WPA, cooperation, ending mountaintop removal, or tuitionless universities. #

  30. Obama talks about health insurance. He didn't press for Senate hearings on single-payer used in France with the world's best health system. #

  31. He says he's bringing the troops home from Iraq, but where will they be sent? What's the next front and the next and the next and the next? #

  32. Oh, he had to throw in the utter lie that Iran is violating international law with Iran's nuclear program. He gave a bone to the Zionists. #

  33. You will notice that Barack Obama has never produced a shred of evidence against Iran. He'll saber rattle against them though for Zionists. #

  34. What a wicked thing to do that is. Where's the proof Barack Obama. You're lying. You have no evidence. Show the proof, liar! #

  35. He mentioned climate change, not global warming. He didn't explain how he backed way off anti-global warming targets. He's rewarded big oil. #

  36. Did he break his arm patting himself (America) on the back? What about the babies murdered by CIA Hellfire missiles from predator drones? #

  37. He said al Qaeda members had been killed. Plenty of news story say "suspected" al Qaeda. How many were innocent & murdered, Barack Obama? #

  38. Obama's State of the Union Address was highly inappropriate. He was an obfuscating motivational speaker peppered with stand-up comic. #

  39. He didn't even mention Gaza, the illegal settlements in the West Bank, Manuel Zelaya and the coup in Honduras, or many other grave issues. #

  40. I'm not disappointed because I didn't expect he's changed. He hasn't. He's the same disaster he was when he was running for the nomination. #

  41. "...the true engine of job creation in this country will always be America's businesses. (Applause.)" That's an arbitrary, cruel saying. #

  42. The engine to create jobs is supposed to be a choice. Tyrannical, selfish, greedy, unjust, heartless capitalists violently suppress it. #

  43. The suffering of every child with an out-of-work parent is on the heads of people ever against immediate, productive, public-sector jobs. #

  44. The supposed people's government of America could put 6 million to work within a month doing highly valuable, helpful work. #

  45. The recession/depression could be over instantly. The banksters would also lose their positions as the rapists of humanity. Usury would end. #

  46. The National Debt will disappear. Income taxes will disappear. Taxes will disappear. Everyone will own everything: our house. #

  47. Greed will be gone out of the heart of every person. Violence will be no more. If it's selfish and harmful, souls will be healed of it. #

  48. Bring forth the New Heaven to the New Earth. #

  49. I vote for the New Heaven and New Earth. #

  50. The Constitution of the United States is not designed to bring forth Christlikeness. It's designed violently to suppress it. #

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